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A Good Night's Sleep May Mean a Good Day's Work

A Tired Surgeon Still a Good Surgeon, Study Finds

Alcohol Before Bedtime Won't Help Your Sleep, Study Finds

Almost All U.S. Teens Are Sleep Deprived, Study Finds

Always Sleepy After the Change to Daylight Saving Time?

Always Sleepy After the Change to Daylight Saving Time?

Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Proteins Tied to Poor Sleep in Study

Babies Still Sleeping With Soft Bedding Despite SIDS Risk: CDC

Babies Who 'Resettle' on Their Own Get Better Sleep

Ban Electronics in Kids' Bedrooms, Expert Says

Better Sleep May Mean Less Chronic Pain

Car Crash Risk Doubles for New Users of Sleeping Pills, Study Finds

Certain Meds, Driving Can Be Deadly Mix: FDA

Could a Bad Night's Sleep Make You Eat More Fatty Food?

Could a 'Fat Tongue' Be a Factor in Sleep Apnea?

Could Blowing Your Horn Cut Your Odds for Sleep Apnea?

Cutting Calories May Ease Sleep Apnea in Obese, Study Finds

Depression, Insomnia, Fatigue Are the Stuff of Nightmares

Early Birds May Catch the Worm, but Night Owls May Snatch the Win

Eczema Tied to Bone Fracture Risk in Study

Electronic Devices May Disrupt Teen Sleep, Study Reports

Erratic Sleep May Make Teens Hungrier

Evidence Supports Medical Pot for Some Conditions, Not Others

'Exploding Head Syndrome' Surprisingly Common Among Young People

For Young Kids, Too Little Sleep Linked to Later Obesity

Full Bladder May Get a Third of Women Over 40 Up at Night

Good Sleep Habits, Enforced Rules Help Kids Sleep: Study

Good Sleep in Middle Age May Pay Benefits Later

Good Sleep Is Key to Good Sex

Gout Attacks More Common at Night: Study

Gut Microbes Tied to Jet Lag, Shift-Work Weight Gain

Health Tip: Avoid These Things Before Bedtime

Health Tip: Care for Your Mattress

Health Tip: Choose the Right Pillow for Better Slumber

Health Tip: Dealing With Bedtime Anxiety

Health Tip: Easing Neck Pain at Night

Health Tip: Easing Your Child's Bedtime Fears

Health Tip: Getting a Good Day's Sleep

Health Tip: Health Tip: Are Your Teeth in a Grind?

Health Tip: Help Curb Sleep Talking

Health Tip: Helping Your Newborn Sleep

Health Tip: If Snoring Keeps You up at Night

Health Tip: If Your Child Can't Sleep

Health Tip: Is Stress Keeping You Awake?

Health Tip: Keep Your Bedroom Pleasing

Health Tip: Manage Allergies in the Bedroom

Health Tip: Older Children Need a Bedtime Routine, Too

Health Tip: Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Health Tip: Sleep More Comfortably With a CPAP Mask

Health Tip: Sleep With Fresh-Smelling Sheets

Health Tip: Sleeping With Chronic Pain

Health Tip: Take a Nap

Health Tip: Talking in Your Sleep

Health Tip: Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy

Health Tip: Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea

Health Tip: When Children Wake at Night

Health Tip: When Obesity Affects Sleep

Heavy Snoring, Apnea Tied to Earlier Brain Troubles

How Well You Sleep May Depend on Your Genes, Study Suggests

Insomnia Linked to High Blood Pressure in Study

Insomniacs May Be More Sensitive to Pain

Just a Half Hour of Lost Sleep Linked Weight Gain

Kids With Bedroom Smartphones Sleep Less: Study

Living at Higher Elevations Linked to SIDS Risk

Long Sleep Time, Higher Stroke Risk?

Long-Term Shift Work May Drain the Brain, Study Reports

Make the Most of This Weekend's Time Change

Menopausal Women's Sleep May Suffer at Different Times of the Month

'Mindfulness' May Help Ease Sleep Problems for Seniors

Most Physical Activity Helps You Sleep Better

Most U.S. Schools Start Too Early for Kids to Get Enough Sleep: Study

Naps May Boost Worker Productivity

Naps May Boost Your Baby's Memory

Naps May Improve Your Health

Night Owls Run Higher Risk of Health Problems, Study Finds

Night Shift May Boost Black Women's Diabetes Risk, Study Finds

Parents Split on Later School Start Time for Teens

Poor Quality Sleep May Be Linked to Shrinking Brain

Poor Sleep, Snoring Before Diagnosis Tied to Trouble for Breast Cancer Patients

Poor Sleep? Eating Less at Night May Make Next Day Easier

Preschoolers May Not Need Naps, Review Reports

Putting Baby to Sleep on Animal Fur May Lower Asthma Risk: Study

Reducing Work-Family Conflict May Improve Sleep

Shift Work Linked to Health Problems

Sleep Apnea Gear Doesn't Squelch Sex Life, Study Says

Sleep Apnea May Boost Depression Risk in Men, Study Finds

Sleep Apnea May Lower Your Aerobic Fitness

Sleep Apnea May Raise Risk for Dementia

Sleep Apnea May Steal Some of Your Memory: Study

Sleep Apnea Treatment May Help Lower Diabetes Risk for Some

Sleep Duration Linked to Ulcerative Colitis Risk in Study

Sleep Group Updates Shuteye Guidelines

Sleep Position Linked to Death Risk for Those With Epilepsy

Sleep Problems May Contribute to Health Disparities in America

Sleep Woes Common Among Troubled Young Children, Study Says

Sleepiness in Your Teen May Signal 'Weed' Use

Sleeping on Sofa Can Be Deadly for Babies, Study Finds

Sleepwalking Parents Likely to Have Sleepwalking Kids

Small Study Links Lack of Sleep to Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Study Builds Case for Later High School Starting Time

Study: Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders Common With Multiple Sclerosis

Tablets and E-readers May Disrupt Your Sleep

Talk Therapy May Help Ease Insomnia, Even With Other Health Woes

'Talk Therapy' May Help Persistent Sleeplessness

Teens Given Anxiety, Sleep Meds May Be at Risk for Drug Abuse

Too Much, Too Little Sleep May Up Stroke Risk for Those With High Blood Pressure

U.S. Teens Getting Less Sleep Than Ever

Undiagnosed Sleep Problems May Be Common Among Firefighters

Untreated Sleep Apnea May Raise Risk of Surgical Complications: Study

Vets With PTSD Might Need Sleep Apnea Screening: Study

Work Steals Valuable Sleep Time, Study Finds

Working Night Shift Slows Metabolism, Study Suggests