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1 in 3 People With Type 1 Diabetes Still Produce Insulin, Study Says

2 Genetic Variants for Breast Cancer Identified

2 Vaccines Help Cut Bacteria That Cause Meningitis, Study Finds

200-Year-Old Whale May Give Clues to Human Longevity

A Lasting Legacy of Science

ADHD Drug Might Help Treat Binge-Eating Disorder, Study Suggests

ADHD Drug Ritalin Boosted Self-Control in Tests

After Skin Cancer, Removable Model Replaces Real Ear

Americans More Self-Interested Than Ever, Study Finds

An Optimistic Outlook May Be Good for Your Heart

Animal Experiments Shed Light on HIV's Ability to Hide

Animal Trials Show Promise for Treating Eye Cancer

Anti-Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise in Mice Study

Are Liberals Happier Than Conservatives?

Asian Camel Crickets Find a Home in U.S., Study Finds

Aspirin's Ability to Prevent Colon Cancer May Depend on Your Genes

Bacteria May Help Battle Cancer, Study Suggests

'Biospleen' Suggests New Way to Treat Blood Infection

Blood Test Aims to Detect Parkinson's in Early Stages

Blood Test Aims to Predict Breast Cancer's Return

Blood Test Might Help Predict Survival With Lou Gehrig's Disease

Botox Tested on Stomach Cancer in Mice

Brain Chemical May Help Control Tourette 'Tics'

Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Trial

British Scientists Spot Brain's Pain Center

Camels Confirmed as Source of Human MERS Infection

Cancer 'Vaccine' for Advanced Disease Passes Early Hurdle

Cold Sore Virus Active Without Symptoms, Study Finds

Combo Treatment for Advanced Melanoma Seems to Improve Survival

Concussions Linked to Memory Loss in Study of Retired NFL Players

Could a Blood Test Predict Breast Cancer's Return?

Could a Supplement Prevent Weight Gain?

Could Certain Antidepressants Slow Alzheimer's?

Could Flu Raise Risk of Fatal Artery Tear?

Cure Rate for Experimental Hepatitis C Drug Tops 95 Percent

Cystic Fibrosis Drug Combo May Be Less Effective Than Hoped

Device Aims to Deliver Cancer-Killing Drugs Directly to Pancreas

Did Violence Shape Evolution of the Human Face?

Diet Changes Can Alter Gut Bacteria, Study Says

Discovery of 100-Plus Genes Tied to Autism May Improve Treatments

Doctor-Implanted Balloons in Stomach May Spur Weight Loss

Doctors Pinpoint Why Child Who Appeared Free of HIV Suffered Relapse

Doctors Regrow Large Areas of Muscle Lost in Injured Soldiers

Dog Study Suggests Bacteria as Cancer Fighter

Dogs May Help Spot Human Prostate Cancers, Study Finds

Drug for Ebola-Like Virus Shows Promise in Monkeys

Drug Gives 'New Hope' Against Heart Failure, Expert Says

Early Birds May Catch the Worm, but Night Owls May Snatch the Win

Early Research With Drug Restores Hair in Patients With Alopecia

Ears May Have Natural Defense Against Loud Noise, Mouse Study Shows

Ebola Drug Shows Promise in Monkey Trial

Ebola Epidemic in Liberia Could End by June, Study Predicts

Ebola or Not? Rapid Test for the Virus Not Here Yet

Ebola Virus Gets More Lethal as It Spreads, Study Says

Ebola, Obamacare Top U.S. Health News for 2014

E-Cigarettes Seem to Dampen Immune Response in Mice

Ethicists Grapple With Tough Questions Over Release of Ebola Drugs

Europeans Are Descendants of at Least 3 Ancient Human Groups: Study

Existing Drugs May Work Against MERS, Studies Suggest

Experimental Breast Cancer Drug Seems Safe, Effective for Advanced Disease

Experimental Cervical Cancer Vaccine Looks Promising in Trial

Experimental Drug May Extend Lung Cancer Survival, Study Suggests

Experimental Drug Shows Early Promise for Some Cases of Advanced Melanoma

Experimental Drug Shows Promise in Lowering Cholesterol, Heart Attack Risk

Experimental Infertility Treatment Seems Effective, Cheaper

Experimental Measles Drug Shows Promise in Animal Trials

Extra Bed Rest May Not Be Best for Kids With Concussions

Extroverts Happier Regardless of Culture, Study Finds

Eyes Wide Shut: Key to a Keener Memory?

