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1 in 10 U.S. Teens Has Tried Hashish

10 Percent of Americans Admit to Illicit Drug Use

4th U.S. Ebola Patient Airlifted to Atlanta Hospital

ADHD Stimulant Drug Abuse Common Among Young Adults: Survey

Advanced Dementia Patients Often Given Unhelpful Meds: Study

American Ebola Patient Gets Appetite Back

American Ebola Survivor Gives Blood to Infected Health-Care Colleague

Anesthetic During Breast-Removal Surgery May Reduce Long-Term Pain

Antibiotic May Lower Effect of Some Blood Thinners

Antibiotics for Traveler's Diarrhea May Spur Growth of Superbugs: Study

Anxiety Medications May Be Tied to Alzheimer's Risk

As Pot Use Rises, Teens' Grades May Fall: Study

Back Pain and Depression Combo Lessens Pain Relief from Narcotic Painkillers

'Bath Salts' Not Widespread in U.S. High Schools, Survey Finds

Blood Pressure Vaccine Shows Promise in Rats

Blood Thinner Warfarin May Pose Greater Bleeding Risk for Obese: Study

Booze, Pot Bad for Teens in Different Ways, Study Suggests

Breath Test for Illegal Drugs Instead of Urine Analysis?

Car Crash Risk Doubles for New Users of Sleeping Pills, Study Finds

Certain Meds, Driving Can Be Deadly Mix: FDA

Colorado's Legal Pot Is Potent, and a Little Dirty

Combo Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis Shows Promise

Common Blood Pressure Drug May Lower Risk For Lou Gehrig's Disease: Study

Common Drug for Irregular Heartbeat Tied to Worse Outcomes

Common Painkillers May Help Prevent Certain Skin Cancers, Study Finds

Common Painkillers Tied to Blood Clot Risk, Study Suggests

Deaths From Narcotic Painkillers Quadrupled in Past Decade: CDC

Drug Combo Helps Lupus-Related Kidney Condition

Drug for Ebola-Like Virus Shows Promise in Monkeys

Drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis May Also Help Ease Vitiligo

Drug Interactions Common Among Hospitalized Kids, Study Says

Drug Might Fight Ebola-like Marburg Virus

Drug Regimen Cures Hepatitis C in Most Liver Transplant Patients in Study

Ebola Outbreak Still Not Under Control: Officials

Ebola, Obamacare Top U.S. Health News for 2014

ER Practices Key to Helping Those Addicted to Painkillers: Study

Ex-Baseball Star Kirk Gibson Has Parkinson's Disease

Experimental Drug Shows Promise in Lowering Cholesterol, Heart Attack Risk

Experts Urge Caution With Popular Painkillers After FDA Warning

FDA Advisers Recommend Approval of First of 2 New Cholesterol Drugs

FDA Approves Drug for Advanced Thyroid Cancer

FDA Approves First in New Class of Drugs for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

FDA Approves New Drug for Heart Failure

FDA Issues New Drug Label Rules to Better Inform Pregnant Women

FDA Issues Warning for Type 2 Diabetes Drugs

FDA OKs First Generic Version of Heartburn Drug Nexium

FDA Panel Endorses Women's Libido Pill

FDA Strengthens Heart Attack, Stroke Warning for Popular Painkillers

Fewer Painkiller Deaths in States With Medical Marijuana: Study

Fewer U.S. Teens Using Illegal Drugs and Alcohol, Report Finds

For Ebola, No New Drugs Riding to the Rescue -- for Now

'Friends and Family' OD-Reversal Kits Are Saving Addicts' Lives

Gates Foundation Gives $50M to Fight Ebola Outbreak in Africa

Gene Test May Predict Success of Cancer Drug in Certain Patients

Genes May Make 'Placebo Effect' Stronger for Some, Study Says

Global Trial Finds HIV Drugs Should Be Taken Right After Diagnosis

Have Insurers Found Way Around Obamacare 'Pre-Existing Conditions' Rule?

