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1 in 13 U.S. Schoolkids Takes Psych Meds: Report

1 in 5 Preemies With Lung Disease Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

14 Percent of Toddlers May Be Drinking Coffee

All Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot: Ob/Gyn Group

Around the Globe, Mom's Health Key to Newborn's Size

Arsenic in Well Water Can Raise Level in Baby Formula: Study

Babies Still Sleeping With Soft Bedding Despite SIDS Risk: CDC

Bed-Sharing Linked to SIDS

Benefits of Iron Supplements Unclear for Pregnant Women, Young Children

Better Outcomes for Children Born With Fertility Treatments

Brain Damage Rare When Newborn Jaundice Is Treated, Study Finds

Breast Milk a Risk for Spreading Common Virus to Preemies, Study Finds

'Breast Milk Banks' Gain in Popularity

Breast Milk May Protect Against Deadly Newborn Disease

Breast-Fed Babies May Be Smarter, Richer Adults, Study Suggests

'Bubble Boy' Disease May Be More Common Than Thought

By 9 Months, Baby's Visual Learning Kicks In: Study

California Infants Hit Hard by Whooping Cough Epidemic: Report

Certain Genes in Babies May Up Preterm Birth Risk

Circumcision Past Newborn Stage Poses Risk for Boys, Study Finds

Common Antiseptic Can Prevent Infant Deaths, Study Says

Dad's Brain Becomes More 'Maternal' When He's Primary Caregiver: Study

Dad's Depression Affects Toddler's Behavior, Too

Dad's Ethnicity May Influence Baby's Birth Weight

Delaying Measles-Related Vaccines May Raise Seizure Risk: Study

Dentists Offer Tips to Keep Young Children Cavity-Free

Disease Outbreaks May Not Change Minds of Vaccine Opponents

Doctors ID New Ways to Get More Kids Vaccinated

Doctors Often Yield to Parents' Requests to Delay Kids' Vaccines

Ear Infections Common, But Often Missed, in Infants

Ebola May Hit Young Children Hardest, Study Finds

E-Cigarettes May Pose a Risk in Pregnancy and to Children

Eczema Cases Rising Among U.S. Children: Report

Encouraging Your Baby's Babbling May Speed Language Development

ER Visits Peak When Kids Barred From Child Care: Study

Exclusive Breast-Feeding May Ease Transition to Solid Food

Expert Offers Tips to Help Babies With Stuffy Noses

FDA Sets Safety Standards for Infant Formula

Fertility Treatments Aren't Significantly Linked to Birth Defects

Fetal Faces Seem to React to Mom's Smoking

Flame Retardants Common in Dust at Child Care Centers: Study

For Kids, Risks of Parental Smoking Persist Long-Term, Study Finds

Gene Scan Helps Diagnose Mystery Disorders in Children

Genes May Be Key to Language Delay in Kids

Gestational Diabetes Drug Might Raise Babies' Complication Risk

Greater Cooling of Oxygen-Deprived Infants Fails to Improve Survival

Guidelines Aim to Detect More Congenital Heart Defects in Womb

Head Trauma in Abused Babies, Toddlers Can Have Lifelong Impact

Healthy Lifestyle Before Pregnancy May Cut Gestational Diabetes Risk

Hearing Their Own Babble Helps Babies Learn to Speak: Study

Heart Drug Clears Up 'Strawberry' Birthmarks

Helmets Not Helpful for Babies With 'Flat Head' Syndrome: Study

Home Nurse Visits May Improve Survival of Moms, Babies

Hormone Might Help Preemies' Brains

Hot Cars Can Quickly Prove Deadly for Kids

In Neonatal ICU, Hand Washing Plus Gloves May Curb Infections

Infant's Early Diet Doesn't Change Celiac Disease Risk, Study Finds

Infants Remember a Good Time, Study Finds

Infants With Eczema May Be More Prone to Peanut Allergy: Study

Kids: An Rx for Menopause's Hot Flashes?