Face Scans Show How Fast a Person Is Aging

FDA Panel Backs Appetite-Curbing Implant for Severely Obese

Females Overlooked in Basic Surgical Research, Study Says

First 'Epigenomes' Map Highlights How Genes Spur Health, Disease

'Freezing' Technique May Work for Some Women With Early Breast Cancer

Gene Mutations Linked to Colon Cancer in Black Patients

Gene Research Yields Insights Into Ebola Virus

Gene Therapy May Enhance Cochlear Implants, Animal Study Finds

Genes May Determine Body Weight by Shaping Gut Bacteria

Genetic Changes to Ebola Virus Challenge Treatment Efforts

Genetic Code of Tsetse Fly May Help Fight Sleeping Sickness

Genital Herpes Vaccine Shows Promise in Mouse Study

Good Sleep Is Key to Good Sex

Goodbye to Reading Glasses?

Graphic Images on Cigarette Labels Affect Smokers' Brains: Study

Gut Bacteria in Young Diabetic Kids Show Differences

Gut Cells May Be Coaxed to Make Insulin for People With Type 1 Diabetes

Heart Device May Cut Stroke Risk in Those With Irregular Heartbeat: Study

Heart Disease Haunted Mummies, Too

Heart Studies Don't Reflect Real-World Patients, Study Finds

High Blood Pressure May Boost Glaucoma Risk

HIV May Have Emerged in Congo in 1920s: Study

Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment Shows Promise in Small Trial

'Homing Signal' in Brain Helps Humans Navigate, Research Shows

How You Digest Carbs May Influence Weight Gain, Study Says

Human Brain's Cerebellum Evolved at Surprising Speed, Study Finds

Human Stem Cells Used to Create Light-Sensitive Eye Cells

Humans' Taste for Booze May Go Back Millions of Years

'Ice Man' Mummy May Have Been at Risk of Heart Disease

Immune-Based Treatment May Fight Advanced Cervical Cancer

Implanted Device Lowers Blood Pressure in Rat Study

Is Tau the 'How' Behind Alzheimer's?

It's Confirmed: You Have Parents to Thank (or Blame) for Your Height

Lab Mice Stressed Out By Men, But Not Women, Study Finds

Lab-Grown Vaginas, Noses Herald New Options for Patients

Less Toxic Transplant Treatment Offers Hope for Sickle Cell Patients

Liberals, Independents Win Life Span Sweepstakes, Study Claims

Like Humans, Chimps' Smarts May Rely on Genes

Liver Cancer Drug Fails to Live Up to Early Promise

'Longevity Gene' One Key to Long Life, Research Suggests

Lung Cancer Not on Many Women's Radar: Survey

Man's Rare Condition May Open Door to New Alzheimer's Treatments

Many With Schizophrenia Say They're Happy: Study

Melanoma Drug Trials Show Significant Promise

MERS Virus Doesn't Seem to Spread Easily, Study Finds

Mild Electrical Zaps to Brain Induce 'Lucid Dreaming' in Study

'Milestone' Therapy Produces Leg Movement in Paraplegics

Mississippi Girl Thought Cured of HIV Shows Signs of Infection

Modern Forensics Provides Clues to Death of Richard III

Monkey Trial Supports Ebola Drug That May Have Helped 2 Stricken Americans

Monkeys on Very-Low-Cal Diet Lived Longer, Healthier Lives

Most Clinical Trial Results Not Reported on Time to Government

Most Medical Devices Approved for Kids Only Tested on Adults: Study

Mouse Study Hints at How Mediterranean Diet Protects the Heart

Mouse Study Points to Potential Weight-Loss Agent

Mouse Study Raises Possibility of New Treatment for Diabetes

Mouse Study Reveals New Secrets of Fertilization

Mouse Study Suggests Brain Is Damaged Early in Lou Gehrig's Disease

Mouse Study Supports Notion of 'Tanning Addiction'

