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1 in 5 Younger Americans Tested for HIV

22 percent for females and 16 percent for males, CDC says

Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Proteins Tied to Poor Sleep in Study

Research hints at 'vicious cycle' connected to dementia

Breast-feeding May Lower Risk of Childhood Leukemia: Study

It's one more potential benefit for breast-fed babies, research suggests

Cancer Patient's Health Affected by Spouse's Mood

A depressed caregiver raises odds of depression in ill loved one, too, study shows

Cholesterol Drugs May Boost Outcomes After Bypass

People taking a statin had lower risk of dying in weeks after the heart surgery, researchers say

Could Type 2 Diabetes Shield Against ALS?

Study suggests a potential link, but researchers can't explain it

Do Certain Medicines Raise Murder Risk?

European study of homicides finds antidepressants not strongly linked to violence, but painkillers may be

Genetic Differences Seen in Younger Colon Cancer Patients

New research suggests different treatment may be warranted

Health Highlights: June 1, 2015
  • Airline Passengers Quarantined in Hong Kong Over MERS Fears

Health Highlights: June 2, 2015
  • Two MERS Deaths in South Korea

  • Large Increases in Hospital Charges for Common Procedures

  • Meat With Fewer Antibiotics to be Served in U.S. Government Cafeterias

Health Tip: Check for Ticks

After you come from outside

Health Tip: Factors That May Lead to Weight Gain

They include access to unhealthy foods

Health Tip: Keeping a Preemie Safe in a Car Seat

Suggestions for safer travel

Health Tip: Sleeping With Chronic Pain

Suggestions for a more restful night

High-Fat Diet May Raise Prostate Cancer Death Risk

In study, patients who ate typical 'Western' fare had more than twice the odds of dying from the disease

Lifts, Tucks Often Follow Weight-Loss Surgery, Study Finds

Increases reported for both types of procedures

Money-Dependent Spouse May Be More Likely to Cheat

Threat to their masculinity explains why men might stray, researcher says

Most Teens Seek Health Info Online: Survey

Yet parents remain adolescents' No. 1 source of information

Tougher Alcohol Laws for Adults May Also Lower Teen Drinking

Study found states that limited access for all had lower teen drinking rates

U.S. Organ-Donor System Needs Overhaul: Study

It's time to reward people willing to save a stranger, experts say