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Communication Group

December 26, 2013  |  4:30 PM  -  5:30 PM

Bayhealth’s Speech Pathology Department now offers a new, monthly support group for current and past patients with communication deficits. 

The Communication Group is an open forum to provide support and a safe environment for adults with acquired communication disorders. All community members, as well as their family and caregivers, who have residual speech and language deficits from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other progressive neurological diseases are welcome. 

This support group focuses on improving communication through supported conversation. Unlike most support groups, there are not scheduled speakers or formal presentations; rather, the group is an open platform for participants to interact in conversations facilitated by Speech Language Pathologists to practice their communication strategies. 

Each month has a theme that provides structure for the communication exchanges. Patients are also encouraged to bring props and souvenirs to help support their communication attempts in the group setting. Past themes have included travel, food, and hobbies.

Bayhealth’s supervising Speech Pathologists have noticed an increase in some patients’ ability to independently utilize their communication strategies. Others have shown an increase in effective social communication which can not always be appreciated in private therapy sessions.  Thus far the group has met seven times and the Speech Pathology Department has received positive feedback from both patients and family members. 

If you or a family member are interested in this free program, please contact Ashley Jones at 744-6371 or email Ashley at elizabeth_jones@bayhealth.org.

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