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1 in 3 American Adults Owns a Gun, Survey Finds

1 in 3 Americans Drinks Sugary Soda or Juice Daily: CDC

1 in 5 Teens May Be Bullied on Social Media

3 Steps May Boost Healthier Eating

A Man's Meat Intake Might Influence His Fertility: Study

A New Health Perk for Coffee Drinkers?

A Valentine's Kiss Is Just a Kiss -- Or Is It?

ADHD May Hamper Social Relationships Early in Life

ADHD May Have Different Effects on Brains of Boys and Girls

ADHD Tied to Obesity Risk for Girls, Study Contends

Adults With Autism Fare Poorly in Job Interviews, Study Finds

Americans' Risk of Dying From Cancer Is Falling, CDC Finds

Anti-Rape Program Halved Number of Campus Assaults: Study

Are We Programmed to Overeat in Winter?

As U.S. Smoking Rate Drops, Smokers More Likely to Quit: Study

At Dutch Euthanasia Clinic, Requests From People 'Tired of Living'

Autism Behaviors May Differ in Boys and Girls

Autism May Differ in Brains of Boys and Girls

Back-to-School Tips for Healthy Teeth

Beats Common to All Music May Bring People Together

Bedtime Texting May Be Hazardous to Teens' Health

Being Mindful May Guard Against Belly Fat

Best Friends May Help Poor Kids Succeed

Better Diets May Be Extending Americans' Lives

Biking, Walking to Work Can Help Shed Pounds

Bonding With Others May Be Crucial for Long-Term Health

Boys Victims of Dating Violence, Too

Brain Cells in Mice May Reveal Clues to Your Sighs

Brain Chemical Dopamine May Boost Risk-Taking in Healthy People

Brain Injury Linked to Raised Risk of Road Rage

Breast Concerns May Sideline Many Teen Girls From Sports

Bullied Teens at Risk for Later Depression, Study Finds

Bullying Can Turn Victims Into Bullies

Caffeine Intake -- Even Dad's -- Linked to Miscarriage, Study Says

California Right-to-Die Measure Could Soon Become Law

Can Too Much Sitting Make You Anxious?

Canadian Teens Trying E-Cigarettes as Often as Cigarettes: Study

Candidates With More 'Mature' Faces May Get Older People's Votes

Candy-Flavored E-Cigarette Ads Appeal to Young: Study

Car Crash Risk Doubles for New Users of Sleeping Pills, Study Finds

'Cash for Lower Cholesterol' Program Works With Doc-Patient Teams

CDC: Too Few Schools Teach Prevention of HIV, STDs, Pregnancy

Cell Calls, Texts Can Distract Even If Unanswered

Certain Jobs Hazardous to Your Heart Health, Study Finds

Chantix Study Finds Little Evidence to Support Suicidal, Criminal Warnings

Charlie Sheen's HIV Announcement Sparked Interest in Disease: Study

Chronic Drinking Plus Binge Drinking Spurs Rapid Liver Damage in Mouse Study

Clubs, Adult Support Can Help Kids Stay Slim

College Kids Don't Understand the HPV Threat

Common Sports, Hobbies Often Popular Among People With Autism

Consistent Self-Weighing Might Give Your Diet a Boost

Contagious Yawning Is for the Birds, Scientists Say

Cost a Barrier to Healthier Diets for Diabetic Kids, Study Shows

Could a Texting App Help Your Heart?

Could Brain Stimulation Be a Way to Weight Loss?

Could Genetics Be Key to a Nation's Happiness?

Could Lots of Time Spent on Social Media Be Tied to Depression?

Could That Before-Dinner Drink Make You Eat More?

Could There Be a 'Quit-Smoking' Gene?

Could Too Much Cellphone Time Signal Anxiety, Depression?

Could Young Men's Low Heart Rate Predict Violent Crime?

Cracking Knuckles Sets Off 'Fireworks' on Ultrasound

Crave Coffee Too Much? Talk Therapy May Help

Daily Smartphone Use Might Offer Clues to Depression

Daredevil at 20, Scam Victim at 70? What Being a Risk-Taker May Mean to You

Daylight Saving Time Tied to Brief Spike in Stroke Risk

Depression May Intensify Anger in Veterans With PTSD: Study

Depression More Common in Kids Who Join Gangs, Study Finds

Desperate for Shut-Eye?

