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1 Dose of HPV Vaccine May Offer Protection: Study

1 in 3 Colon Cancers in Young People Has Genetic Link

1 in 3 Women Survive Ovarian Cancer a Decade or More: Study

1 in 5 Medicare Patients Faces Delay in Melanoma Surgery: Study

2 Drugs Show Promise Against Blood Cancers

3 Drinks Per Day May Raise Liver Cancer Risk, But Coffee Lowers It

Activity in Genes, Immune Cells Tied to Cancer Survival in Study

Acupuncture Best for Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors: Study

Added Radiation May Help Some With Early Breast Cancer

Adult Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumors May Have Lingering Troubles: Study

After Breast Cancer, Many in Appalachia Say No to Lifesaving Drugs

Age-Linked Structures on DNA May Also Hint at Cancer Risk

Allergies, Asthma Tied to Lower Risk of Brain Cancer

Americans' Risk of Dying From Cancer Is Falling, CDC Finds

Americans Support More Funding of Cancer Research

Angelina Jolie's Choice Not Uncommon for Women With Cancer Gene

Annual Blood Test Might Help Prevent Deaths From Ovarian Cancer

Another Genetic Error Linked to Childhood Leukemia

Antibody May Lower Rejection Rates After Stem Cell Transplant in Leukemia Patients

Anti-Nausea Drug Approved

Are 2nd Breast Cancer Surgeries Always Necessary?

Are Too Many Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Treatment?

As HIV Patients Live Longer, Certain Cancer Risks Rise: Study

Asbestos Found in Kids' Crayons, Toy Kits: Report

Aspirin May Decrease Death From Prostate Cancer, Study Finds

Aspirin May Help Ward Off Gastro Cancers, Study Finds

B Vitamin May Help Ward Off Some Skin Cancers

Barbecued, Pan-Fried Meat May Boost Kidney Cancer Risk

Be Wary of Websites Selling Genetic Cancer Tests: Study

Better Imaging Scans Catching More Thyroid Cancers: Study

Bigger Share of Deaths Worldwide Now Due to Cancer

Birth Control Pills May Cut Women's Odds for Uterine Cancer

Black Men May Get Worse Prostate Cancer Care, Study Contends

Black Women at Raised Risk of Carrying Breast Cancer Genes

Black Women Less Likely to Survive Uterine Cancer, Study Finds

Black Women More Likely to Have Dense Breast Tissue, Study Shows

Blood Pressure Drugs Linked to Longer Ovarian Cancer Survival

Blood Protein May Spot Pancreatic Cancer Early

Blood Test May One Day Predict Breast Cancer Relapse

Blood Thinners OK for Cancers That Spread to Brain, Study Finds

Blood, Saliva Tests May Spot Head and Neck Cancers Early

Breast Cancer Drugs Battle Disease's Return

Breast Cancer Equally Common Now Among Blacks, Whites

Breast Cancer Is Not One Disease, Experts Say

Breast Cancer Patients Concerned About Genetic Risk, Survey Finds

Breast Cancer Surgery Now Often Involves Fewer Lymph Nodes

Breast Cancer Survivors May Have Higher Thyroid Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Survivors Tend to Gain Weight: Study

Breast Cancer Survivors Vulnerable for Thyroid Tumors, and Vice Versa: Study

Breast Reconstruction Often Involves Multiple Operations

Breast Ultrasound, Mammography May Be Equally Effective: Study

Breast-Feeding May Lower Breast Cancer Recurrence, Death: Study

Breast-feeding May Lower Risk of Childhood Leukemia: Study

Breath Test Might Spot Stomach Cancer Risk

Broader Gene Tests for Breast, Ovarian Cancer Might Benefit Some: Study

Can Asthma Protect Men From Prostate Cancer?

Can Coffee Lower Risk of Colon Cancer's Return?

Can Orange Juice, Grapefruit Raise Your Melanoma Risk?

Can Statins Help Lower Lung Cancer Death Risk?

