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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit my application?
You will receive a notification on the screen that your application has been submitted. You will also get an email from our system letting you know that your application has been received. Your application will then be reviewed by a Human Resources Representative.  

How do I know what the status of my application is?
You may check the status of your application(s) at any time by visiting our website at www.bayhealth.org/careers, or by using the following link: Log In Now click here to login and manage job agents, check your application status, and more.

You will log in the same way you did when you applied. Please make sure you have the User Name and Password you used during the application process. You may then log into your profile and see the status of your application(s). You should also check your email frequently as some communications to applicants from Human Resources are sent via email.

I applied for a position, but do not meet all of the minimum qualifications in the job posting.  Will I still be considered?
Those applicants who meet all the minimum qualifications for a position will be considered for that position.

I know I meet the minimum qualifications in the job posting, does that mean that I will be called for an interview?
We strive to hire individuals who are the best fit for our organization, and we consider many factors when reviewing applications. Individuals who are considered to be the best fit may be contacted for an interview.   

How does the interview process work?
Selected candidates will be interviewed by Human Resources, the Department Hiring Manager and possibly a peer group. Peer interviews are conducted by selected employees from the hiring department, which is typically a group of 2-4 people. Interviews may be conducted in one day or in a series of appointments. Candidates may also complete any skill assessments (such as a typing speed test) as required by the position.

I applied for a “Pool” position.  What is a “Pool” position?
A “pool” position is posted when there is a need to fill multiple openings for the same position. It is important when completing the application that you fill out the “Which job status/shift would you accept?” section in its entirety. The “pool” positions may be full time, part time, or relief work hours, day, evening, or night shifts, and many require weekend and holiday availability.  When the recruiter reviews “pool” applicants, they will forward qualified applicants to the open positions based on the position’s shift requirements and your indication of what type of status and/or shifts you would accept.   

What is a Relief or PRN position?
A “Relief” or “PRN” position works as needed. Typically this position is utilized by management to assist in covering vacations, call outs, and other staff shortages and is not guaranteed a minimum amount of hours per pay period.

What does “Variable” mean in regards to shifts and/or hours?
Variable shifts mean that the position is not assigned to a particular shift (days, evenings and/or nights). The position may require working rotating shifts, occasionally working another shift, or both. Variable hours are similar in that the position may require working different hours on different days. Many positions that require variable shifts/hours also require weekend availability.

Do all positions require working on the weekends and/or holidays?
As a health care facility we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - including weekends and holidays. Not all positions in the hospital require weekend and holiday availability, but many do.  

How do I know where the position is located (i.e., Dover, Milford)?
Each job posting lists the primary location for the position. This information is listed on the Open Positions page, under the job title.  If “Kent/Milford Locations” is listed, the position may be at either Kent General Hospital in Dover or at Milford Memorial Hospital in Milford. It also means the position may be required to travel to either campus, as needed.

How do I update my contact information (i.e., email address, phone number)?
If you created a User Name and Password during the application process, you may log in to your profile to update your contact information. If you are unable to login and require assistance, please contact Human Resources at (302) 744-7143.

What if I do not remember my User Name or Password?
If you are unable to login and require assistance, please contact Human Resources at (302) 744-7143.