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40 Percent of Americans Will Develop Diabetes, CDC Projects

Asians Need Type 2 Diabetes Screening at Lower Body Weight: Experts

Barbershops Join Fight Against High Blood Pressure in Black Men

Black Children, Teens More Likely to Return to Hospital for Asthma: Study

Black Veterans Less Likely to Get Colon Cancer Screening, Study Finds

Black Women Fare Worse With Fertility Treatments, Study Says

Blacks May Face Higher Risk of Diabetes-Linked Vision Loss

Blacks May Respond Better Than Whites to Diabetes Drug Metformin

Blacks Respond Better to German Measles Vaccine, Study Contends

Breast-Feeding May Cut Risk for Aggressive Breast Cancer in Black Women

Casinos Linked to Lower Obesity Rates for Native American Kids

Caucasian Boys Most Prone to Color Blindness, Study Finds

Certain Birth Defects More Common Among Hispanics: Report

Certain Heart Dysfunction More Likely in Hispanic Women With Many Kids: Study

Certain Thyroid-Related Diseases May Vary by Race

Exercise Helps Protect Black Women From Breast Cancer, Study Says

Extreme Weather Kills 2,000 in U.S. Each Year: CDC

Fear of Police Keeps Many Hispanics From Calling 911, Study Says

Fewer Unmarried Women Having Children, CDC Reports

Food Allergies Have Nearly Doubled Among Black Children

Gene 'Map' of Mexicans Reveals Great Diversity

Gene May Boost Chances of Type 2 Diabetes for Latinos

Gene Mutations Linked to Colon Cancer in Black Patients

Hairdo Trumps Exercise for Many Black Women, Study Finds

High Blood Pressure Common, Often Untreated in U.S. Hispanics: Study

Implantable Heart Devices Work, Regardless of Race: Study

Infection-Triggered Strokes Deadlier for Blacks, Study Finds

Less Toxic Transplant Treatment Offers Hope for Sickle Cell Patients

Low Birth Weights May Put Black Women at Risk for Diabetes

Low Vitamin D Linked to Aggressive, Advanced Prostate Cancers: Study

Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer Seen in Circumcised Blacks: Study

Lupus Death Rates Vary by Race, Ethnicity, Study Finds

Lupus Patients Face High Rehospitalization Rates

Many Parents Not Following Safe Sleep Practices for Babies

Many Young Americans With HIV Delay Treatment: Study

Mexican-Americans Fare Worse After Stroke, Study Finds

Minority Kids May Be Missed in Autism Diagnoses: Study

Minority Neighborhoods Face Greater Exposure to Air Pollution

More Hispanics Took Heart Meds After Medicare Part D Launch

Mother's Birthplace May Affect Autism Risk in Kids

Neural Tube Defects, Such as Spina Bifida, on the Decline: CDC

New Clues to Why Blacks Fare Worse With Colon Cancer

Night Shift May Boost Black Women's Diabetes Risk, Study Finds

Obesity and Depression Often Twin Ills, Study Finds

Obesity Epidemic Hitting Hispanics Hard, Study Finds

Obesity Remains Rampant Across America

Older Black Trauma Patients Fare Better Than Whites in ER: Study

Only 1 in 3 HIV-Infected Black Americans Gets Effective Treatment: Study

Progress Still Needed on 'Race Gap' in Older Americans' Health

Quality of U.S. Diet Improves, Slightly

Race Doesn't Affect Obesity's Toll on Health

Race, Ethnicity Affect Breast Cancer Survival, Study Shows

Racial Disparities in Breast-Feeding May Start With Hospitals, Study Suggests

Reports of Chest Pain Down For Whites, But Not Blacks

Researchers Rethink Inner-City Asthma Theory

Restaurants in Poor Areas Push Unhealthy Foods, Study Finds

Rising Stroke Rate for Blacks in South Carolina, Study Finds

Skin Cancer May Have Driven Evolution of Black Skin

Still Too Few Minority Participants in U.S. Clinical Trials, Study Finds

Stroke Often Missed in ERs, Study Finds

Study Confirms Obesity-Breast Cancer Link for Blacks, Hispanics

Testicular Cancer Up Sharply Among Young Hispanics, Study Finds

Three Groups Miss Out on Colon Cancer Survival Gains, Study Says

Tonsillectomy Complications May Be More Likely in Poor, Minority Kids

Too Little Sleep May Add to Teen Health Problems

Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer Nearly Twice as Common in Black Women: Study

Tuberculosis in U.S. Hits Record Low: CDC

Type 1 Diabetes Increasing Among White American Kids

U.S. Gun Deaths Lowest in Hawaii, Highest in D.C.

U.S. Health Snapshots: Insurance Coverage Expands, but Gaps Remain

Watchful Waiting May Not Be Best for Black Men With Prostate Cancer

Water Poses More Danger for Black Youths Than Whites: CDC

White Women More Likely to Seek Fertility Treatment: Report

Women, Blacks Hit Harder by Heart Disease Risk Factors

Younger Blacks on Dialysis Fare Worse in Poor Neighborhoods: Study


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