Cancer Death Rates Down 23 Percent Since 1991: Study

Cancer Gene Tests Should Include Healthy Tissue, Too: Study

Cancer May Be a Hidden Danger to the Heart: Report

Cancer No. 1 Killer of Asian-Americans, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders: Study

Cancer Patient's Health Affected by Spouse's Mood

Cancer Patients Who Smoke, Drink May Face Longer Feeding Tube Use

Cancer Rates Dropping in Rich Countries, Rising in Poorer Ones: Study

Cancer Still the Leading Cause of Death for U.S. Hispanics: Report

Cancer Survivors May Face More Challenges When Adopting

Cancer Survivors, Overweight Men May Face Job Discrimination

Cancer Treatment Should Proceed for Pregnant Women: Study

Cancer Trials Need to Include More Seniors: Experts

Cancer's Financial Burden Tied to Poorer Survival, Study Finds

Cell Damage Occurs When People Have CT Scans: Study

Certain Painkillers May Lower Colon Cancer Risk for Some

Chemo Before Surgery May Boost Outcomes for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Chemo for Breast Cancer Erases Woman's Fingerprints

Chemo May Worsen Quality of Life for End-Stage Cancer Patients

Childhood Brain Tumor Survivors May Have Memory Troubles

Childhood Cancer Devastates Family Finances, Too

Childhood Cancer Survivors May Suffer Physically, Mentally Decades Later

Childhood Cancer Survivors Who've Had One Stroke at Risk of Second

Childhood Cancer Tied to Raised Risk for Other Ills in Adult Life

Childhood Cancer Treatment May Raise Adult Heart Disease Risk

Cloudy Climes May Up Risk of Pancreatic Cancer: Study

Colon Cancer Among Hispanics Varies by Birthplace

Colon Cancer Deaths Falling, But 3 U.S. Regions Lag Behind

Colon Cancer Screening Rates on the Rise in NYC

Colon Cancer's Location May Be Factor in Survival

Colonoscopy Findings Fade Quickly From Memory

Combination of 'Safe' Chemicals May Be Causing Some Cancers

Combo Rx May Boost Ovarian Cancer Outcomes, But Too Few Get It: Study

Combo Treatment May Boost Survival With Advanced Prostate Cancer

Computer-Aided Mammograms May Not Be Worth the Cost: Study

Connection Between Diabetes, Advanced Breast Cancer Detected in Study

Contagious Leukemia Killing East Coast Clams

Costlier Breast Cancer Treatments Linked to Better Survival

Could a Laser Skin Test Someday Replace Biopsy to Spot Melanoma?

Could a Lung Cancer Drug Work Better With Coke?

Could a Scan Someday Replace Lymph Node Biopsy?

Could Common Diabetes Drugs Help Fight Leukemia?

Could Fish Oil Interfere With Cancer Care?

Could IVF Raise Children's Odds for Blood Cancer?

Count the Moles on Your Arm to Predict Melanoma Risk?

CT Scans for Lung Cancer Turn Up Few False-Positives: Study

Daily Aspirin Taken by More Than Half of Older U.S. Adults

Darzalex Approved for Multiple Myeloma

Deadly Skin Cancer More Common in Organ Transplant Recipients: Study

Death Rates From Major Illnesses Fall in U.S.

Depression May Be Tied to Lower Breast Cancer Survival

Despite Benefits, Few U.S. States Mandate Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Diabetes Drug May Not Guard Against Pancreatic Cancer

Did PSA Test's Decline Spur Rise in Prostate Cancers?

Dietary Dioxins Don't Seem to Increase Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Differences Found in Smokers, Nonsmokers Who Develop Lung Cancer

Do Sporty Teen Girls Live Longer, Healthier Lives?

Doctors Can Influence End-of-Life Care

Double Mastectomy Benefits May Be Overrated for Some

Drug May Help Some Breast Cancer Patients Avoid Early Menopause

Drug Shows Early Promise for Advanced Lung Cancer

Drugs May Protect the Heart During Chemotherapy

Drugs Show Promise for Some Advanced Lung Cancers

During Pregnancy, Skin Cancer May Be Deadlier: Study

Early Chemo May Boost Survival in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Early Detection Still Key to Breast Cancer Survival: Study

Early Stage Breast Cancer Far From a Death Sentence: Study

Eczema Cream for Children Not a Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Electrical Bursts to Pancreatic Cancer Cells May Help Fight Tumor

