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Getting Exercise
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Exercise: Before Starting an Exercise Program, Designing an Exercise Program, Risks of Physical Inactivity, Have a Hearty Workout for Your Heart, Strength Training and Heart Disease, Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Heart, How Much Exercise Is Enough?, Exercise Goals for Healthy Living, Exercise for the Seriously Unfit, Stay Fit When You Have a Health Challenge, Prime Times to Exercise, Maximize Your Exercise Time, Bench These Six Exercise Excuses, Fitness Goals Provide Motivation
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Did You Know? You don't need a large chunk of time for a workout, and, in fact, several short sessions of exercise appear to be better for your blood pressure. That's the conclusion of a 2006 study in the Journal of Hypertension. Researchers found that taking four short (10-minute) walks helped reduce blood pressure more effectively in people with pre-hypertension than one long (40-minute) walk.