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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why is Bayhealth constructing a replacement facility for Milford Memorial Hospital?

There is a growing need for more space to accommodate new programs and existing programs expansion due to population growth/strategic initiative to increase the number and types of physician specialties to the Milford service area.

No matter how well a facility is maintained, over time it does reach a point that it needs to be replaced. Several sections of the hospital are in need of replacement due to its age.

Also, changing technologies go hand in hand with improvements in the healthcare delivery system and portions of the facility can no longer accommodate these advancements due to space, building configuration, and/or supporting equipment.

Q: How long has this been planned, and how did you come to making this decision?

Bayhealth Leadership recognized at the time of the merger between Kent General and Milford Memorial in 1997 that both hospitals were in need of more space to meet the growing patient volumes and upgrades to existing facilities.

In 2002, Bayhealth opened a new Cancer Center and mid-campus pavilion at Milford Memorial. The pavilion houses the Visitor Welcome Center and Reflections Gift Shop as well as Outpatient Services Registration area. The Cancer Center provides integrated services for patients needing radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Over the last ten years upgrades have been made in the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging, creation of the Total Joint Center, and improvements to Pediatrics, Maternity and the Medical Surgical Units.

Q: How much community input was there in this decision for the replacement hospital? What was the feedback you received from government leaders and community members?

The Bayhealth Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders who help provide guidance and vision for the organization. Our Board very much stands behind the future growth plans for Milford Memorial.

Q: What are specific services the new hospital will offer?

The new hospital will provide emergency services, intensive care, surgical services, diagnostic and imaging services, inpatient dialysis, OB/GYN, inpatient rehabilitation beds, and medical/surgical beds.

All patient rooms will be private to improve patient privacy and provide more space for family and provider-patient interaction.

One thing that won’t change at Milford Memorial is the high-quality, compassionate care delivered by our staff.

Q: How will this facility be financed? Are there any public tax dollars that will pay for this facility?

The funding will come through Bayhealth’s reserved funds, bond financing and philanthropic investment from the community.

Q: What is the timeline for construction of this hospital? When will master plan be completed, when will construction begin, when the new hospital open its doors?

Bayhealth’s long-term strategic plan includes continued infrastructure improvements at Milford Memorial Hospital, while the planning continues for a new replacement hospital to accommodate the growing need for health services in the Milford community.

During the next 18 months, Bayhealth will be developing the master facilities plan. Determining the construction time frames will also be a part of this process.

Q: Why build at the site of the existing Milford Memorial Hospital? Were other sites considered?

The replacement facility will be constructed within the existing Milford Memorial Hospital campus site.

Bayhealth investigated and researched several green field sites and did a comparative analysis to the existing Milford Campus site.

This analysis took into account, cost, size, convenience for patients, and development time.

Milford Campus has sufficient land with some capacity of infrastructure in place and the ability to phase construction and continue to build over time. This eliminates the need to acquire new land on which to construct the facility.

Q: During construction phase, will the construction disrupt parking or access to Milford Memorial Hospital?

While some disruption is inevitable, we will do everything possible to make parking and hospital access as convenient as possible during construction.

Q: What other improvements are being planned for Milford Memorial Hospital in the near term?

At this time, the development of the Milford Campus Master Plan is our major concentration.

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