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Environmental Concerns Led to Jump in Cost of Asthma Inhalers: Study

Gene May Play Part in How Kids Respond to Asthma Meds: Study

'Green' Public Housing May Help Families Breathe Easier

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Health Tip: Live Better With Asthma

Health Tip: When Air Is Unhealthy

Host of Factors Influence Baby's Immune System

Kids May Be More Likely to Get Asthma if Grandma Smoked While Pregnant: Study

Kids With Asthma, Allergies May Face Higher Heart Risk Factors: Study

Losing Weight May Ease Asthma in Obese People

Many Kids With Asthma Also Sensitive to Peanuts: Study

Many Parents Who Smoke Expose Kids to Fumes at Home

Moldy Homes May Mean More Asthma in Young Kids

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Prenatal Acetaminophen Use Tied to Higher Asthma Risk in Kids: Study

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Prescription Drug Use on the Rise in U.S.

Remote Amazon Tribe Members Have Greater Germ Diversity in Their Bodies

Secondhand Smoke May Double Risk of Hospitalization for Kids With Asthma

Smog Threatens Visitors to U.S. National Parks: Report

Soy Supplements Won't Ease Asthma, Study Finds

Study Ties Autism Risk to Prenatal Exposure to Asthma Drugs

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Vitamin D Won't Guard Against Colds in People With Asthma

Weight-Loss Surgery Might Reduce Serious Asthma Flare-Ups

Women Hospitalized for Asthma More Often Than Men

Women With Asthma May Be Prone to Fertility Problems: Study

Work-Related Asthma Affects Millions of U.S. Adults: CDC