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1 in 10 U.S. Beaches Fails Bacteria Test, Survey Finds

12 States Now Reporting Severe Respiratory Illness That Targets Kids

1st Case of Locally Acquired Chikungunya Virus Reported in U.S.

1st Dallas Nurse With Ebola Headed to NIH Facility in Maryland

1st MERS Case Reported in U.S.

1st U.S. MERS Patient Improving, Officials Say

1st U.S. MERS Patient May Be Released From Hospital Soon

2 Florida Hospital Workers Who Treated MERS Patient Fall Ill

2 Vaccines Help Cut Bacteria That Cause Meningitis, Study Finds

29 States, District of Columbia Reporting Respiratory Illness That Targets Kids

2nd Baby 'Cured' of HIV Suffers Relapse

2nd Ebola Patient To Arrive in United States on Tuesday

2nd MERS Case Identified in U.S.

3rd U.S. Aid Worker Infected With Ebola Released From Hospital

4 Steps Could Quell Ebola in West Africa, Researchers Say

40 States, District of Columbia Reporting Respiratory Virus That Targets Kids

42 States Reporting Respiratory Virus That Targets Kids

4th U.S. Ebola Patient Airlifted to Atlanta Hospital

78 People Now Infected in U.S. Measles Outbreak

A Good Night's Sleep May Mean a Good Day's Work

About 100 People Being Monitored for Ebola in Texas

About 100 People Being Monitored for Ebola in Texas

AIDS Epidemic May Be Subsiding: Report

Airborne Transmission of Ebola Highly Unlikely, Experts Say

All People Returning From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Be Tracked

All Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot: Ob/Gyn Group

American Doctor Exposed to Ebola Admitted to NIH Hospital

American Ebola Patient Gets Appetite Back

American Ebola Survivor Gives Blood to Infected Health-Care Colleague

Americans' Fears of Ebola May Be Fading, Poll Finds

Americans Increasingly Anxious About Ebola: Poll

Antibiotic Might Raise Heart Risks for Some

Antibiotic Resistance Among Foodborne-Illness Germs a Mixed Bag: CDC

Antibiotic-Resistant Hospital Germ Traced to U.K. Livestock, Study Finds

Antibiotics for Traveler's Diarrhea May Spur Growth of Superbugs: Study

Antibiotics May Be Linked to Serious Infections in Children

Are Slimmer, More Attractive Men More Germ-Free?

Are U.S. Hospitals Prepared for Ebola?

Arizona Officials Say Nearly 1,000 People May Have Been Exposed to Measles

Arriving Now at Gate 42: Measles

As African Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Hopes for Vaccine Remain Years Away

Avian Flu In Harbor Seals Could Infect People

Avoid Antibiotics in Pill Form for 'Swimmer's Ear,' New Guidelines Say

Bacteria in Semen May Affect HIV Transmission, Levels: Study

Bacteria May Survive Longer in Contact Lens Solution Than Thought

Bad Flu Season Continues to Take Toll, Especially Among the Young and Old

Bad Flu Season Getting Worse, CDC Says

Bats May Have Triggered Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, Study Says

Bedbugs Could Be Potential New Source of Tropical Disease in U.S.

Better Survival From Blood Infections at High-Volume Hospitals

Beware Fake Ebola Treatments on the Internet, FDA Says

Biggest Ever Weekly Rise in Ebola Cases, U.N. Agency Says

Binge Drinking May Slow Wound Healing

Binge Drinking May Weaken Immune System, Study Suggests

'Biospleen' Suggests New Way to Treat Blood Infection

Bites to the Hand Need Medical Attention, Experts Say

Blood Infections Play Role in Up to Half of Hospital Deaths: Study

Blood Test for Yeast Infections Approved

Blood Transfusions During Heart Surgery May Up Pneumonia Risk

Both U.S. Health-Care Workers Infected With Ebola Released From Hospital

Breast Milk a Risk for Spreading Common Virus to Preemies, Study Finds

'Breast Milk Banks' Gain in Popularity

Breast Milk May Protect Against Deadly Newborn Disease

California Infants Hit Hard by Whooping Cough Epidemic: Report

California Measles Outbreak Shows How Quickly Disease Can Resurface in U.S.