Electromagnetic Waves May Help Fight Deadly Brain Cancer

Elephants' Cancer-Crushing Secrets May Someday Help People

Empliciti Approved for Multiple Myeloma

End-of-Life Talk Often Comes Too Late for Blood Cancer Patients

Excess Weight Early in Life Linked to Colon Cancer Risk in Women

Excess Weight Linked to Brain Cancer Risk in Study

Excess Weight Linked to Worse Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Excessive Use of Medical Scans Varies By Region

Exercise May Blunt a Woman's Risk of Lung and Breast Cancer: Studies

Experimental Drug for Blood Cancer Shows Promise

Experimental Melanoma Vaccine Shows Early Promise

Experts Issue Guidelines on Caring for Breast Cancer Survivors

False-Positive Mammogram May Hint at Breast Cancer Risk Later

False-Positive Mammogram Result Traumatic for Most Women: Study

Families Say Hospice Better Than Hospital for Dying Cancer Patients

Family History of Breast Cancer Doesn't Worsen Patient's Prognosis: Study

Farydak Approved for Multiple Myeloma

FDA Approves Expanded Use for Melanoma Drug

FDA Approves New Pancreatic Cancer Drug

FDA Approves New Treatment for Lung Cancer

FDA OK of 1st 'Biosimilar' Drug May Mean Cheaper Options for Patients

FDA Proposes Tanning Bed Ban for Minors

Fetal DNA Test May Also Help Spot Mom's Cancer, Study Finds

Fewer Childhood Cancer Survivors Dying From 'Late' Effects

Fewer U.S. Children Getting Melanoma: Study

First Biosimilar Drug Approved

Fitness May Help Lower Odds for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

For Cancer Survivors, Expenses Keep Mounting

For Early Breast Cancer, More U.S. Women Choose Less Invasive Treatment

Former President Jimmy Carter Has Cancer

Furry Friends May Be Stress Relievers for Kids With Cancer

Gene Mutations Tied to Leukemia Rise With Age, Study Finds

Gene Study of Liver Tumor Reveals Versatile DNA

Gene Test May Predict Success of Cancer Drug in Certain Patients

Gene Therapy Shows Early Promise Against Deadly Brain Cancer

Gene Variation Could Spur Longer Smoking, Earlier Cancer

Genes Linked to Breast, Ovarian Cancers Act Differently in Each Woman: Study

Genetic Differences Seen in Younger Colon Cancer Patients

Genetically Modified Foods, Herbicides and Human Safety

Genetics May Help Guide Kids' Cancer Treatment

Girls Who Eat More Fiber May Face Lower Breast Cancer Risk Later: Study

Giving Birth, Breast-feeding May Help Women's Long-Term Health

Graphic Warnings May Work Best to Keep Women From Tanning Beds

Halaven Approved for Advanced Soft Tissue Cancer

Head, Neck Cancer Patients May Be at Higher Risk for Suicide: Study

Health Tip: Cancer Treatment Makes Foodborne Illness a Bigger Concern

Health Tip: Eat Wisely During Cancer Treatment

Health Tip: Getting Healthier After Cancer

Healthy Diet May Lower Black Women's Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Healthy Lifestyle May Boost Colon Cancer Survival

Heating, Cooking Are Top Contributors to Air-Pollution Deaths Worldwide

Heavy Drinking Linked to Greater Risk for Alcohol-Related Cancers

Height May Be Linked to Increased Cancer Risk, Study Contends

Helpful Bacteria May Help Detect Cancers That Have Spread to Liver

Higher-Dose, Short-Duration Radiation Better for Early Breast Cancer: Study

High-Fat Diet May Raise Prostate Cancer Death Risk

High-Risk Lung Cancer Patients May Benefit From Surgery

Hispanic, Poor Children May Have Greater Risk of Losing Eye to Cancer

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivors Face Higher Long-Term Heart Risks

Home Pesticide Use Tied to Child Cancer Risk

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Impair Thinking

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Tied to Possible Alzheimer's Risk

How Cancer Wreaks Havoc on Family Finances

How to Do Breast Self-Exams

HPV Vaccination for Girls May Help Prevent Cancers in Males

HPV Vaccination Tied to Drop in Precancerous Cervical Lesions in U.S.

