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1st Case of Locally Acquired Chikungunya Virus Reported in U.S.

1st MERS Case Reported in U.S.

1st U.S. MERS Patient Improving, Officials Say

1st U.S. MERS Patient May Be Released From Hospital Soon

2 Drugs Offer Hope for Fatal Lung Disease

2 Florida Hospital Workers Who Treated MERS Patient Fall Ill

2nd MERS Case Identified in U.S.

78 People Now Infected in U.S. Measles Outbreak

A Good Night's Sleep May Mean a Good Day's Work

Airport Screenings Miss Roughly Half of Sick Travelers: Study

Americans Confused About Cancer Risks

Antibiotics for Traveler's Diarrhea May Spur Growth of Superbugs: Study

Arizona Officials Say Nearly 1,000 People May Have Been Exposed to Measles

Better Detection, Diagnosis Major Factors Behind Rise in Autism Cases: Study

Beware Claims That Activated Charcoal Can Cure Gut Troubles

Boomers Should Consider Shingles Vaccine, Physician Says

Both U.S. Health-Care Workers Infected With Ebola Released From Hospital

Brain Changes May Accompany Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis in Kids

Brain Scans Yield Clues to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Breast Cancer Drug May Help Women Fight a Leading Cause of Infertility: Study

California Measles Outbreak Shows How Quickly Disease Can Resurface in U.S.

Camels Confirmed as Source of Human MERS Infection

Caring for Severely Ill Kids May Have Silver Lining

CDC Targets 5 Parasitic Infections

CDC: 3rd Suspected MERS Case Was False Alarm

Certain Symptoms Can Delay Lupus Diagnosis, Researchers Report

Chronic Illness, Loneliness May Go Hand-in-Hand for Some Elderly

Chronic Medical Conditions Can Shorten Seniors' Lives: Study

Chronically Ill Americans May Skip Meds to Afford Food

Classroom Hand Sanitizers Don't Curb Absences, Study Finds

Coordinated Care Helps Elderly With Chronic Diseases

Could Coffee Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis?

Could Too Much Salt Harm MS Patients?

Culling Deer Herd Curbs Lyme Disease, Study Says

Delaying Measles-Related Vaccines May Raise Seizure Risk: Study

Diet Tied to Better Breathing in COPD Patients

Doctors Urge Meningitis Shots for Vulnerable Infants, Children

Early Stem Cell Transplant Vital in 'Bubble Boy' Disease

Ebola Drug Shows Promise in Monkey Trial

Ebola Patient in Dallas Hospital Takes Turn for Worse

Ebola Vaccines May Be Deployed in West Africa by January, Officials Say

Ebola, Obamacare Top U.S. Health News for 2014

EPA Unveils New Bug Repellant Labeling

Ethicists Grapple With Tough Questions Over Release of Ebola Drugs

Every Kiss Begins With 80 Million Germs

Eye 'Training' May Help Restore Some Vision Lost to Glaucoma

FDA OKs New Drug for Hard-to-Treat Colitis and Crohn's

Female Hormone Disorder Linked to Numerous Health Conditions

Few U.S. Hospitals Ready to Handle Ebola, Survey Finds

Florida MERS Patient Released From Hospital

For Ebola, No New Drugs Riding to the Rescue -- for Now

Fruits, Veggies May Have Their Limits in Boosting Lifespan

Full Recovery Possible for 2 U.S. Ebola Patients

Gene Study Gives New Insight Into Puberty in Girls

Genetic Code of Tsetse Fly May Help Fight Sleeping Sickness

Gluten Isn't the Only Culprit in Celiac Disease, Study Says

Gluten-Free Diet May Lift the 'Fog' of Celiac Patients, Study Says

Guard Your Kids Against Bug Bites This Summer

Hairless Man Now Hairy, Thanks to Arthritis Drug

Health Tip: Coping With Chronic Illness

Healthy Diet May Be Linked to Lower Risk of Lung Disease

HIV Diagnoses Down in U.S., Except for Young Gay Males: CDC

Hospital Policy Spurs New Moms to Get Whooping Cough Shot

In Northeast, Weather Changes May Mean More Ticks, Earlier

Infant's Early Diet Doesn't Change Celiac Disease Risk, Study Finds

Inflammatory Muscle Disorder May Raise Risk for Heart Attack, Stroke

Irregular Periods May Be Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer, Study Suggests