California Trees Harbor Fungus Deadly to People With HIV

Camels Confirmed as Source of Human MERS Infection

Cat Bites May Lead to Serious Infections, Hospitalizations

CDC Commits More Than 400 Staffers to Fight Ebola Outbreak

CDC Confirms First Patient Diagnosed With Ebola in United States

CDC Downplays Ebola's Threat to the United States

CDC Issues Travel Warning as West Africa Ebola Outbreak Worsens

CDC Lab Worker Has No Sign of Ebola Infection, Agency Says

CDC Lab Workers May Have Been Exposed to Anthrax

CDC Monitoring 76 Hospital Workers in Dallas for Ebola Exposure

CDC Monitoring Those Who Had Contact With Ebola Patient

CDC Monitors Lab Worker for Possible Ebola Exposure

CDC Raises Ebola Outbreak Response to Highest Alert Status

CDC Targets 5 Parasitic Infections

CDC Tightens Rules on Caring for Ebola Patients

CDC Urges Anti-HIV Pill for People at High Risk of Infection

CDC Warns of Listeria Danger From Caramel Apples

CDC: 3rd Suspected MERS Case Was False Alarm

Certain Autoimmune Drugs in Pregnancy May Up Newborn Infection Risk: Study

Childhood Vaccines Vindicated Once More

China's New Bird Flu Might Put People at Risk, Report Says

Classroom Hand Sanitizers Don't Curb Absences, Study Finds

College Women: Have a Healthy Spring Break

Combination Antibiotic Zerbaxa Approved

Common Childhood Vaccine Cuts 'Superbug' Infection: Study

Common Strep Bacteria May Be Morphing Into 'Superbug'

Could Bacteria Play a Role in Colon Cancer?

Could Infections Harm Memory in Older Adults?

Current Bird Flu Has Pandemic Potential

Dallas Ebola Patient Has Died, Hospital Says

Dallas Ebola Patient on Ventilator, Getting Dialysis

Dallas to End Monitoring for Ebola Infections

Depo-Provera Linked to Higher HIV Risk, Researchers Find

Despite Proper Cleaning, Endoscopes May Pass on E. coli

Did Columbus Really Bring Syphilis to Europe?

Discussing Ebola: Children Feel Safe, Calm When Adults Do, Too

Disease Outbreaks May Not Change Minds of Vaccine Opponents

Doctor With Ebola Arrives in U.S. for Treatment

Doctor With Ebola Coming to U.S. for Treatment

Doctor With Ebola Dies at Nebraska Hospital

Doctors Cautiously Optimistic About 'Cure' for HIV-Infected Babies

Doctors' Germ-Laden Stethoscope May Spread Nasty Bacteria

Doctors Often Unaware Their Patients Have Catheters

Drug for Ebola-Like Virus Shows Promise in Monkeys

Drug to Treat Serious Infections May Harm Kids' Kidneys, Study Says

Drug-Resistant Superbug Increasing in Southeast U.S. Hospitals

Early Stem Cell Transplant Vital in 'Bubble Boy' Disease

Early Trial Promising for Ebola Vaccine

Easy-to-Use IV Antibiotics Could Help Treat Serious Skin Infections

Ebola Anxiety: A Bigger Threat Now Than the Virus Itself

Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million in Months, CDC Predicts

Ebola Epidemic in Liberia Could End by June, Study Predicts

Ebola Focus Shrinks to About 50 People in Texas

Ebola Nurse From Dallas Transferred to Atlanta Medical Center

Ebola or Not? Rapid Test for the Virus Not Here Yet

Ebola Outbreak Could Infect 20,000 People, U.N. Says

Ebola Outbreak Still Not Under Control: Officials

Ebola Patient Dr Kent Brantly Arrives in U.S., May Be Improving

Ebola Patient in Dallas Hospital Takes Turn for Worse

Ebola Patient Nancy Writebol Making 'Slow Improvement'