HPV-Linked Throat Cancer Responds to Reduced Chemo, Radiation: Study

Identifying Colon Cancer Patients Who May Need More Than Surgery

Immune Cell Therapy Shows Promise Against Deadly Blood Cancer

Immune-Based Drug Shows Potential Against Another Form of Lung Cancer

Immune-Based Drug Shows Promise Against Advanced Lung Cancer

Immune-Based Therapy Uses Virus to Fight Advanced Melanoma

Immune-Focused Drugs Show Promise Against Melanoma

Improved Therapies Have Extended Life Spans of Childhood Cancer Survivors

Income May Affect Survival After Lung Cancer Surgery

Insured Americans Up to 3 Times Likelier to Get Preventive Care: CDC

International Panel Finds Only 'Limited' Evidence for Mammograms in 40s

Is Breast Density an Overrated Cancer Risk Factor?

Is Fat From Another Area of Body Safe for Breast Reconstruction?

Jimmy Carter Being Treated for Melanoma That Has Spread to Brain

Jimmy Carter Says Brain Scans Show No Signs of Cancer

Jimmy Carter's Recovery Highlights Power of New Cancer Treatments

Keytruda May Help Fight Tough-to-Treat Lung Cancer

Kidney Woes Tied to Raised Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Kids Born to Older Dads May Face Risk of Blood Cancers

Kids With Vision-Damaging Cancers May Face Ills Later

Laser: A Breast Cancer Treatment Alternative?

Less-Invasive Surgery May Not Be Best Option for Rectal Cancer

Longer Colonoscopy Time May Cut Cancer Risk

Low Cancer Risk With Device Used to Remove Fibroids, Study Finds

Low-Dose Aspirin, Other Painkillers May Lower Colon Cancer Risk

Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Often Not Monitored Closely

Lumpectomy Plus Radiation May Beat Mastectomy for Early Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer Patients Who Quit Smoking Live Longer

Lung Cancer Surgery Rates Differ Widely Between States

Lung Scans May Help Track Suspicious Masses, Study Says

Lymphoma Survivors May Not Get All Recommended Follow-Up Care

Majority of Americans and Canadians Expects Cancer Cure in Their Lifetime

Male Infertility Might Signal Higher Odds of Testicular Cancer

Mammogram Rates May Fall When Women Learn of 'Overdiagnosis' Risk

Mammograms a Personal Decision for Women in Their 40s, Panel Says

Mammograms a Personal Decision for Women in Their 40s, Panel Says

Many Americans Not Getting Routine Cancer Screenings: CDC

Many Breast Cancer Patients Still Opt for Mastectomy Over Lump Removal

Many Cancer Survivors Eat Poorly, Study Finds

Many Cancer Survivors Who Smoke See Little Benefit to Quitting

Many Consumers Don't Understand Sunscreen Labels, Study Finds

Many Older Americans May Get Unneeded Breast, Prostate Cancer Screenings

Many Seniors With Cancer Use Alternative Medicines: Study

Many Skin Cancer Patients Skip Routine Self-Exams

Many Smokers Try to Quit After Cancer Diagnosis

Many U.S. Women Live Far From Gynecologic Cancer Care

Many Young Cancer Patients Unaware of Fertility Preservation Options

Many Young Women Taking Up 'Very Light' Smoking, Study Finds

Meditation May Ease Pain, Anxiety From Breast Cancer Biopsy: Study

Mediterranean Diet Tied to Lower Odds of Uterine Cancer

Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Melanoma Rates Way Up Among Young People in U.S.

Melanoma Skin Checks Can Have Added Bonus: Stronger Relationships

Melanoma Strikes Earlier If Indoor Tanning Begins in Teens: Study

Melanoma Treatment May Not Always Require Extensive Lymph Node Removal

Men's Health Supplements Don't Benefit Prostate Cancer Patients: Study

Midlife Fitness May Be a Real Cancer Fighter for Men

Minorities More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Colon Cancer at Younger Age

