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I Love My Job! Joe Lanata, Help Desk Analyst

Your computer is hopelessly locked, your patient needs medication soon, and the clock is ticking. Who you gonna call?

If you’re a nurse, doctor, clinical provider --- or any other Bayhealth employee --- chances are, you’ve received help during crunch time from the Bayhealth Help Desk’s three analysts or seven technicians. From giving a clinical provider access to a patient’s electronic chart, to ensuring that patient medication information is available, the Help Desk plays a key role in ensuring clinical staff can continue to provide the best care to patients.

“Eighty percent of our Help Desk calls are from clinical providers.  As we evolve to an electronic system of patient records, the providers need quick and effective support from the Help Desk to view vital patient information,” said Help Desk Manager Bob Mucha.

In addition to being technologically savvy and skilled, Help Desk analysts and technicians are also focused on outstanding customer service skills.  And that’s exactly why Help Desk Analyst Joe Lanata has excelled in helping so many Bayhealth employees from a broad spectrum of departments.

“Joe epitomizes the exceptional customer service of our Help Desk.   He pays close attention to the needs of the employees who ask him for help.  He gives them not only what they ask for, but also what they need.  He really digs into a problem and goes the extra four steps for the customer,” said Mucha.

While there are only ten Help Desk team members, the department responds to more than 4,000 calls per month, providing coverage 24 hours per day for Kent General Hospital, Milford Memorial Hospital, and dozens of other Bayhealth affiliated sites.  Joe Lanata is a large reason why up to 80 percent of those calls are resolved at the Help Desk within a short period of time (whereas the other 20 percent are forwarded to other I.S. support groups).

Joe Lanata has been “Johnny on the spot” for hundreds of employees who need to reset their computer password, restart their PC, or “clean up” slow computers.   From performing simplest task to diagnosing the most complex cyber dilemma, Lanata may offer guidance on the phone or remote into a computer and resolve the issue within a few minutes.  Lanata helps educate the employee so that he or she may resolve similar issues on their own in the future.  Lanata is also part of the team that developed a new desktop Help Desk ticket entry, allowing doctors and nurses to go to their PC to enter requests for the Help Desk.

While they may never install an IV in a patient’s arm, Lanata and his team resolve computer issues which may slow or prevent a clinical provider from treating patients quickly.   Physician Order Entry, medication information and patient charts are all stored and managed electronically under the conscientious care of the Help Desk.

“The most satisfaction I get is helping the customers.  Bayhealth employees always express their sincere appreciation when they receive help and that to me is the most satisfying,” said Lanata.

The Maryland native has devoted much of his career to helping others.  He originally served as a pharmacy technician in the Washington D.C. area.  Following graduation from Lincoln Technical Institute in Columbia, Maryland, Joe Lanata and wife Ramona (who is Bayhealth Pharmacy Department Coordinator) relocated to Delaware in 2003.  After serving for one year as a pharmacy tech at Kent General Hospital, Lanata transitioned to Information Services in 2004, where he has been serving on the Help Desk ever since.

When he’s not on the computer, Joe Lanata spends quality time with wife Ramona, seven-year-old niece Kylie, and his three dogs.   Lanata also remains passionate about his beloved Boston Red Sox, whom he predicts will win this year’s World Series!

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