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My Bayhealth gives you free online access to portions of your electronic medical record. Bayhealth has joined RelayHealth so you can access certain personal health information from your most-recent hospital visit. Several Bayhealth Medical Group physicians are also participating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I access on My Bayhealth? Important medical information, including:

  • Medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history
  • Test and procedure results
  • Discharge summaries and instructions
  • Your plan of care
What age groups will have information on My Bayhealth?

What age groups will have information on My Bayhealth?         
My Bayhealth is for individuals age 18 or older.

What providers share information on My Bayhealth?
The information included in the My Bayhealth account includes health records from any Bayhealth inpatient, outpatient and emergency department facility as well as some Bayhealth Medical Group physician’s practices. You will only be able to see information from other providers if they are participants of RelayHealth.

How will Bayhealth use my email address?       
Bayhealth will only use the email address you provide to send you important notifications from My Bayhealth regarding your health record.

When will my medical records be available?    
My Bayhealth will launch in September 2014.

Can I enroll family members? 
You can add family members under your My Bayhealth account if they are 18 or older.

How do you add or remove someone from your account?          
You can add or remove someone from your account in the Manage Dependents section.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the information on my health record?  
For information regarding your health record - please contact your primary physician. For all other information, please contact Customer Support at (866) 735-2963 or email                             

Can I update my information?    
You can update information such as allergies, medications, etc.

Will my provider know that I have changed my information?    
No. You will still need to provide updated information to your provider(s). You do have the ability to print your medications from your My Bayhealth account in the Meds & Allergies tab and bring them to your next appointment.

How quickly will results be available from Bayhealth?
Most results will be available after 36 hours.

How far back will my records go?            
Results will be available from September 2014 going forward.

Can I terminate my account?     
Yes. At the bottom of the Account section, you will find a link to Cancel Account.

Can I record other vital signs in my health record (example: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature)?              
Yes. Click the Vital Signs tab in your health record and click the +New link. You will have the option to enter common vital signs like height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, etc. If you have dependents over 18, associated with your RelayHealth account, you can enter vital information for your dependents as well. You will still need to give this information to your provider. 

How can I tell if someone has viewed my health record?            
Under the Health Records section, click Access History in the left panel. The tabs include PHR, Account, and Document. Under each tab, you can see who viewed or updated your health record data in the course of maintaining your health records or in the course of providing health services in your doctor’s practice.

I am not able to complete the registration. How can I get more help?   
Please call Customer Support at (866) 735-2963 (866-RELAY-ME) or email for assistance.

I forgot my RelayHealth UserID or Password. What should I do?
If you have forgotten your User ID or your Password, simply click the "Forgot your User ID or Password?" link on the Welcome page and follow the simple and secure process to retrieve your sign in information. You can also call Customer Support at (866) 735-2963 (866-RELAY-ME) or email for assistance.

How will you ensure my privacy?           
We adhere to the latest security and HIPAA standards and use a high level of security to protect the privacy and confidentiality of healthcare information transmitted through the provider-patient messaging service. All users – patients, providers and the provider's authorized staff must sign in to the service with a unique User ID and password.

We recognize that many patients have concerns about sharing information among providers. You have the option to restrict access to your health record for each individual provider using the privacy settings under the My Providers section. By using these settings, you can hide or share provider relationship and/or data added by that provider’s practice.

Remember, having access to your complete medical information allows your doctors to provide safer, more informed care. Please give careful thought to these provider privacy settings.

Contact your provider's practice directly to update privacy or consent agreements, if necessary.

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