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About 7 Percent of Kids Worldwide Have ADHD: Study

Abuse in Childhood Tied to Migraines in Adulthood

ADHD Linked to Expectant Moms' Smog Exposure

ADHD May Raise Odds for Premature Death

ADHD Medications Won't Stunt Kids' Growth, Study Finds

ADHD Tied to Higher Risk of Eating Disorder in Kids and Teens

Adopted Kids' Average IQ Higher Than Non-Adopted Siblings: Study

Adults Can Pick Up Perfect Pitch, Study Shows

Aggressive Boys Stronger Than Other Teens, Study Says

Animals May Ease Social Anxiety in Children With Autism

Babies Prefer Sound of Other Babies Over Adults

Boys With Autism Show Certain Grammar Skills in Study

Brainwaves May Help Gauge Autism Severity: Study

Bullied as a Kid, Obese as a Grown-up?

Bullying May Take Bigger Toll Than Child Abuse, Neglect

CDC: 1 in 10 Children Diagnosed With ADHD

Childhood Neglect May Affect Brain Development, Study Says

Childhood Self-Control Linked to Better Job Prospects Later in Life

Childhood Trauma May Raise Odds of Asthma

Child's Popularity May Rely on Understanding Others

Clubs, Adult Support Can Help Kids Stay Slim

Coming Out at School Better for LGBT Youth, Study Finds

Counseling Beats School Suspension at Curbing Pot Use: Study

Cyberbullying Less Stressful Than In-Person Bullying, Study Claims

Cyberbullying Seems to Ramp Up in Middle School

Depression, Weapons May Be More Common for Bullied Teens

Discussing Ebola: Children Feel Safe, Calm When Adults Do, Too

Divorce May Increase Psychosomatic Symptoms in Teens: Study

Early Birth Linked to Introversion, Neuroticism in Adult Life

Eating Disorders May Start in Elementary School

Exercise May Not Ward Off Teen Depression

Family Acceptance Key to Curbing Teen Suicides, Study Shows

Family Meals May Defuse Cyberbullying's Impact, Study Says

For Gay Children, Bullying Begins Early, Happens Often: Study

Genes May Play Big Role in Academic Success, Study Suggests

'Green Space' at School May Help Kids Learn, Study Suggests

Gun Violence Takes Toll on Kids' Mental Health, Study Finds

Heed the Warning Signs of Teen Suicide, Experts Say

Helping Student-Athletes With Mental Health Issues

How Parents Can Ease Transition to First Grade

Infants Remember a Good Time, Study Finds

Kids' Risky Behaviors a Concern in Some Military Families

Know the Signs of Child Abuse

Learning Daily Skills Prepares Kids With Autism for Adult Life

Many Kids With ADHD May Be Missing Out on Talk Therapy

'Mean Boys' Rule in Middle, High School, Study Finds

Medications Plus Parent Training May Help Kids With Aggression, ADHD

Mental Health Problems in Childhood Linked to Adult Woes

Mental Health Woes Common Among Homeless Kids, Study Finds

Mental Illness Afflicts Many Juveniles in Jail

Minority Kids May Be Missed in Autism Diagnoses: Study

Moms' Pre-Pregnancy Obesity Tied to ADHD, Other Issues in Kids

More American Children Diagnosed With ADHD

Mother's Depression Tied to Later Delinquency in Kids

Music Lessons May Help Bridge 'Achievement Gap'

Overly Controlling Moms Lose Out, Study Says

Parents' Divorce May Hit Higher-Income Kids Harder

Parents, Stop Hovering: 'Risky' Play May Have Benefits for Kids

Pediatrics Group Advises Doctors on How to Spot Child Abuse

Physical Activity May Boost School Performance, Especially for Boys

'Play' May Be More Stressful for Kids With Autism: Study

Poor Health as Teen, Poor Job Prospects Later, Study Suggests

Program for 1-Year-Olds Tries to Lessen Autism's Impact

Schools Key to Reaching Kids With Mental Health Needs, Experts Say

Severe 'Picky Eating' May Point to Mental Health Issues in Kids

Sibling Bullies May Leave Lasting Effects

Sleep Woes Common Among Troubled Young Children, Study Says

Spotting, Treating Autism Symptoms in Infancy May Prevent Delays

Study Links Sleep Troubles to Children's Mental Health

Study Shows Benefits of Building Baby's Language Skills Early

Study Shows How Toddlers Adjust to Adult Anger

Study: Exposure to Diversity Might Boost Baby's Social Skills

Study: Family-Based Therapy Can Aid Those With Anorexia

Suicide Rate Up Among Young Black Children in U.S.

Surprises Help Babies Learn, Research Finds

Teen Conflicts Spill Over to Other Areas of Their Lives

Teen Girls May Face Greater Risk of Depression

Teen 'Sexting' Often Precedes Actual Sex, Study Finds

Teen Suicides by Hanging on the Rise Across U.S.

Teens' Daily Marijuana Use Linked to Poor Outcomes

Teens Still Sending Naked Pictures Via Cellphone

The ABCs of Successful Classroom Design

The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids

Troubled Boys, Girls Have Sex Earlier, Study Finds

Typical ADHD Care Leaves Room for Improvement, Study Finds

U.S. Hospitals Seeing More Kids With Self-Inflicted Injuries

U.S. Kids Suffer High Rates of Assault, Abuse, Study Finds

U.S. Pediatricians Remain Opposed to Random Drug Tests in Schools

U.S. Violent Crime Rate Drops Significantly Since 1980s

'Unconditional Regard' Buoys Kids' Self-Esteem