Minority Women Get Worse Breast Cancer Care, Regardless of Tumor Type: Study

More Americans Survive Childhood Cancers, But Health Problems Persist

More Americans Surviving Cancer Today Than 20 Years Ago

More Breast Cancer Patients Opting for Lumpectomy: Study

More Cervical Cancers Caught Early Among Young Women Since Obamacare

More Evidence a Healthy Diet Can Lower Risks of Heart Disease, Cancer

More Evidence Daily Aspirin May Fight Colon Cancer, Other Gastro Tumors

More Men With Breast Cancer Having Second Breast Removed

More People Under 50 Getting Colon Cancer, Analysis Finds

More Screening Could Cut Annual Colon Cancer Deaths by 21,000: Study

More Than 8 Percent of Kids With Cancer May Be Genetically Prone to the Disease

More Young Breast Cancer Patients Getting Gene Test

Most Americans Still Not Using Sunscreen

Most of World's People Lack Access to Safe Cancer Surgery: Report

Mouse Study Explores Secrets of Marijuana 'Munchies'

MRI Might Predict Breast Cancer Risk in Some Women

MRIs Before Breast Cancer Surgery on the Rise: Study

Nerve Damage From Chemo May Affect Cancer Survivors for Years

New Blood Test Could Detect Melanoma's Spread Earlier: Study

New Drug a Weapon Against Advanced Melanoma: Study

New Drug Approved for Soft-Tissue Cancer

New Drug Keeps Common Breast Cancer Under Control Longer: Study

New Drug May Give Small Survival Boost to Some With Advanced Lung Cancer

New Drug May Help Keep Hodgkin Lymphoma at Bay

New Drug Shows Potential for Blood Cancer

New Dumb-But-Deadly Trend: Sunburn 'Art'

New Genetic Clues to Which Breast Cancers Might Return

New Imaging Technique 'Lights Up' Cancer Cells in Early Trial

New Immune-Focused Drug Shows Promise Against Advanced Kidney Cancer

New Rules for Mammograms, Tanning Beds Top Health News of 2015

New Skin Cancer Drug Approved by FDA

New Study Casts Doubt on Dangers of Hormone Therapy for Hot Flashes

New Technology Tests Tumors Inside the Patient to Find Best Treatment

New Treatment for Melanoma Gets FDA Approval

Newer Treatment May Be Easier on Children With Brain Tumors

Ninlaro Approved for Multiple Myeloma

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy as Good as Full Breast Removal: Study

No Change in Number of 'Living Wills' by U.S. Cancer Patients: Study

Nonsmokers Account for Rising Proportion of Lung Cancer Cases, Studies Find

Not All Large Breast Tumors Warrant Mastectomy, Study Says

Number of Mammograms Handled May Affect Breast Cancer Detection Rates

Obamacare Boosting Breast Cancer Screening Among Poor: Study

Obese Postmenopausal Women May Face Higher Risk for Breast Cancer

Obesity Linked to Greater Risk of Prostate Cancer in Blacks, Study Says

Obesity Raises Women's Cancer Risk by 40 Percent, Study Finds

One or Two Drinks a Day Might Boost Cancer Risk: Study

One-Third of Incurable Cancer Patients Keep Working, Study Finds

Online Searches for 'Skin Cancer' Go Up in Summer

Organ Recipients at Raised Risk of Cancer Death, Study Finds

Ovarian Cancer Drug Shows Promise With Tough-to-Treat Prostate Tumors

Ovarian Tissue Transplant Can Help Some Women Have Kids After Cancer Treatment

Ovary Removal Reduces Breast Cancer Death in BRCA1 Carriers: Study

Overactive Thyroid Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

Paid Sick Leave Can Be Crucial When Cancer Strikes

Pain Relief Advice May Help ER Patients With Terminal Cancer

Palliative Care Cuts Costs for Cancer Patients With Other Health Problems

Parents of Child Cancer Patients Prefer Honesty, Study Finds

Patients with Low-Grade Brain Tumors Living Longer

People in Their 50s Benefit Most From Low-Dose Aspirin, Report Says

Personal Care Plans Tied to Better Follow-Up in Breast Cancer Survivors

Pesticide Used Decades Ago May Raise Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Poor Sleep, Snoring Before Diagnosis Tied to Trouble for Breast Cancer Patients

