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1 in 13 U.S. Schoolkids Takes Psych Meds: Report

1 of 8 U.S. Kids Mistreated Before Age 18, Study Finds

Abuse in Childhood Tied to Migraines in Adulthood

ADHD Drugs May Up Risk of Heart Problems in Kids, Study Finds

ADHD Linked to Expectant Moms' Smog Exposure

ADHD May Raise Odds for Premature Death

ADHD Medications Won't Stunt Kids' Growth, Study Finds

Altruism May Help Shield Teens From Depression: Study

Boston Marathon Bombings Left Psychological Scars on Kids

Boys With Autism Show Certain Grammar Skills in Study

Brainwaves May Help Gauge Autism Severity: Study

By 9 Months, Baby's Visual Learning Kicks In: Study

Calling Young Girls 'Fat' May Increase Their Teen-Obesity Risk

Childhood Mental Disability Rates Up, Study Finds

Childhood Neglect May Affect Brain Development, Study Says

Coming Out at School Better for LGBT Youth, Study Finds

Cool Teens, Uncool Future?

Cyberbullying Knows No Socio-economic Bounds

Cyberbullying Seems to Ramp Up in Middle School

Dads Who Do Housework May Spur Daughters to Aim High: Study

Discussing Ebola: Children Feel Safe, Calm When Adults Do, Too

Ease Kids Into School Sleep Schedules

Eating Disorders May Start in Elementary School

Exercise May Not Ward Off Teen Depression

Family Acceptance Key to Curbing Teen Suicides, Study Shows

Family Meals May Defuse Cyberbullying's Impact, Study Says

FDA Advisers: Ban Use of Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'

FDA Reconsiders Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'

Fitness May Help Ward Off Depression in Girls

Genes May Play Big Role in Academic Success, Study Suggests

Infants Remember a Good Time, Study Finds

Kids' Happiness Doesn't Depend on 2 Natural Parents, Says Study

Kids Lacking At-Home Enrichment Gain Most From Head Start: Study

Kids' Obesity Risk Rises With Parents' Divorce: Study

Kids Still Getting Too Much 'Screen Time': CDC

Kids Who Repeat a Grade Can Become Discipline Problems, Study Says

Language Problems Common for Kids With ADHD, Study Finds

Less Flexibility Seen in Brain Wiring of Kids With Autism: Study

Many Kids With ADHD May Be Missing Out on Talk Therapy

'Mean Boys' Rule in Middle, High School, Study Finds

Medications Plus Parent Training May Help Kids With Aggression, ADHD

Mental Health Woes Common Among Homeless Kids, Study Finds

Minority Kids May Be Missed in Autism Diagnoses: Study

More Evidence That Bullying Raises Kids' Suicide Risk

Mother's Depression Tied to Later Delinquency in Kids

Moving Out of Poor Neighborhood May Disrupt Boys' Mental Health: Study

Music Lessons May Help Bridge 'Achievement Gap'

Overly Controlling Moms Lose Out, Study Says

Parents' Divorce May Hit Higher-Income Kids Harder

Physical Activity May Boost School Performance, Especially for Boys

'Play' May Be More Stressful for Kids With Autism: Study

Program for 1-Year-Olds Tries to Lessen Autism's Impact

Researchers See Link Between Dyslexia, Abuse

Rigid Parenting Style Linked to Obese Kids

Schools Key to Reaching Kids With Mental Health Needs, Experts Say

Sexy Facebook Photos Not a Hit With Many Young Women

Shared Family Activities May Boost Preschoolers' Emotional Health

Sibling Bullies May Leave Lasting Effects

Sleep Woes Common Among Troubled Young Children, Study Says

Spanking Triggers Vicious Cycle, Study Finds

Spotting, Treating Autism Symptoms in Infancy May Prevent Delays

Study Shows Benefits of Building Baby's Language Skills Early

Study Shows How Toddlers Adjust to Adult Anger

Study: Exposure to Diversity Might Boost Baby's Social Skills

Study: Family-Based Therapy Can Aid Those With Anorexia

Teen Bullies, Victims Armed More Than Other Kids, Study Says

Teen Conflicts Spill Over to Other Areas of Their Lives

Teen Girls May Face Greater Risk of Depression

Teen 'Sexting' Often Precedes Actual Sex, Study Finds

Teens' Daily Marijuana Use Linked to Poor Outcomes

Teens Still Sending Naked Pictures Via Cellphone

The ABCs of Successful Classroom Design

The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids

Too Many Foster Kids With ADHD Treated With Antipsychotic Drugs: Study

Troubled Boys, Girls Have Sex Earlier, Study Finds

TV, Computer Time Tied to Heavier, Less Happy Kids: Study

Typical ADHD Care Leaves Room for Improvement, Study Finds

U.S. Kids Experiencing Less Violence: Surveys

'Unconditional Regard' Buoys Kids' Self-Esteem

Violent Older Siblings Set Bad Example

Violent Video Games Tied to Combative Thinking in Study

When a Parent Dies, What Helps a Child Cope?

When Smartphone Is Near, Parenting May Falter

Working With Horses May Ease Stress in Kids

Younger Siblings of Kids With Autism May Show Early Signs of Problems

Your Kids May Not Be Ignoring You on Purpose


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