Despite Advances, Type 2 Diabetics Still Face Elevated Death Risk: Study

Diabetes Rates Fall in Neighborhoods With Healthy Food, Parks and Gyms

Diet Sodas May Not Help You Lose Weight, Study Contends

'Difficult' Patients Tend to Get Worse Care, Studies Find

Distractions Make Alcohol Even More Dangerous for Drivers

Do Men 'Eat to Impress' When a Woman's Around?

Do More 'Selfies' Mean More Relationship Woes?

Do People Transmit Happiness by Smell?

Do the Seasons Affect How We Think?

Doctor-Patient Relationship May Suffer When Technology Takes Over: Study

Doctors' Body Language May Hint at Racial Bias

Doctors Choose Less Aggressive Care at End of Life, Studies Reveal

Doctor's Empathy Boosts Patient Satisfaction

Does Exercise Help or Hinder Your Diet?

Does Facebook Lead Young Women to Dangerous Diets?

Does Mom's Cellphone Startle the Fetus?

Dogs Read Faces Much Like Humans Do, Study Finds

Dogs' Sloppy Drinking Style Actually the Model of Efficiency: Study

Drug May Calm Agitation in Alzheimer's Patients

Ebola Linked to Rise in Malaria Deaths in Guinea

E-Pillboxes Improve Medication Adherence, Study Finds

Even Light Hookah Use May Cause Airway Problems

Evening Snacking Might Raise Odds for Breast Cancer's Return

Expectant Mothers' Lifestyle May Influence Child's Later Weight

FDA Proposes Ban on 'Shock' Device Used to Curb Self-Harm

Feeling Old? Your Risk for Hospitalization May Rise

Female Bosses May Not Push Pay Parity

Fewer Young Men Fathering Children Outside of Marriage: CDC

Fidgeting Might Be Good for Your Health

Financial Incentives Don't Spur Employee Weight Loss, Study Finds

For Gay Children, Bullying Begins Early, Happens Often: Study

For Teens, Late Bedtime May Lead to Weight Gain

Former Problem Drinkers Find It Tricky to Navigate Social Settings: Study

Free Nicotine Patches by Mail May Help Smokers Quit

Frequent Monitoring May Keep Alcohol Offenders Sober

Frequent School Changes Linked to Poorer Performance

Funny Thing About Humor: It May Be in Your Genes

Gene Mutation May Be Tied to Drunken Recklessness

Genetic Tests May Not Change People's Unhealthy Ways

Girls Lose Friends for Having Sex But Boys Don't, Study Shows

Go Ahead and Cry, You'll Feel Better

Grades May Sink for Girls Who Are Compulsive Texters

Graphic Warnings May Work Best to Keep Women From Tanning Beds

Gratitude May Be Key to Wedded Bliss

Group Singalongs Could Be a Quick Icebreaker

Guys, Want to Be a Leader? Muscle Up

Have Scientists Found 'Virginity Genes'?

Health Tip: Are Bad Habits Triggering Weight Gain?

Health Tip: Coping With Disaster

Health Tip: Cutting Down on Kids' Screen Time

Health Tip: Dealing With a Disrespectful Child

Health Tip: Dealing With Feelings of Loneliness

Health Tip: Don't Bite Your Nails

Health Tip: Don't Use Food as a Reward

Health Tip: End Nail Biting

Health Tip: Evaluating Your Environment

Health Tip: Factors That May Lead to Weight Gain

Health Tip: Help College Kids Have Healthy Ambition

Health Tip: Help Kids Succeed at School

Health Tip: Help Your Child Kick a Bad Habit

Health Tip: Invest in Your Health

Health Tip: Keeping Anger in Check

Health Tip: Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Health Tip: Let Kids Learn in the Kitchen