Health Tip: Don't Mix Meds and Alcohol

Health Tip: Drugs and Foods Can Interact

Health Tip: Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

Heart Groups Issue Updated Blood Pressure Guidelines

Heart Medication Digoxin Linked to Higher Risk of Death for Some

Hepatitis C Drugs Will 'Strain Budgets' at Current Prices: Study

Heroin Overdose Deaths Doubled in Much of U.S.: CDC Study

Heroin Use on the Rise Among Women, Wealthier People, CDC Finds

Heroin Use Surges Among Whites Who Abuse Prescription Painkillers

Ingredient in MS, Psoriasis Drugs Linked to Two Deadly Brain Infections

Inmates Denied Methadone Less Likely to Choose Treatment When Released

It May Soon Be Possible to Easily 'Brew' Narcotics

J&J to Rely on Bioethicists for Guidance on New Drugs for Dying Patients

Kids Prescribed Antibiotics Twice as Often as Needed, Study Finds

Knowledge Is Power for Patients With Heart Failure

Latest U.S. Ebola Patient Getting Better, Doctors Report

Many Expectant Moms Don't Get Steroids That Protect Preterm Babies

Many Shift Workers Use Drugs to Sleep, Stay Awake, Study Finds

Marijuana Study Counters 'Gateway' Theory

Medical Bills Pricey for Americans, Even With Private Insurance

Medical Marijuana Ads May Prompt Pot Use Among Teens

Medication Errors Occur Every 8 Minutes in U.S. Children

Misuse of ADHD-Type Drugs Starts Long Before College: Study

Monkey Trial Supports Ebola Drug That May Have Helped 2 Stricken Americans

More Americans Controlling Their High Blood Pressure

More Babies Born to Mothers Addicted to Pain Meds

More Global Help Needed to Fight Ebola Outbreak

More Young Children Exposed to Marijuana, Study Finds

Morphine After Tonsillectomy Tied to Breathing Problems in Study

Most Who Abuse Painkillers Are Unprepared If Overdose Strikes: Study

Mouse Study Explores Secrets of Marijuana 'Munchies'

Narcotic Painkillers in Pregnancy Common, Harmful to Baby: Study

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Set for Saturday

New Drug a Weapon Against Advanced Melanoma: Study

New Drug Class Slashes 'Bad' Cholesterol, Review Finds

New Drugs Might Prevent Migraines Before They Start

New Ebola Cases Top 700 in Just One Week, Officials Report

New Form of Club Drug 'Poppers' May Pose Risks for Gay Men

New Moms' Codeine Use Down Since Health Warnings

New Specialty Medicines Drive Up Drug Spending

New Synthetic Drug 'Flakka' Triggers Crazed Behaviors

Newer Birth Control Pills May Slightly Raise Blood Clot Risk

Number of Americans Taking Statins Keeps Rising: CDC

Obama Steps Up Aid to Fight Ebola in West Africa

Older Patients More Likely to Fill Prescriptions for Generic Statins: Study

Painkiller Abuse More Likely for Those Who Skip College: Study

Painkiller Overdoses Often Involve 'Pharmacy Shopping'

Painkiller Tramadol Linked to Low Blood Sugar

Painkiller-Addicted Babies a Growing U.S. Concern, Especially in Fla.

Parkinson's Drugs May Spur Compulsive Behaviors

Pediatricians' Group Opposes Legal Marijuana

Placebo Treatment May Quiet Kids' Cough

Pot 'Dabbing' Poses Risk of Serious Burns, Study Warns

Pot Plus Booze Doubles Odds for Drunk Driving, Study Says

Psoriasis Treatment Choices Improving, FDA Says

Recalled Supplements Linger on U.S. Store Shelves, Study Finds

Report Identifies Game Changers for U.S. Health Care

Resuming Blood Pressure Meds After Surgery Linked to Better Outcomes

Robin Williams' Death Shines Light on Depression, Substance Abuse

Robin Williams Had Early Stage Parkinson's Disease, Wife Reveals

Robin Williams Had Parkinson's Disease, Wife Says

Screening Test Finds Drugs That Show Promise Against Ebola

Secondhand Pot Smoke Can Give Bystanders Mild 'High'

Secondhand Pot Smoke Can Give Your Heart an Unwelcome Buzz

Seniors May Keep Falls a Secret

Seniors Still Given Potentially Dangerous Sedatives: Study

Single-Dose, Injected Flu Treatment Shows Promise

Smokers May Get Less Benefit From Drugs for Arthritic Back Pain

Smokers May Need More Anesthesia, Painkillers for Surgery

Some Lung Patients Buy Cigarettes Along With Meds at Pharmacies: Study

Statins Carry Some Risk for Seniors, Study Suggests

Stay Sober or Be Pulled Over This Holiday Season

Steer Clear of Cold Meds for Babies, FDA Advises

Study Underscores Power of Placebo Effect

Substance Abuse Reported by About 1 in 10 American Workers

Swallowing Pills? Children Can Learn How

Synthetic Pot a Growing Danger, CDC Report Finds

Synthetic Pot Linked to Kidney Injury

'Tamper-Proof' Narcotic Painkiller May Be Curbing Abuse: Study

Teens Given Anxiety, Sleep Meds May Be at Risk for Drug Abuse

Teens' Heavy Pot Smoking Tied to Memory Problems

Third U.S. Aid Worker Infected With Ebola Arrives in Nebraska

U.S. Ebola Patient Gets Hospital Visit From Wife, Son

U.S. Health Officials Examine Pot-Linked Death in Colorado

U.S. Kids Use ADHD Meds More During School Year

U.S. Launches Ebola Vaccine Trial

U.S. Painkiller Abuse 'Epidemic' May Be Declining, Study Says

U.S. Prices Soaring for Some Generic Drugs, Experts Say