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1 in 6 Americans Too Far From Lifesaving Heart Centers

3.8 Million Chickens To Be Killed After Bird Flu Outbreak at Iowa Farm

45-Minute Class Helps Middle Schoolers Master CPR Basics

911 Best Call for Heart Attack Victims in Rural Areas: Study

As Tropical Storm Erika Eyes Southeastern U.S., Residents Need to Prepare

Blood Donors Needed After East Coast Storm: Red Cross

Blood Transfusion During Flight to Trauma Center Boosts Survival: Study

Climate Change May Bring More ER Visits, Deaths, Study Says

Clot-Busting Drug May Be Safe for Those With 'Wake-Up' Strokes

Combative Patients a Hazard for Paramedics

Dialysis Patients May Be Unprepared for Natural Disasters

Dietary Supplements Land Thousands in the ER Each Year

Disaster Plans Must Consider Children, Pediatrics Group Says

Do You Need a Doctor for Bug Bites and Bee Stings?

Early CPR Spurred by Smartphone Alerts Saves Lives

Educating Stroke Survivors Helps Them Spot Another Stroke Faster

Emergency Surgery Patients Often Wind Up Back in Hospital: Study

ER Doctors Cautious When Prescribing Narcotic Painkillers: Study

ER Physician Raises Concerns About Powdered Caffeine

ERs Often 'Safety Net' Care for People With Schizophrenia: CDC

ERs See Spike in Narcotic Painkiller Abuse Cases

Expert Tips to Detect Early Warning Signs of Stroke

Families of Critically Ill Patients Need Extra Support, Too

FDA Approves Drug to Reverse Blood Thinner's Effect

Few Americans Know Warning Signs of Stroke

Health Tip: Create a Tornado Plan

Health Tip: Plan for Children in an Emergency

Heart Association's Stroke Guidelines Support Clot-Removing Device

Hip-Fracture Surgery Risk Not Just Due to Age, Study Finds

Hispanics in U.S. Least Likely to Dial 911 for Stroke

Hospital Care for Nonfatal Gun Wounds Costs $679 Million a Year

How to Lower Your Stroke Risk

Kids' ER Visits for Medicine Overdoses Dropping: Report

Lifesaving Defibrillators Often Behind Locked Doors, Study Finds

Long Shifts Linked to Increased Injury Risk for EMS Workers

Make CPR, Defibrillator Training Mandatory for High School Graduation: Experts

Malpractice Fears Spurring Most ER Docs to Order Unnecessary Tests

Many Critically Ill Patients Lack 'Do Not Resuscitate' Orders

Many ER Patients With Chest Pain Can Be Sent Home, Study Finds

Many Parents Unaware of Emergency Plans at Kids' Pre-schools

More Evidence of Long-Term Illness in 9/11 Responders

More Evidence That Time-to-Treatment Is Crucial for Stroke

More Hepatitis C Cases Being Seen in Urban ERs

More Police Killed in States With High Gun Ownership: Study

More Progress Needed To Get Stroke Patients Rapid Care

New Stroke Prevention Efforts May Be Paying Off

Pain Relief Advice May Help ER Patients With Terminal Cancer

Parents Often Ill-Informed About Food-Allergy Emergencies

Pediatricians' Group Says U.S. Lacks Resources to Treat Kids in Disasters

Prolonged Rescue Efforts May Not Help Young Drowning Victims: Study

Second Severe Allergic Reaction Isn't Uncommon

Seniors Often Underestimate Their Frailty, Study Finds

Sensitive Blood Test May Help Rule Out Heart Attack

'Skinny Jeans' Linked to Woman's Nerve Damage

Steroids May Help Speed Pneumonia Recovery, Study Finds

Surgery Seldom Needed When Older Person Breaks Upper Arm: Study

Teens Seen in ERs for Assault at Risk for Later Gun Violence: Study

Till Bolt Cutters Do Us Part: Titanium Rings a Challenge in the ER

U.S. Hospitals Seeing More Kids With Self-Inflicted Injuries

Unexpected Severe Allergic Reactions Strike Many Schools

When Bystanders Give CPR Right Away, Lives Are Saved, Study Shows

Zip Line Injuries on the Rise