Health Tip: Plan Family Meals and Exercise

Health Tip: Plan for a Healthier Lifestyle

Health Tip: Teach Kids About Gratitude

Health Tip: Teach Kids to Protect Themselves

Health Tip: When a Child Sucks the Thumb

Health Tip: When to Call the Pediatrician About Tantrums

Health Warning Labels Might Help Parents Skip the Soda Aisle

Healthy Diet May Help Shield the Aging Brain

Healthy Lifestyle May Boost Colon Cancer Survival

Healthy-Eating Tots Still Like Junk Food

Heart Disease, Alzheimer's Linked by Common Risk Factors

Heating, Cooking Are Top Contributors to Air-Pollution Deaths Worldwide

Heavy Drinking Linked to Greater Risk for Alcohol-Related Cancers

Heavy Pot Use Tied to Social, Money Troubles in Mid-Life

Heavy Waiters, Waitresses May Prompt Bigger Orders: Study

Heed the Warning Signs of Teen Suicide, Experts Say

Here's Your Chance to Stop Smoking

Hiding Tobacco Displays in Stores Might Lower Kids' Smoking Rates

High-Fat Diet May Raise Prostate Cancer Death Risk

Hormones May Spur Rash Choices on Stock Exchange

How Parents Add to Math Anxiety

How to Tell If Your Teen Has a Mental Health Problem

Human Brains Aren't Distinctly Male or Female, Study Says

Humans Are Masters of High-Quality Sleep

Illegal Hits Play Big Role in Youth Ice Hockey Concussions: Study

Impulsive, Agitated Behaviors May Be Warning Signs for Suicide

Influential Students Effective at Bully Prevention, Study Finds

Is Brain Wiring to Blame for Some Teens' Bad Behavior?