Lab-Grown Vaginas, Noses Herald New Options for Patients

Leprosy Still Occurs in U.S., CDC Reports

Less Toxic Transplant Treatment Offers Hope for Sickle Cell Patients

Lupus Death Rates Vary by Race, Ethnicity, Study Finds

Lupus Patients Face High Rehospitalization Rates

Lyme Disease More Serious, Costly Than Believed: Study

Many Americans Still Haven't Gotten a Flu Shot

Many With Hepatitis C Missing Out on Treatment, Study Finds

Measles Journey Highlights Risk to Unvaccinated Kids

Medical Marijuana May Ease Some MS Symptoms, Study Concludes

MERS Not Yet a Public Health Emergency: WHO

More Evidence Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism

Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus May Be Headed for U.S.

Most Americans Agree With Right-to-Die Movement

Most States Not Ready to Handle Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Report

Most U.S. Babies Get Their Vaccines: CDC

Most Would Act if They Had Genetic Risk for Illness: Survey

Multiple Drug Use Raises Infection Risk for 'Swinging' Couples

New Drug for Chagas Disease Disappoints in 1st Human Trial

New Name, New Criteria for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

New Psoriasis Drug Shows Promise in Trials

No Link Seen Between Celiac Disease, Infertility

No-Fridge Nasal Vaccines on the Horizon

Obama Considers Tighter Ebola Screening for Travelers From West Africa

Obama Moves to Cut Power Plant Emissions

Obesity May Raise Risk of COPD

Osteoporosis Drugs Work, But Review Finds No Clear Winner

Panel Asks: What Defines Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Persistent Cough in Kids Can Often Be Whooping Cough

Playing Video Game May Boost MS Patients' Balance: Study

Poorly Understood Disorder Disables Many Younger Women

Researchers Assess New Way to Boost Polio Immunity

Researchers Measure Scope of Muscular Dystrophies That Strike Boys

Researchers Unlock Clues to How Ebola Disarms Immune System

Seals, Sea Lions Helped Global Spread of TB, Study Finds

Skin Cells of Infertile Men Turned Into Sperm 'Precursors' in Mouse Study

Sleep Apnea May Be Linked to Poor Bone Health

Sleep Position Linked to Death Risk for Those With Epilepsy

Spending on Medical Research Falls in U.S. While Growing Globally

Stress Might Be Even More Unhealthy for the Obese

Study Compares Drugs for Diabetes-Linked Eye Disease

Study Underscores Power of Placebo Effect

Synthetic Oil May Help Patients With Huntington's Disease

Therapists Must Ease Patients' Fear When Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Study

Third U.S. Man Tests Positive for MERS Virus, CDC Reports

Tire Company Sets Standard for Ebola Care in Liberia: CDC

Too Much Sitting Can Be Deadly -- Even if You Exercise, Review Finds

Tuberculosis in U.S. Hits Record Low: CDC

U.S. Measles Outbreak Now Numbers 87 Cases

U.S. Smoking Deaths May Be Underestimated, Study Suggests

Ultrasound Trumps CT Scan for Diagnosing Kidney Stones in Study

Vaccine for Deer Against 'Mad Cow'-Like Illness Shows Promise

Vaccines Prevent Millions of Infections, Save Billions in Costs: CDC

Viruses May Play Role in Crohn's Disease, Colitis: Study

Where Ebola Battles Are Won

WHO Experts Give Nod to Using Untested Ebola Drugs

WHO Urges Screening of Travelers to Contain Ebola Outbreak

Women, Blacks Hit Harder by Heart Disease Risk Factors

Your Family's Germs May Move With You

Your Stomach Bug May Well Be Norovirus


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