Poorer Black Patients Have Lower Survival From Esophageal Cancer

Poorer Cancer Patients May Be Less Likely to Join Clinical Trial

Popular Antioxidant Seems to Spread Skin Cancer Cells in Mouse Research

Potential Liver Recipients May Have New Option

Prenatal Gene Tests Can Sometimes Spot Cancer in Mom-to-Be

Preteen Girls Worry About Breast Cancer If It's in the Family

Privately Insured Brain Tumor Patients May Fare Better

Processed Meat Can Cause Cancer: WHO

Prostate Cancer Screening, Detection Both Down in U.S., Studies Say

Prostate Cancer Testing Drops Off After Controversial Guidelines

PSA Testing Differs Among Primary Care Doctors, Urologists

Racial Differences in Breast Cancer Linked to Genes

Radiation From Mammograms May Be Lower Than Thought

Radiation Plus Hormone Therapy May Help Some Prostate Cancer Patients

Regular Mammograms Might Lead to 'Overdiagnosis' of Breast Cancer

Regular Mammograms Worthwhile for Elderly Women

Relaxed Guidelines on PSA Testing Might Miss Aggressive Tumors: Study

Removing All Visible Cancer Is Key to Treating Aggressive Brain Tumors

Report Shows Progress in America's War on Cancer

Research Spots Link Between Agent Orange, Blood Cancer in Vietnam Vets

Researchers Focus on Risk Factors for Leukemia After Breast Cancer Treatment

Retail Prices of Dermatology Drugs Skyrocket

Rise in Colon Cancer Screening After Obamacare, Study Finds

Risk of Bladder Cancer Rising for Workers in Many Industries

Risk of More Aggressive Early Breast Cancers Rises With Age, Study Finds

Safe to Take Antidepressants With Tamoxifen: Study

Safe to Use Blood Thinner Before Major Cancer Surgery, Study Finds

Scientists Probe Obesity's Ties to Breast Cancer Risk

Scientists Spot What Keeps Moles From Becoming Melanomas

Scientists Suggest New Way to Predict Lung Cancer Risk

'Scoring System' May Spot Those in Greatest Need of Colonoscopy

Screening All Women for Breast Cancer Genes Not Feasible: Study

Serving in Middle East May Raise Skin Cancer Risk in U.S. Vets

Shorter Radiation Treatment Works for Early Breast Cancers: Study

Signs of Brain Tumor May Show in Blood Years Before Diagnosis

Simple Blood Test May Predict a Blood Cancer's Return

Skin Cancer Rates Rise for Hispanic, Asian Women

Smokers With Pneumonia at Risk for Lung Cancer: Study

Smoking Blamed for Half of Deaths From Major Cancers in People Over 35

Smoking Lowers Breast Cancer Survival, Study Finds

Smoking May Be Linked to Prostate Cancer's Return

Smoking May Make Return of Lung Cancer More Likely

Smoking Rates Continue to Drop in Many States: CDC

Smoking Ups Risk of Complications From Urologic Cancers: Study

Social Factors Affect Leukemia Survival

Some Families Carry Shared Risk of Cancer, Twins Study Shows

Some Prostate Cancer Patients May Not Benefit From Hormone Therapy

Some Steps to Help Protect Yourself From Cancer

Some Women Face Geographic Barriers to Breast Reconstruction

Specially Trained Pooch Sniffs Out Thyroid Cancer

Spicing Up Your Meals Might Extend Your Life

Spirituality May Benefit Cancer Patients

Statins May Help Improve Prostate Cancer Survival: Study

Statins May Slow Prostate Cancer Progression: Study

Study Finds Racial Differences in Choices for Breast Cancer Care

Study Finds Stool Test Effective for Detecting Colon Cancer

Study Implicates Nuclear Plants in Workers' Cancer Deaths

Study Links Family History of Prostate Cancer to Breast Cancer Risk

Study Links Having Children to Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk

