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Get back to living with the help of our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation team.

Recovering from heart attacks, heart surgery, valve replacement, stenting procedures, angioplasty, or being diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) requires a professionally supervised program with a personalized treatment plan. Your ability to return to work or leisure activities relies on increasing your physical fitness, reducing cardiac symptoms, improving your health and reducing the risk of future heart problems. Building a healthier future is a partnership between you and your doctor, and our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation team can help you improve your health through exercise, education, counseling and breathing retraining services. We will be there to help you play an active role in making these changes.          

Personalized treatment programs typically include:

Medical assessment

Our cardiopulmonary team will perform an evaluation to determine your needs and limitations. The information is used to tailor a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program for you and help you set goals.

Monitored exercise

Our cardiopulmonary team will be there to help you understand the proper way to exercise and monitor your progress.

Education / Counseling

Our cardiopulmonary team will help you understand your condition and how to manage it. You may work with a dietitian to create a healthy eating plan.

Support and training

To help you return to work or your normal activities and to help you learn to manage your condition

Maintenance program

At the completion of the program, participants are encouraged to follow a maintenance program with our cardiopulmonary rehab team, Lifestyles Fitness Center or at home.