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150 People May Have Had Contact With Lassa Fever Victim: CDC

25 Million U.S. Adults Struggle With Daily Pain

2nd U.S. Ice Cream Maker Pulls All Products After Listeria Threat

5 Babies at Illinois Day Center Diagnosed With Measles

58 Million Americans Exposed to Secondhand Smoke: CDC

About 1 in 7 Older Adults Has Some Form of Lung Disease: CDC

Adult Obesity Still Growing in U.S., Youth Rates Hold Steady: CDC

Anti-Smoking Campaign Successful and Cost-Effective, CDC Says

Aspirin Use Common Among Americans With Heart Trouble

Bad Flu Season Continues to Take Toll, Especially Among the Young and Old

Better Control of Drug-Resistant Germs Could Save Thousands of Lives: CDC

Bird Flu Poses Little Threat to People: CDC

Calif. Measles Outbreak May Be Coming to a Close

California Declares Measles Outbreak Over

California Reports No New Measles Cases Since Last Update

CDC Endorses Circumcision for Health Reasons

CDC Lab Worker Has No Sign of Ebola Infection, Agency Says

CDC Monitors Lab Worker for Possible Ebola Exposure

CDC Tweaking Flu Vaccine for Better Protection

CDC Warns of Listeria Danger From Caramel Apples

CDC: 1 in 10 Children Diagnosed With ADHD

CDC: Child Autism Rate Now 1 in 45 After Survey Method Changes

Company to Destroy 265 Tons of Ice Cream Over Listeria Concerns

Coping Tips for Summer Weather Hazards

Data on Foodborne Disease Outbreaks at Your Fingertips

Despite Pockets of Resistance, Most U.S. Kids Getting Vaccinated

Doctors' Prescribing Practices Key to Curbing Painkiller Abuse: CDC

Ebola Linked to Rise in Malaria Deaths in Guinea

Ebola Outbreak May Have Led to Almost 11,000 More Malaria Deaths: Study

Ebola Survivors Face Critical Problems

E-Cigarette Use Highest Among Young Adults, U.S. Report Finds

E-Cigarette Use Triples Among U.S. Teens in 1 Year

ERs Often 'Safety Net' Care for People With Schizophrenia: CDC

Fall-Related Deaths Nearly Doubled for U.S. Seniors Since 2000

Fatal ODs From Narcotic Painkillers Have Tripled in U.S.

FDA Tightens Rules on Endoscopes Tied to 'Superbug' Outbreaks

Fewer Bars and Liquor Stores, Less Domestic Violence: CDC

Fewer U.S. Hospitals Send New Moms Home With Formula

Fewer Young Men Fathering Children Outside of Marriage: CDC

Flu Shot May Offer Less Protection This Winter: CDC

Healthier School Meals Offered Across U.S., Feds Find

Heroin Overdose Deaths Quadrupled Since 2000

Hospital Infection Rates Falling, But More Improvement Needed: CDC

Ice Cream Maker Pulls All Products After Listeria Outbreak

Indoor Tanning Rates Decline As Cancer Warnings Mount

Indoor Tanning Tied to Burns, Fainting, Eye Injuries: Study

Injury Toll in U.S. in 2013: $671 Billion

It's Time for Your Flu Shot

Kids at Growing Risk of Deadly 'Superbug' Infection: Study

'Kids' Diseases' Now Hitting Adults

Latest Measles Count: 121 Cases in 17 States and D.C.

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Risk of Preterm Birth in Study

Low-Income Southerners at Highest Risk for Vision Loss

Lyme Disease in U.S. Is Under-Reported, CDC Says

Many States Still in Flu's Grip, But Some Areas Report Declines

Many U.S. Men With Depression, Anxiety Don't Get Treated, CDC Finds

Measles Cases Continue to Rise Across the United States

Measles Cases Pass 150 Mark, CDC Says

Microneedle Patch Might Boost Global Measles Vaccination Rates

Millions of U.S. Kids Still Can Buy 'Harmful' E-Cigarettes: CDC

More Could Benefit from HIV Prevention Pill Truvada

More Measles Cases Seen in January Than in Typical Year: CDC

Most Americans Still Not Using Sunscreen

Most Contact Lens Wearers Take Chances With Their Eyes: CDC

Most U.S. Hepatitis C Infections May Be Missed: Study

Multistate Foodborne Illness Outbreaks the Most Deadly: CDC

Nearly 1 in 10 Adults Skips Meds Due to Cost, CDC Says

Nearly 1 in 12 Americans Struggles With Depression, Study Finds

Officials Designate 35 Ebola Treatment Centers

Oil and Gas Industry Worker Death Rate Down by a Third

One-Third of Americans Have Dangerous Mix of Heart Risk Factors

Only 1 in 10 Americans Eats Enough Fruits and Veggies: CDC

Only 23 Percent Protection From This Year's Flu Vaccine

Packaged Grocery Foods Often High in Salt, Study Finds

Painkiller-Addicted Babies a Growing U.S. Concern, Especially in Fla.

Poorly Maintained Plumbing Often Leads to Legionnaires' Disease, CDC Says

Preteen Whooping Cough Vaccine Loses Strength Over Time, CDC Finds

Race Gap in Life Expectancy Is Narrowing: U.S. Study

Raw Tuna Suspected as Source of Salmonella Outbreak: CDC

Recalls of Ice Cream, Hummus Spur Listeria Warnings

Report Shows Progress in America's War on Cancer

Seniors Need 2 Pneumonia Vaccines, CDC Advisory Panel Says

Smoking Rates Continue to Drop in Many States: CDC

Stomach Bug Traced to Swimming in Contaminated Lake Water

Study Shows Arthritis' Toll on Work, Social Life

Synthetic Pot a Growing Danger, CDC Report Finds

Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia Rates Rising for First Time in Years: CDC

Teen Suicides by Hanging on the Rise Across U.S.

Teen Use of Long-Term Contraception Rising, But Remains Low

Tick Infection Epidemic Among American Indian Tribes in Arizona: CDC

Too Few U.S. Teens Getting HPV Vaccine: CDC

U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Dips Below 15 Percent: CDC

U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Falls to New Low

U.S. Agrees to Help Launch 'African CDC'

U.S. Birth Rate Hovers at All-Time Low, CDC Reports

U.S. Boy's Death Highlights Rare Mosquito-Borne Infection

U.S. Hispanics Face Unique Health Challenges, CDC Says

U.S. Making Headway Against Salmonella, E. coli: CDC

U.S. Measles Cases Now Exceed 100: CDC

U.S. Officials Pinpoint Common Sources of Foodborne Illnesses

U.S. Smoking Rate Falls to 15 Percent: CDC

U.S. Violent Crime Rate Drops Significantly Since 1980s

Vaccine Sharply Curbs Chickenpox Cases in U.S.

Viruses, Not Bacteria, Reponsible for Many Pneumonia Cases: Study

West Nile Virus Most Common Mosquito-Borne Illness in U.S.

Wider Use of Naloxone Could Cut Deaths From Drug Overdoses: CDC

Work-Related Asthma Affects Millions of U.S. Adults: CDC

Your Heart Is Likely 'Older' Than You Are