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Safe Sitter

December 30, 2013  |  9:00 AM  -  3:00 PM



The babysitter is in charge! 

These are the last words parents utter on their way out the door.

Getting the kids into bed on time may not be a problem, but if an accident happens, will your sitter know what to do?

Safe Sitter® is a medically accurate program that teaches boys and girls ages 12 to 15 how to handle emergencies when caring for children. 

Certified instructors teach safe and nurturing child care techniques, behavior management skills, and appropriate responses to medical emergencies.  Students will also learn CPR skills.

To complete the course, students must pass a hands-on practical and written test.  Each child receives a Safe Sitter manual and tote bag.  The class fee is $50.

Participants will need to bring a packed lunch or bring money to purchase lunch. 

Parent/Adult must walk student to classroom for sign in and pick student up in classroom to sign out.  If the adult picking up differs from the adult who signed in the student, a photo ID is required.

For more information or to register, call the Education Department at (302) 744-7135 or toll free at 1-877-453-7107.