Study Pinpoints Best Timing for Rectal Cancer Surgery

Study Probes Use of MRI to Spot Pancreatic Cancer in High-Risk Patients

Study Questions Accuracy of Many Breast Cancer Biopsies

Study Questions Close Monitoring of Thyroid Growths

Study Questions Radiation Use for 'Low-Risk' Prostate Cancers

Study Refutes Notion That Diabetes Drug Actos Raises Bladder Cancer Risk

Study Says Radiation Often Overused in Late-Stage Lung Cancer

Study Sees Improving Survival Odds for Ovarian Cancer

Study Suggests Link Between Gum Disease, Breast Cancer Risk

Study Supports HPV Vaccination Guidelines

Study Supports Use of Laparoscopic Surgery for Rectal Cancer

Study Yields Genetic Insights Into Pancreatic Cancer

'Suicide Gene Therapy' Plus Radiation Fights Prostate Cancer: Study

Sun's Damage Lingers Long After Dark

Surgery May Beat Radiation for Men With Early Stage Prostate Cancer

Surgery May Boost Survival in Certain Advanced Lung Cancers

Surgery May Raise Survival With Advanced Melanoma: Study

Surgery Not Always Needed for Early Form of Breast Cancer: Study

Survival Improves for Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer

Suspicious Pigment Spots More Common on Darker Skin

Sweat to Help Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Switch From U.S. to African Diet May Lower Colon Cancer Risk in Blacks

Tai Chi Might Help People With Long-Term Health Conditions

Tan Skin Is Damaged Skin

Tanning Bed Use, Skin Cancer Rates High Among Gay Men: Study

Tapeworm May Have Spread Cancer Cells to Colombian Man

Targeted Drug Shows Promise Against Advanced Kidney Cancer

Targeted Radiation to Treat Brain Tumors May Be Best: Study

Technology May Help Surgeons Tell Brain Cancer From Healthy Tissue

Terminally Ill Can Do Without Statins, Study Finds

Testicular Cancer May Raise Prostate Cancer Risk: Study

Tetanus Shot Helped Boost Brain Cancer Survival, Small Study Finds

The Doctor Who Does Your Colonoscopy Matters

They Overcame Childhood Cancer, But Now Obesity?

Think Hookahs Filter Out Tobacco Toxins? Think Again

Thyroid Cancer Survivors: Good Prognosis, Gloomy Outlook?

Time to Follow-Up After a Positive Colon Cancer Test Varies by Hospital

Too Few Breast Cancer Patients Getting Radiation After Mastectomy: Study

Too Few Men With Low-Risk Prostate Cancers Get 'Watch and Wait' Approach

Too Few Preteen Girls Get HPV Vaccine, CDC Says

Too Few Women Get Counseling Before Breast Cancer Gene Test: Study

Too Few Younger, High-Risk Americans Get a Colonoscopy: Study

Too Many Americans Neglect Backs in Skin Cancer Prevention

Too Much Sitting May Raise a Woman's Cancer Risk: Study

Too Sedentary? There's an App for That

Travel Time Can Hamper Follow-Up Chemo, Study Says

Treatments for Brain Cancer Take Heavy Toll on the Brain

Two Drugs Equal in Preventing Early Breast Cancer's Return: Study

U.S. Breast Cancer Cases Could Rise 50 Percent by 2030

U.S. Oncologists Decry High Cost of Cancer Drugs

U.S. Smoking Rate Falls to 15 Percent: CDC

Uninsured May Face Much Higher Charges for Cancer Drugs

Unituxin Approved for Deadly Pediatric Cancer

Urine Test Might Find Pancreatic Cancer Early, Study Suggests

Urine Test Shows Promise for Early Diagnosis of Kidney Cancer

Vaccine Spurs Immune Response to Fight Aggressive Cancers in Mice

Vegetarian Diet May Lower Colon Cancer Risk, Study Suggests

Viagra, Other ED Meds Won't Raise Melanoma Risk

Vistogard Approved for Chemotherapy Overdose

Vitamin D Supplements Might Slow Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests

Vitamin D, Calcium May Not Prevent Colon Cancer After All

Vitamin Supplement Linked to Reduction in Skin Cancer Risk

Walking Boosts Outcomes for Prostate Cancer Survivors

Watch-and-Wait Strategy May Be Riskier for Certain Prostate Cancers

'Watchful Waiting' Becoming More Common for Prostate Cancer Patients

'Wiser' Surgeries for Those With Terminal Cancers

Woman Gives Birth Using Ovary Tissue Frozen in Childhood

Women Should Get Annual Mammograms Starting at Age 45: Cancer Society

World's Population Is Getting Sicker, Study Shows

Yoga May Boost Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients

Young Adult Cancer Survivors More Likely to Be Hospitalized

Young Black, Hispanic Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients Face Worse Outcomes: Study

Young Cancer Survivors Often Develop New Malignancies

'Yo-Yo' Dieting Won't Raise Cancer Risk, Study Finds