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A Little Alcohol May Not Be Good for Your Heart After All

A Little Wine Might Help Kidneys Stay Healthy

Adults Who've Abused Alcohol May Be at Risk for Memory Problems

Alcohol Fuels Liver Disease in Those With HIV and Hepatitis C

Alcohol Near Start of Pregnancy Linked to Premature Babies

Alcohol Tied to Domestic Violence on College Campuses

Avoiding That New Year's Hangover

Binge Drinking May Double Older People's Risk of Dying

Binge Drinking May Slow Wound Healing

Booze Brands in Pop Lyrics May Spur Teen Drinking, Study Says

Booze, Pot Bad for Teens in Different Ways, Study Suggests

'Buzzed' Drivers Who Are Under Legal Limit to Blame in Many Fatal Crashes

Can Exercise and an Occasional Drink Boost Eye Health?

CDC: Docs Aren't Doing Enough to Discourage Problem Drinking

Civilian Life, Not Combat, May Drive Many Veterans to Drink

College Alcohol Violations Often Draw a Slap on the Wrist: Study

College Drinking May Aggravate PTSD Symptoms

College Guys More Likely to Drive While Stoned Than Drunk, Study Finds

Could Coffee Lower Death Risk From Liver Cirrhosis?

Counseling Does Little to Deter Youth Drinking, Review Finds

Daughters Drink More Than Their Moms Did -- in Australia, at Least

Drinking Early in Pregnancy May Harm Placenta, Study Finds

Drinking Locations Factor Into Partner Violence, Study Says

Drug Might Help Heavy Drinkers Limit Their Booze

Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths

Drunk Driving Can Make Holiday Season Deadly

Drunk-Driving Deaths Under-reported in U.S., Study Says

Early Puberty Tied to Higher Odds of Substance Use in Teens: Survey

Easier Way for Doctors to Identify Substance Abuse?

Energy Drink 'Cocktails' May Boost Desire to Drink More

Energy Drinks Popular With Troubled Teens, Study Says

Exercise Might Boost Men's Sperm Counts, Study Finds

Fake ID Use Tied to High-Risk Drinking by Underage Students

Fewer U.S. Teens Using Illegal Drugs and Alcohol, Report Finds

Gays, Lesbians Face Certain Health Challenges, U.S. Report Says

'Half a Glass' Rule May Curb Overdrinking

Hangovers Don't Delay the Next Drink, Study Finds

Heavy Drinking Can Dry Up a Marriage If One Spouse Abstains

Heavy Drinking in Middle Age May Speed Memory Loss for Men

Holiday Health and Safety: Another List to Be Checking Twice

How Much Alcohol In Your Drink? Stronger Beverages Make It Tough to Tell

In Crashes That Kill Children, It's Their Driver Who's Often Drunk

Kids' Social Skills May Suffer When Mothers Drink During Pregnancy

Legal Drinking Age of 21 Saves Lives, Review Finds

Most Alcohol-Linked Deaths Occur Among Working-Age Adults: CDC

Older Drivers May Be Vulnerable to Just One Drink

Parental Messages That Stress No Alcohol Do Get Through, Survey Finds

Parents' Addiction May Be Linked to Arthritis in Offspring

Pot Isn't Harmless, Top U.S. Health Official Says

Pot Smoking in Pregnancy Tied to Stillbirth Risk

Resveratrol in Red Wine May Not Be Such a Health Booster, After All

Science Finds Way to Block Booze's Effect -- in Worms

Scientists Find More Genes Tied to Alcoholism Risk

Several Medications Can Help People Quit Drinking: Study

Sexual Harassment Really Is Rampant in Bars, Study Finds

Shape, Size of Wine Glass May Skew How Much You Pour

Smoking, Drinking Combo Raises Odds for Esophageal Cancer

State Laws Can Help Curb Binge Drinking, Study Says

Students Smoke Weed Despite Drug Testing at Schools, Study Finds

Study: Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors May Prevent 80 Percent of Heart Attacks

Study: Minimum Pricing for Alcohol Would Affect Poorer, High-Risk Drinkers

Teen Drinkers Risking Their Lives: Study

Teens Drawn to Heavily Advertised Alcohol Brands: Study

Teens' Energy Drink Habit May Be Linked to Booze, Tobacco, Drug Use

Those Rocked by Recession Most Likely to Hit the Bottle: Study

Three-Quarters of U.S. Teens Say They Don't Drink

Tweens Who Play Sports Less Likely to Smoke: Study

Underage Binge Drinkers Grab the Hard Stuff, Survey Finds

Women in Military Drink Less Than Civilians, Report Shows


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