Ebola Patient to Be Flown to U.S. for Treatment

Ebola Survivors Face Critical Problems

Ebola Threat Diminishing in West Africa, Officials Say

Ebola Vaccine Appears Safe, Triggers Immune Response, U.K. Study Finds

Ebola Vaccine Trials Set to Begin in September

Ebola Vaccine Trials Set to Begin in September

Ebola Vaccines May Be Deployed in West Africa by January, Officials Say

Ebola Virus Gets More Lethal as It Spreads, Study Says

Ebola, Obamacare Top U.S. Health News for 2014

EPA Unveils New Bug Repellant Labeling

Ethicists Grapple With Tough Questions Over Release of Ebola Drugs

European MRSA Originated in Sub-Saharan Africa, Study Finds

Every Kiss Begins With 80 Million Germs

Existing Drugs May Work Against MERS, Studies Suggest

Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby

Experimental Measles Drug Shows Promise in Animal Trials

Experimental Serum May Have Been Key to Recovery of 2 Ebola Patients: Reports

Expert Offers Safe Splinter Removal Tips

Experts Predict 'Catastrophic' Ebola Epidemic in West Africa if Aid Delayed

Eye-Catching Labels Urged for Fast-Tracked Antibiotics

Family Squabbles Can Derail Recovery From Cancer Surgery

FDA Approves Antibiotic for Skin Infections

FDA Approves New Vaccine to Protect Against Meningitis

FDA Shares Advice to Avoid Colds and Flu

Fears of U.S. Ebola Outbreak Unwarranted, Experts Say

Feeding Fido Raw Pet Food a Risky Choice: FDA

Few U.S. Hospitals Ready to Handle Ebola, Survey Finds

First Newborn Screening Test Approved for Rare Immune Disorder

First U.S. Ebola Patient to Arrive in Atlanta on Saturday

'Fist Bump' May Beat Handshake for Cleanliness

Five Major U.S. Airports to Screen Travelers From West Africa for Ebola

'Five-Second' Food Rule May Be Real, Study Finds

Florida MERS Patient Released From Hospital

Flu Can Infect Many Without Causing Symptoms: Study

Flu Hits Unvaccinated Hardest, Study Finds

Flu Now Epidemic in U.S., With 15 Child Deaths Reported

Flu Season Off to a Slow Start ... for Now

Flu Shot May Offer Less Protection This Winter: CDC

Flu's Grip on U.S. Starting to Weaken: CDC

Food Handlers Cause Most Food-Poisoning Cases

For Ebola, No New Drugs Riding to the Rescue -- for Now

For Young Kids, Nasal Spray Beats Needle for Flu Immunization

Frozen as Good as Fresh for Fecal Transplants for Diarrhea: Study

Full Recovery Possible for 2 U.S. Ebola Patients

Gates Foundation Gives $50M to Fight Ebola Outbreak in Africa

Gay 'Hook-Up' Apps Tied to Higher STD Infection Rates: Study

Gene Analysis May Help Spot Ebola-Like Illnesses Before Symptoms Appear

Gene Research Yields Insights Into Ebola Virus

Gene Therapy for Controlling HIV Shows Early Promise

Genetic Code of Tsetse Fly May Help Fight Sleeping Sickness

Getting Teeth Pulled Before Heart Surgery May Pose Serious Risks

Grief Can Weigh on Immune System in Older Folks, Study Says

Guard Your Kids Against Bug Bites This Summer

Guinea Pigs Can Be Source of Serious Strep Infection

Gut Bacteria in Preemies Could Lead to Life-Threatening Infections

Half of HIV-Positive Gay Men in U.S. Aren't Getting Proper Treatment

Hand Hygiene Lacking in Many U.S. Health Care Facilities: Study

Hand Microbes Might Reflect Where, How You Live

Health Care Workers Wash Hands More When Patients Watching

Health Officials Reviewing Ebola Treatment Procedures at Dallas Hospital

Health Tip: Care for Contact Lenses

Health Tip: Caring for a Cut or Scrape

Health Tip: Caring for a Hangnail

Health Tip: Cleaning a Litter Box During Pregnancy

Health Tip: Combat a Pinworm Infection

Health Tip: Enjoy a Safe Manicure and Pedicure

Health Tip: Monitor a Blister

Health Woes to Worsen Due to Climate Change, Study Warns

Hepatitis B Screening Proposed for All High-Risk Adults

Hepatitis C Infection Isn't Related to HIV Brain Woes: Study

Hepatitis C Infection May Have 'Silver Lining' for Transplant Patients

Hepatitis C Patients With HIV May Face Higher Risk of Liver Disease

Higher HIV Infection Rates Seen in Mental Health Patients: Study

HIV May Have Emerged in Congo in 1920s: Study

HIV Transmission Between Women Rare, But Possible: CDC

HIV-Positive Inmates Benefit From Drug Treatment, Study Says

Hog Workers May Bring Drug-Resistant Bacteria Home

Hospital Infection Rates Falling, But More Improvement Needed: CDC

Hospital Workers Wash Hands Less at End of Shift, Study Finds

Hospital-Related Infections Hit Nearly 650,000 Patients in 2011: CDC

Hospitals' High Antibiotic Use May Boost Germs' Resistance: Study

HPV Vaccine Program in Australia Linked to Lower Infection Rates

HPV-Linked Oral Cancers May Not Be 'Contagious'