Long-Term Study Finds Measles Vaccines Safe

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Risk of Preterm Birth in Study

Many Parents Not Following Safe Sleep Practices for Babies

Many Parents Too Quick to Switch Child Car Seats, Study Finds

Measles on Upswing Despite Vaccines' Effectiveness: CDC

Medication Errors Occur Every 8 Minutes in U.S. Children

Mom's Response to Baby's Cry a Matter of Memory

Mom's Words Matter Most to Newborns

More Evidence Breast-Feeding Lowers Child's Risk of Infections, Allergies

More Extreme Preemies Are Surviving, Study Finds

More Kids Harmed by Drinking in Pregnancy Than Expected, Study Reports

Naps May Boost Your Baby's Memory

New Dialysis Machine Treats Tiniest of Newborns

New Drug May Fight Serious Respiratory Virus in Infants

New Parents Favor In-Depth Genetic Testing, Survey Finds

Nicotine Poisoning of Infant Highlights 'E-Cig' Dangers, Docs Report

No Link Between Acetaminophen in Pregnancy, Asthma in Kids: Study

Number of Pregnant Women on Narcotic Painkillers, Heroin Doubles, Study Finds

Numbing Medications Can Harm Teething Babies, FDA Warns

Painkiller-Addicted Babies a Growing U.S. Concern, Especially in Fla.

Pediatricians Offer New Dental Recommendations

Placebo Treatment May Quiet Kids' Cough

Placenta Might Have Its Own Helpful Bacteria

Placenta Test Measures Babies' Exposure to Arsenic

Plastics' Chemical May Affect Baby Boys' Genital Development

Plastics Chemical Tied to Changes in Boys' Reproductive Development

Preemies May Have Stronger Immune Systems Than Suspected

Preemies More Likely to Have Asthma, Study Finds

Pregnancy Ultrasound a Big Bonding Moment for Dads-to-Be

Preschoolers Can Suffer From Depression, Too

Preschoolers May Not Need Naps, Review Reports

Preventing Diaper Rash

Program for 1-Year-Olds Tries to Lessen Autism's Impact

PTSD in Women Linked to Premature Birth

Putting Baby to Sleep on Animal Fur May Lower Asthma Risk: Study

Racial Disparities in Breast-Feeding May Start With Hospitals, Study Suggests

Researchers Don't See Long-Term Benefits From Drug for Preemies

Rheumatoid Arthritis in Moms-to-Be Linked to Premature Births

Rhymes Reveal Evidence of Learning in the Womb

Scientists Find More Evidence of Breast Milk's Goodness

Simpler Antibiotic Regimen Helps Sick Babies in Developing Nations

Sleep Group Updates Shuteye Guidelines

Sleeping on Sofa Can Be Deadly for Babies, Study Finds

Spanking May Be More Common Than Parents Admit

Spotting, Treating Autism Symptoms in Infancy May Prevent Delays

Steer Clear of Cold Meds for Babies, FDA Advises

Study Finds Drop in Kids' Hospital-Related Infections

Study Finds Steroids May Not Be Helpful After Infant Liver Surgery

Study Links Antibiotics to Digestive Complication in Infants

Study Sheds Light on How Immune System Works in Infants

Study Shows Benefits of Building Baby's Language Skills Early

Surprises Help Babies Learn, Research Finds

Tall, Heavy 1-Year-Olds May Be at Risk for Obesity Later, Study Finds

Tips for New Moms on Mother's Day

Too Many U.S. Babies Still Delivered Early Without Medical Need

Too Much Codeine Still Prescribed to U.S. Kids: Study

Too-Clean Homes May Encourage Child Allergies, Asthma: Study

Use of Low-Dose Steroid Creams During Pregnancy Won't Affect Baby: Study

Vaccination Can Cut Rates of Common Infection in Infants

Virus Present at Birth Causes More Than 10 Percent of Hearing-Loss Cases in Kids

When Babies Spit Up, Don't Panic

Whooping Cough Vaccination During Pregnancy Seems Safe: Study

Whooping Cough Vaccine Seems Safe in Pregnancy, Study Finds

Women Born Early at Greater Risk of Delivering Preemies, Study Suggests


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