Tips for a Low-Fat Restaurant Breakfast

Tips for a Low-Fat Restaurant Breakfast 

Do you want to cut some fat out of your diet, but not skip breakfast at your favorite restaurant? You can choose healthy options without scrimping on your morning enjoyment. Breakfast provides fuel to get your body and brain awake for the day. And with a few smart strategies, it can be a healthy start.

When it’s time to order

  • Choose lower-fat toast or bagels over higher-fat biscuits or croissants.

  • Pick lower-fat meats like Canadian bacon, turkey sausage, or lean ham.

  • If you have high cholesterol levels, watch how many eggs you eat. Or, ask for egg whites only. One egg yolk contains about 200 mg of cholesterol.

  • Order eggs plain. If you want to add cheese or meat, add one but not both.

  • Ask for high-fat toppings like cream cheese, whipped cream, sour cream, or butter on the side. That way you can control how much you use.

  • If you’re at a buffet, start with fruit only. Sit and eat to full up on fiber and vitamins. Then go back and make additional picks.

Tips at the table

  • Pour low-fat or skim milk on your cereal.

  • Use jam instead of butter.

  • Don’t butter your breakfast breads.

Your best picks in different places

When dining out at different kinds of restaurants, here are the breakfasts to pick:

  • Fast food restaurant: egg sandwich with Canadian bacon, bran muffin, or egg bagel

  • Roadside diner: low-fat cereal with skim milk or fat-free English muffin with jam and grapefruit

  • Bagel shop: a bagel and low-fat cream cheese and small (4-ounce) orange juice

  • Pancake house: whole-grain pancakes with low-calorie syrup and fruit cocktail in its own juice

  • Buffet: fruit, yogurt, hot cereal, or toast

  • Family style: egg-white omelet and fat-free wheat toast with jam

  • Doughnut shop: low-fat muffin and a glass of skim milk


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