Ick! Tapeworm Infecting Man's Brain Yields Genetic Secrets

ICU Infections Among Elderly Tied to Higher Death Rates After Discharge

Improper Contact Lens Use Causes Millions of Eye Infections: CDC

In Neonatal ICU, Hand Washing Plus Gloves May Curb Infections

Infection Rates in Nursing Homes on the Rise: Study

Infections Rare in Outpatient Surgery Procedures, Study Finds

Infection-Triggered Strokes Deadlier for Blacks, Study Finds

Inhaled Ebola Vaccine Protects Monkeys

Insecticide Sprays Don't Offer Extra Protection Against Malaria: Study

Is HIV Becoming Less Contagious?

Keep It Clean After Ear Piercings

'Kids' Diseases' Now Hitting Adults

Kids' Severe Respiratory Virus Confirmed in Northeast

'Kissing Bug' Now Spreading Tropical Disease in U.S.

Kitchen Cutting Boards Can Harbor Drug-Resistant Germs: Study

Lack of Protective Gear Leaves Medics at Risk in Ebola Outbreak: Study

Last U.S. Ebola Patient Leaves NYC Hospital 'Healthy, No Longer Infectious'

Latest U.S. Ebola Patient Getting Better, Doctors Report

Leprosy Still Occurs in U.S., CDC Reports

Less Than Half of HIV-Positive U.S. Hispanics Are Getting Proper Care

Little Improvement in Children Paralyzed After Viral Infection, Study Finds

Long ICU Stays May Alter Gut Microbes

Long-Term Study Finds Measles Vaccines Safe

Lowly House Fly's Gene Map Causes Buzz

Lung Infections May Hamper Ability to Detect Lung Cancer

Lupus Patients Face High Rehospitalization Rates

Malaria Growing Resistant to Drugs Used to Fight It

Male Ebola Survivors Should Use Condoms for at Least 3 Months, Experts Say

Man Treated for Ebola in Atlanta Now 'Free' of the Virus

Many Americans Harbor Unfounded Fears About Ebola Outbreak: Survey

Many Americans Still Haven't Gotten a Flu Shot

Many Hospitals Ineffectively Treat Bloodstream Infections, Study Suggests

Many STDs May Go Undiagnosed, U.S. Report Finds

Many U.S. Hospitals Fall Short in Preventing Infections

Many With Hepatitis C Missing Out on Treatment, Study Finds

Many Young Americans With HIV Delay Treatment: Study

Measles Cases Linked to U.S. Adoptions of Chinese Children: CDC

Measles Journey Highlights Risk to Unvaccinated Kids

Measles on Upswing Despite Vaccines' Effectiveness: CDC

MERS Not Yet a Public Health Emergency: WHO

MERS Virus Did Not Spread in 2 U.S. Cases: Health Officials

MERS Virus Doesn't Seem to Spread Easily, Study Finds

MERS Virus Found in Air in Camel Barn

MERS Virus That Threatens Humans Also Found in Camels

Mice Study Sees Link Between Gut Bacteria, Immune Cell Production

Monkey Trial Supports Ebola Drug That May Have Helped 2 Stricken Americans

More Drug-Resistant Infections Seen in U.S. Children

More Evidence Breast-Feeding Lowers Child's Risk of Infections, Allergies

More Evidence That HPV Vaccine Might Lower Cervical Cancer Risk

More Global Help Needed to Fight Ebola Outbreak

More Measles Cases Seen in January Than in Typical Year: CDC

Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus May Be Headed for U.S.

Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus Still a Concern for American Travelers: CDC

Most States Not Ready to Handle Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Report