Moving Toward Blood Test for Many Cancers

New Antibiotic May Combat Resistant Bacteria

New Cancer Classification System Might Boost Patient Outcomes

New Clues to How Colds Can Spur Asthma Attacks

New Colon Polyp Removal Method May Be Easier on Patients

New Drug for Crohn's Disease Shows Early Promise

New Drug May Fight Serious Respiratory Virus in Infants

New Drug May Help Lower 'Bad' Cholesterol Beyond Statins

New Drug May Treat Constipation Caused by Strong Painkillers

New Drugs May Help Prevent Migraines

New Eczema Drug Shows Promise in Early Trials

New Gene Variants for Prostate Cancer Identified

New Prosthetic Hands Restore Sense of Touch to Amputees

New Technique Protects Tissue Transplant From Rejection: Study

New Treatment Shows Promise in Younger Breast Cancer Patients: Study

NIH Adds $10M to Encourage Gender Balance in Clinical Trials

Obama to Announce Major Personalized Medicine Initiative

Obesity-Related Enzyme Targeted in Mouse Study

One Woman's Cancer Battle Highlights Promise of New Treatment

Opossums May Come to Humans' Rescue for Snake Anti-Venom

Osteoporosis Drugs' Long-Term Use Needs More Research: FDA

Ovarian Cancer DNA Detected in Vaginal Fluid, Researchers Report

Overconfident Folks May Blind Others to Their Real Abilities

Pair of Pills Shows Promise for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Paralyzed Person to Kick Off World Cup

Placing Donor Windpipe First in Patient's Arm Helps With Transplant

Playing Video Game May Boost MS Patients' Balance: Study

Popular Crohn's, Colitis Drugs Not Linked to Short-Term Cancer Risk: Study

Potential Clue to Ebola Treatments Uncovered, Researchers Say

Preliminary Studies Target Advanced Breast Cancers

Proposed Dietary Guidelines Not a Green Light to Eat What You Want

Protein Temporarily Reversed Type 2 Diabetes in Mice

Random Mutations Responsible for About Two-Thirds of Cancer Risk: Study

Rare Gene Mutations May Help Shield the Heart

Red Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests

Reexamined Clinical Trials Can Point to New Conclusions

Report Claims Success Treating Alzheimer's Memory Loss

Report Shows Progress in America's War on Cancer

Research Reveals Why Pot Can Make People Paranoid

Research Shows Possible Neurological Patterns for PTSD Symptoms

Researchers Discover How 'Magic Mushrooms' Affect the Brain

Researchers Evaluate Blood Test for Psychosis

Researchers Explore New Target for Malaria Vaccine

Researchers Find Gene Behind Albino Dobermans

Researchers Find Gene Mutation That May Protect Against Heart Disease

Researchers Find Stem Cells That Help Nails Regenerate

Researchers Learning More About Deadly Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers Pinpoint Brain Region Where Contextual Memories Are Made

Researchers Pinpoint Possible Protein Culprit Behind Alzheimer's

Researchers Probe Molecular Cause for Glaucoma

Researchers Say They've Found New Clues to Autism

Researchers Spot Potential New Culprit Behind Alzheimer's

Researchers Take 'First Baby Step' Toward Anti-Aging Drug

Researchers Unlock Clues to How Ebola Disarms Immune System

Richard III Likely Had Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Study Shows

