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Exploring Healthcare Program


Bayhealth Medical Center, in partnership with the Del-Mar-Va Council, provides an Explorer Post that gives students ages 14 (who have completed the eighth grade) to 20 the opportunity to learn more about careers in health care. Explorers have had the opportunity to meet with radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, radiology technicians, nurses and a variety of health professionals.  Bayhealth clinical managers, directors, doctors, and nurses guide sessions, but at Bayhealth, young Explorers are directly involved in planning the topics and activities for each session. 

For more information, please contact:

Terry Towne, Bayhealth Clinical Educator and Lead Advisor, at (302) 744-6724 or teresa_towne@bahealth.org
Dan Wagner, Non-Clinical Educator and Advisor, at (302) 744-6684 or dan_wagner@bayhealth.org

Michael Link, Delmarva Council District Executive, at (302) 622-3300 Ext. 126