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HealthStream FAQ's From Bayhealth

Q) How do I access HealthStream from Work?

A) Go to Webster look underneath the Bayhealth logo and click on “Online Education”.

The Web Address is: www.healthstream.com/hlc/bayhealth

Q) How do I learn how to use HealthStream?

(A) Click on the word “Tutorial” which is directly under the “on-line Education “button. This will only take you a few minutes but will allow fully understanding and enjoying this new experience.

Q) What is my HealthStream Log-In, User ID and Password?

A) If you are a Bayhealth employee your 6 digit employee number serves as both of these. It is recommended that you change your password once you log on. Please utilize the password reminder feature.

A) If you are a contract employee, your Director was given a list of your codes. They are typically the first 3 initials of your first and last name. Example: John Smith= Johsmi

Q) Why won’t HealthStream work?

First, you have to allow pop-ups for the HealthStream system to run on your computer. Your computer also needs to meet certain requirements. To test this, go to healthstream.com/browsercheck

If you forgot your Healthstream password, please click the "Forgot Your Password?" link to have a password reset email sent to your email account on file.  You will receive the email immediately.

To ensure that the online courses track properly, use a PC (not a Macintosh computer), Internet Explorer as your browser, and disable all pop-up blockers.  

You may alert the Helpdesk to assist you in fixing any issues it detects at Ext. 7196

Q) What does PA mean?

A) Some of your mandatory education is assigned with a Pre Assessment. This simply means that if you pass the PA (Pre Assessment) you have completed the requirements for this assigned education. If you do not pass the PA, you will continue on to the educational portion of the assignment and then upon passing the exam you will receive credit.