Rise in Use of Animals for Research

Saliva Test Might Someday Replace Needle Prick for Diabetics

Scientists Create 1st Living Organism From Artificial DNA

Scientists Create Tiny Stomachs From Stem Cells

Scientists Detect Early Sign of Pancreatic Cancer

Scientists Discover New Way to Make Human Platelets

Scientists Explore Better Way to Deliver Treatment for Eye Disease

Scientists Explore How Fecal Transplant Eases Tough Infection

Scientists Find Differences in Brains of Those With Dyslexia

Scientists Get Closer to Producing Egg, Sperm From Stem Cells

Scientists Get Closer to the Stem Cells That May Drive Cancers

Scientists Grow, Implant Human Intestinal Tissue in Mice

Scientists Identify Remains of Largest Bird Ever Found on Planet

Scientists Inch Closer to Alzheimer's Origins

Scientists Inch Closer Toward Using Stem Cells for Spinal Injuries

Scientists Map DNA of Deadly Fungus

Scientists Reverse Type 1 Diabetes in Mice

Scientists 'Rewrite' Bad Memories in Mice

Scientists See Environmental Changes to Genes in Kids With Autism

Scientists Sniff Out Origins of Body Odor

Scientists Spot Gene Tied to Severe Autism in Girls

Scientists Spot Genes Linked to Rosacea

Scientists Spot How Bacterial Pneumonia Damages the Heart

Scientists Spot Mutation Behind Genetic Form of Heart Failure

Scientists Unlock a Key to Cell Stress

Scientists Use Gene Therapy to Create 'Biological Pacemaker' in Pig Hearts

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Grow Human Corneas in Mice

Screening Test Finds Drugs That Show Promise Against Ebola

Seals, Sea Lions Helped Global Spread of TB, Study Finds

Secondhand Pot Smoke Can Give Your Heart an Unwelcome Buzz

Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment So Successful in Kids That Trial Is Halted

Single-Dose, Injected Flu Treatment Shows Promise

Skin Cells of Infertile Men Turned Into Sperm 'Precursors' in Mouse Study

Skin Cells Used to Create Heart Valve for Growing Kids

Smile! Your Dog Is Watching

Some HIV Strains Cause Early Damage to Immune System, Study Finds

Specially Trained Pooch Sniffs Out Thyroid Cancer

Spending on Medical Research Falls in U.S. While Growing Globally

Sperm's Anti-Germ 'Shield' Might Play Role in Fertility

Stem Cell Research Offers Clues About Schizophrenia

Stem Cell Success Raises Hopes of Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Stem Cell Therapy for MS Shows Promise

Stem Cells May Ease Urinary Incontinence, Study Says

Stem Cells Show Promise for Stroke Recovery

Stem Cells Used to Regenerate Heart Muscle in Monkeys

Stem Cells Yield Lab-Grown Skin, Researchers Say

Stress May Leave You Heading to the Cookie Jar

Study Links Casual Marijuana Use to Changes in Brain

Study Links Pot Use With Poor Sleep

Study Points to Causes Behind Age-Linked Memory Loss

Study Sheds Light on How Immune System Works in Infants

Study Suggests Link Between E-Cigarettes, Respiratory Infections

Study Underscores Power of Placebo Effect

Study: Men Are the Narcissists of the Species

Study: Men, Lesbians More Likely to Have Orgasms

Synthetic Oil May Help Patients With Huntington's Disease

Synthetic Pot Linked to Kidney Injury

Targeted Drugs Among Successes Against Cancer, Says New Report

Tetanus Shot Helped Boost Brain Cancer Survival, Small Study Finds

The Salk Polio Vaccine: A Medical Miracle Turns 60

The Salk Polio Vaccine: 'Greatest Public Health Experiment in History'

Those With Autism May Have Unique Brain Connections, Study Shows

U.S. Pledges Millions to Study Ways to Ease Soldiers' Pain

U.S. Proposes Greater Public Access to Data From Clinical Trials

Ultrasound Used to Attack Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Plaque in Mice

Urine Test for HPV Works Well, Analysis Finds

Vaccine for Hepatitis C Inches Closer to Reality

Vaccine Shows Promise Against Mosquito-Borne Virus

Viruses May Play Role in Crohn's Disease, Colitis: Study

Was Beethoven Composing From His Heart?

When It Comes to a Growing Child, the Brain Comes First

WHO Experts Give Nod to Using Untested Ebola Drugs

Why Insulin Resistance May Be More Common in Men

Windshield Washer Fluid May Be Source of Legionnaires' Disease

'Wireless' Pacemaker Working Well So Far, Researchers Say

World War I Soldier Gives New Clues to Fighting Dysentery

Young Blood Boosts Brains of Old Mice

Your Dog Really Is Listening to You

Your 'Healthy' Bacteria Are as Individual as You Are


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