Jealousy Can Drive Some to Problem Drinking, Study Suggests

Jumbo Portions Lead to Overeating, Study Confirms

Keeping Fit May Halve Seniors' Heart Failure Risk

Kicking the Nail-Biting Habit

Kids Meals, Toys and TV Ads Add Up to Frequent Fast Food: Study

Kids Who Take ADHD Meds More Likely to Be Bullied, Study Finds

Kids With Mental Ills Often Treated Solely by Primary Care Doctors

Lazy Weekends May Boost Body Fat, Study Shows

Light From Smartphones, Tablets May Lower Sleep Hormone in Kids

Loose Bristles From Grill-Cleaning Brushes May Pose Dangers

Low Birth Weight Tied to Higher Type 2 Diabetes Risk Decades Later

Main Dishes May Fall Flat After Stellar Appetizers

Making Sense of the Email Avalanche

Many Cancer Survivors Eat Poorly, Study Finds

Many Disney-Goers Happy to Skip the Fries

Many Don't Tell Docs About Using Alternative Therapies for Pain

Many Manly Men Avoid Needed Health Care

Many Men Have Body Image Issues, Too

Many Obese Teens Don't Think They're Fat, Study Shows

Many Parents Who Smoke Expose Kids to Fumes at Home

Many Pet Owners Happy to Have Fido, Fluffy Share the Bed

Many U.S. Adults Sext, and It May Even Help Some Relationships

Many U.S. Adults Think Kids' Health Is Worse Today

Many U.S. Women Still Smoke Before, During Pregnancy: Report

Medical Marijuana Ads May Prompt Pot Use Among Teens

'Medical Marijuana' Pill Falls Short in Dementia Study

Men in Red May Seem Aggressive, Angry

Men Should Be Screened for Osteoporosis, Too

Men Who Feel Less Masculine May Be More Violent, Study Finds

Mental Health Problems in Childhood Linked to Adult Woes

Mental Illness Afflicts Many Juveniles in Jail

Mentally Ill Inmates Prone to Violence After Release: Study

Mexico's Soda Tax Linked to Reduced Consumption

Millennials More Accepting of Working Moms Than Past Generations

Millennials More Tolerant, Less Promiscuous Than Their Parents

Millennials Turning Their Backs on Religion

Millions of Teens Exposed to E-Cigarette Ads: CDC

Mindfulness Therapy May Help Ease Recurrent Depression

Mineral Supplement: Wild Chimps May Eat Clay for Health

'Moderate'Drinking Might Harm Older People's Hearts: Study

Money Doesn't Buy 'Tweeners' Self-Esteem

Money-Dependent Spouse May Be More Likely to Cheat

More Evidence Gay Parents Raise Well-Adjusted Kids

More Evidence That Poor Sleep Could Lower Teens' Grades

More Young Americans Support Gay Adoption: Survey

Most Americans Still Not Using Sunscreen

Most Americans Turn to Prayer for Healing, Survey Finds

Most Contact Lens Wearers Take Chances With Their Eyes: CDC

Most Physical Activity Helps You Sleep Better

Most Teens' Physical Activity Occurs at School

Nagging Your Kids About Weight Might Backfire

Noisy Electronic Toys May Hamper Babies' Verbal Skills

'Novice Driver' Car Decals Don't Cut Crash Rates: Study

Office Workers, On Your Feet!

Once-a-Week Sex Makes for Happy Couples: Study

Online Anti-Drinking Aids May Not Help Over Long Term

Optimistic Outlook May Boost Hispanics' Heart Health

Order in Which Food Is Eaten May Affect Type 2 Diabetics' Blood Sugar

Others' Drug, Alcohol Use May Trigger Bad Behavior in Teens

'Overwhelming' Evidence That Same-Sex Parenting Won't Harm Kids

Oxytocin 'Love Hormone' Nasal Spray Shows Promise in Kids With Autism

Painkiller Overdoses Often Involve 'Pharmacy Shopping'

Paintball, BB Guns Can Severely Injure Kids, Study Finds

Pair Gamblers Anonymous With Other Treatments for Best Results

Parents Can Take Steps to Help Make Homework Less Stressful

Parents' Depression, Anxiety May Contribute to Kids' Fussy Eating

Parents Keep Too Tight a Leash on Teens' Health Care: Survey

Parents, Stop Hovering: 'Risky' Play May Have Benefits for Kids

Peer Pressure May Have a Silver Lining

People Gamble More When They Think Things Are 'Going Their Way'

People May Eat More of a Food That's Labeled 'Healthy'

Poor Health as Teen, Poor Job Prospects Later, Study Suggests

Poor Sleep? Eating Less at Night May Make Next Day Easier

Positive Outlook May Help Heart Disease Patients Heal

Pot Smokers Susceptible to Other Addictions, Study Finds

Psychological Disorders Affect 1 in 7 U.S. Kids Under 9: CDC

Psychopaths May Not Yawn Along With You

Race Not Tied to Threat of Second Stroke, Study Finds

Regular Pot Use as Teen Not Tied to Long-Term Health Problems: Study

Relax, Parents, Your Teen's Moodiness Should Subside, Study Finds

Research May Help Spot Soldiers at Risk for Workplace Violence

Researchers Pinpoint Brain Region That Manages Multistep Tasks

Right Neighborhood May Mean 90 Extra Minutes of Exercise a Week

Same-Sex Intimacy Nearly Three Times More Common for Women: CDC

School Breakfast Programs Vital, Even if Some Kids Also Eat at Home

Scientists Debunk 'Dumb Blonde' Myth

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Behavior Issues in Kids

Secret to Staying Slim May Be as Close as Your Fruit Bowl

Self-Driving Cars Will Still Need Limits for Teens, Survey Finds

Sender Often Focus of Mobile Tweets, Study Says

Sense of Purpose in Life May Boost Longevity, Heart Health

Settling the Back-to-School Jitters

Sex Lives Best When Couples Share Child Care Duties, Survey Shows

Sexting, Internet Safety for Kids Big Concerns in Survey

Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Seems Good for Teen Hearts: Study

Single and Happy? Your View on Relationships May Be Key

Sitting for Hours May Raise Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Six Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Sleep Cycle Changes May Affect Your Health