Mouse Study Suggests Antibiotics May Aid Salmonella's Spread in Animals

Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Strikes Kids in California

N.Y., N.J. Ease Ebola Quarantines

Nearly 3 Million Americans Living With Hepatitis C

Nearly 5 Percent of Young U.S. Women Have Chlamydia: CDC

New Antibiotic May Combat Resistant Bacteria

New Clues to How Colds Can Spur Asthma Attacks

New Clues to Link Between MS Drug Tysabri and Rare Brain Disease

New Drug for Chagas Disease Disappoints in 1st Human Trial

New Ebola Cases Top 700 in Just One Week, Officials Report

New York City Ebola Patient in Stable Condition

New York, New Jersey to Quarantine All Travelers With Ebola Contacts

New York's JFK Airport Begins Screening Passengers for Ebola

Newer Pneumonia Vaccine for Kids Beats Older Version: Study

No CDC Lab Workers Seem Sickened by Anthrax: Report

No New Ebola Infections in Dallas: CDC

Novel Ebola Vaccine Shows Potential in Monkey Trial

Nurse Nina Pham Heading Home After Beating Ebola

NYC Doctor Now Ebola-Free, May Be Discharged Tuesday From Hospital

NYC Doctor With Ebola Shows Signs of Improvement

NYC Ebola Patient Passing Time in Isolation Playing Banjo: Reports

Obama Appoints 'Ebola Czar'

Obama Considers Tighter Ebola Screening for Travelers From West Africa

Obama Steps Up Aid to Fight Ebola in West Africa

Obama Urges Calm in Ebola Scare, Opposes Travel Ban

Obese More Likely to Survive Serious Bloodstream Infection

Offices With Open Floor Plans Tied to More Sick Days

Officials Designate 35 Ebola Treatment Centers

Officials Report First Confirmed Child Death Due to Enterovirus D68

Older Antibiotic Still Works Against Staph Infections, Study Finds

One Tick Bite Can Equal Two Infections

Only 1 in 3 HIV-Infected Black Americans Gets Effective Treatment: Study

On-time Use of Routine Vaccine Keeps Kids Out of Hospital

Oral HPV Infection Lasts Longer in Older Men, Study Finds

Orbactiv Approved for Drug-Resistant Skin Infections

Parents Want Children in Day Care to Be Vaccinated: Poll

Partial HPV Vaccine Series May Help Prevent Genital Warts in Girls

Passengers From Ebola-Affected Countries Must Land at Designated U.S. Airports

Pediatricians Urge Flu Vaccine for All Kids 6 Months and Older

People With HIV May Be at Lower Risk for Multiple Sclerosis

Persistent Cough in Kids Can Often Be Whooping Cough

Pets Can Carry Same 'Superbug' Strains as Their Owners: Study

Potential Clue to Ebola Treatments Uncovered, Researchers Say

Preemies May Have Stronger Immune Systems Than Suspected

Pregnant Women May Be More Vulnerable to Potentially Dangerous Infection: Study

President's Panel Calls for More Girls, Boys to Get HPV Vaccine

Preventing Tick Bites

Public Restrooms No Germier Than Your Home, Study Finds

Rabies Shots for Dogs Would Save People in Developing Countries: Study

Rare Virus Discovered in Common Tick

Report Questions Effectiveness of Flu Meds

Report: Fewer U.S. Hospitalizations for Hepatitis A

Researchers Closer to Test for Human Form of 'Mad Cow' Disease

Researchers Discover How Bacteria Resist Antibiotics in Hospitals

Researchers Explore New Target for Malaria Vaccine

Researchers Probe Why Colds Are More Likely in Winter

Respiratory Virus Hitting Kids in at Least 12 States

Restaurants Pose Double the Risk of Food Poisoning Compared to Homes: Study

Restroom Hand Dryers Spread More Germs Than Paper Towels, Study Finds

Safe, Successful Kidney Dialysis Possible in Ebola Patients

Salmonella Cases Dip in U.S., But Food Poisoning Rates Remain High

Same Meningitis Strain Behind Drexel, Princeton Outbreaks: CDC

Scientists Explore How Fecal Transplant Eases Tough Infection

Scientists Map DNA of Deadly Fungus

Scientists Snipped HIV Out of Human DNA

Scope of Ebola Outbreak May Be Greater Than Statistics Show: WHO

Scratch From Pet Rat Kills Child; CDC Warns of Risk

Screening Test Finds Drugs That Show Promise Against Ebola

Seals, Sea Lions Helped Global Spread of TB, Study Finds

Second Health Care Worker in Dallas Tests Positive for Ebola

Shingles Vaccine Still Effective After Chemotherapy

Single-Dose, Injected Flu Treatment Shows Promise

Sivextro Approved for Severe Skin Infections

Some Home Tattoo Kits Recalled Due to Infection Risk

Some Women Need Tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Experts Say