Sleepy Teens Are Risk-Taking Teens

Small Talk Can Boost Business Deals for Men, Study Says

Smoke Weed in College and Your Grades May Go to Pot

Smokers May Be Less Likely to Vote

Social Groups May Lengthen Retirees' Lives

Social Life in Youth May Impact Health Decades Later

Social Life May Be Key to Suicide Prevention for Women

Some College Kids Spend a Fifth of Class Time on Digital Devices

Special Diets, Supplements Not Always Helpful for Kids With Autism

Spiders' Size Exagerrated in Minds of Those Who Fear Them

Stand, Don't Sit, to Get Healthier, Researchers Say

Standing All Day at Work? It May Take Toll on Health

'Standing Desks' in Classrooms May Kickstart Kids' Activity

State Anti-Bullying Laws May Lead to Fewer Bullied Kids

Sticks, Not Carrots, May Work Best to Boost Employees' Health

Stressed at Work? Try 'Natural' Sounds to Relax

Stressed Teens May Face Higher Diabetes Risk as Adults: Study

Stress-Prone Teen Males May Be at Risk of High Blood Pressure Later

Stroke Tied to Long-Term Mental Decline

Study Counters Stereotypes About Native Americans and Alcohol

Study Questions Findings That Prolonged Sitting Is Unhealthy

Study Shows Arthritis' Toll on Work, Social Life

Study Shows Just How Big a Role Cellphones Play in Car Crashes

Study Ties Parents' Criticism to Persistent ADHD in Kids

Sufficient Sleep, Exercise May Help Keep Stroke at Bay

Sugary Drinks Tied to Increase in Deep Belly Fat

Summer Is High Time for College Kids Trying Illegal Substances

Sun Exposure in Teen Years May Delay Onset of MS: Study

Talk Therapy May Help Depressed Teens Who Shun Antidepressants

'Talk Therapy' May Help Persistent Sleeplessness

Teen Weapon Use Varies by Race and Gender: Study

Teens Copy Parents' Smoking: Study

Teens Do Listen to Parents' Advice About Sex: Study

Teens' IQ Drop Can't Be Blamed Solely on Pot: Study

Teens More Cautious About Sex When Parents Set Rules, Study Finds

Texting After Dark May Harm Teens' Sleep, Grades

The Health Risks Posed by Mindless Munching

The High Price of Untreated Insomnia

The Keys to an Effective Apology

The 'Not Face' Needs No Translation

Think Genes Drive Obesity? You May Eat Less Healthy

Think More Sex Will Make You Happier? Think Again

Time Spent Sitting May Not Affect Diet, Study Suggests

Tips on Making the 'Great American Smokeout' Work for You

Too Much 'Feel Good' Brain Chemical May Trigger Social Phobia

Too Much Social Media Could Mess Up Your Sleep, Study Finds

Too Much TV Linked to Leading Causes of Death

Too Much TV While Younger May Hamper Middle-Aged Brain

Tougher Alcohol Laws for Adults May Also Lower Teen Drinking

Trying E-Cigarettes May Lead to Smoking, Study Suggests

U.S. Autism Rate Unchanged at 1 in 68 Kids: CDC

U.S. Hospitals May Often Miss Signs of Child Abuse

U.S. Hospitals Seeing More Kids With Self-Inflicted Injuries

U.S. Kids Not Drinking Enough Water Each Day

U.S. Suicide Rate Up 24 Percent Since 1999: CDC

Underage Drinking Down in Past Decade

Use of E-Cigarettes, Hookahs Rising Among Hispanics, Study Says

Very High-Calorie Diets Show How Overeating May Lead to Diabetes

Video Games Linked to Aggression, Psychologists' Group Says

'Wandering' a Hazard for More Than a Third of Kids With Autism

What Parents Can Do to Promote Good Dental Health

What Works Best to Curb a Preschooler's Bad Behaviors?

When Do Kids Learn 'Fairness'? Culture May Matter, Study Finds

Which Candidate? Study Examines the Voter's Brain

Why Do More Women Than Men Have Weight-Loss Surgery?

Why Heart Failure Patients Often Get Too Little Exercise

Will a Sit-Stand Desk Make You Healthier?

Wives Worry, Husbands Get Frustrated When Problems Arise

Women in Cardiac Arrest May Be Less Likely to Receive Help

Women Starting to Match Men's Drinking Habits, Study Finds

Workaholics May Face Higher Stroke Risk: Study

Workday Breaks Help Employees Reboot, Researchers Say

Young Athletes Pressured by Parents May Resort to 'Doping'

Young People More Likely to Text While Driving If Friends Do: Study

'Yo-Yo' Dieting Won't Raise Cancer Risk, Study Finds