Spaceflight Might Weaken Astronauts' Immune Systems

States May Be Getting Stricter on Child Vaccine Exemptions

'Sterile' Urine May Be a Myth

Studies Link Cold Sore Virus to Alzheimer's Risk

Study Adds to Signs Linking HIV to Heart Trouble

Study Finds Drop in Kids' Hospital-Related Infections

Study Finds Hospital Patients Don't Wash Their Hands Enough

Study Probes Link Between Early Antibiotic Use, Asthma

Study Sheds Light on How Immune System Works in Infants

Study Shows Men Can Get Oral HPV Infection From Women

Study Suggests Link Between E-Cigarettes, Respiratory Infections

Study Suggests Why Pregnant Women Get Sicker From Flu

Study Ties Colds, Flu to Rare Risk of Stroke in Kids

Study Uncovers Vultures' Gastronomical Secrets

Study: Recalled Yogurt Tied to Fungus Infections

Swine Flu From 2009 Pandemic Also Struck Sea Otters: Study

Syphilis Cases Climbing Among Gay Men: CDC

Tamiflu Cuts 1 Day Off Average Flu Bout, Study Finds

TB Rates Among Children May Be Higher Than Estimated

Texas Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola in Preliminary Check

Texas Health Care Worker With Ebola Took Commercial Flight on Monday: CDC

Texas Health Care Worker With Ebola Took Commercial Flight on Monday: CDC

Texas Hospital Worker Tests Positive for Ebola

Texas Infant Dies of Legionnaires' Disease After 'Water Birth'

The Salk Polio Vaccine: A Medical Miracle Turns 60

There's No Ebola Cure, But Early Intensive Treatment Boosts Survival

There's Still Time to Get a Flu Shot

Think You're Allergic to Penicillin? Maybe Not

Third U.S. Aid Worker Infected With Ebola Arrives in Nebraska

Third U.S. Man Tests Positive for MERS Virus, CDC Reports

Those With HIV Living Longer, International Study Finds

Tick Exposure Can Occur in a Minute in Infested Areas

Tire Company Sets Standard for Ebola Care in Liberia: CDC

Tobacco Tied to Higher Risk of Oral HPV Infection, Study Finds

Too Few Teens Receive HPV Shot, CDC Says

Trials of Experimental Ebola Therapies to Begin

Trust Is Key to Curbing West Africa Ebola Outbreak, Study Finds

Two Americans With Ebola Will Be Evacuated to United States

Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults May Carry HPV

U.S. Ebola Patient Gets Hospital Visit From Wife, Son

U.S. Health Officials Resist Ban on Travel From West Africa

U.S. Hospitals Overuse, Misuse Antibiotics, CDC Says

U.S. Launches Ebola Vaccine Trial

U.S. Measles Cases at 20-Year High

U.S. Measles Outbreak Now Numbers 87 Cases

U.S. Preparing Tighter Infection Controls for Ebola Patients: Report

U.S. Traveler Returning From Africa Has Lassa Fever, CDC Says

U.S. Troops Arrive in Ebola-Ravaged Liberia

Ulcer Bacteria Tied to Lower Multiple Sclerosis Risk in Women

Unwanted Germs Can Land, Last Inside Jetliners

Vaccination Can Cut Rates of Common Infection in Infants

Vaginal Gel Might Prevent HIV Hours After Exposure

Vinegar May Be Cheap, Safe Way to Kill TB Germ

Virus Present at Birth Causes More Than 10 Percent of Hearing-Loss Cases in Kids

Viruses May Play Role in Crohn's Disease, Colitis: Study

Vitamin D May Not Prevent Return of Women's Infection After All

Walking May Be Good Medicine for Kidney Patients

West African Leaders Plead for More Ebola Aid

West Nile Virus Has Cost U.S. Nearly $800 Million: CDC

When Colds, Flu Lead to Complications in Kids

Where Ebola Battles Are Won

White House Presses N.Y., N.J. to Rethink Ebola Quarantines

WHO Admits Botched Response to Ebola in Africa

WHO Experts Give Nod to Using Untested Ebola Drugs

WHO Urges Screening of Travelers to Contain Ebola Outbreak

Whooping Cough Vaccine Rates During Pregnancy Fall Short: CDC

Whooping Cough Vaccine Seems Safe in Pregnancy, Study Finds

Windshield Washer Fluid May Be Source of Legionnaires' Disease

With Western Medicine, Ebola May Have Met Its Match

World War I Soldier Gives New Clues to Fighting Dysentery

Xtoro Approved for Swimmer's Ear

You're Unlikely to Get a Skin Infection From a Spider's Bite, Review Finds


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