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E-Cigarettes 'In' at Some Schools

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Liquid Nicotine From E-Cigs Poses Poison Danger to Kids

Millions of Teens Exposed to E-Cigarette Ads: CDC

Mom's Smoking May Put Kids at Higher Risk of COPD in Adulthood

More High School Athletes Using 'Dip' and 'Chew,' CDC Finds

Most Americans Favor Raising Legal Smoking Age to 21: CDC

National Smoking Bans Help Everyone, Especially Nonsmokers: Study

New Rules for Mammograms, Tanning Beds Top Health News of 2015

No Drop in Teen Use of Tobacco Products, CDC Says, and E-Cigs May Be Why

Secondhand Smoke in Hookah Bars May Put Employees at Risk

Secondhand Smoke in Infancy May Harm Kids' Teeth

Secondhand Smoke in Pregnancy, Youth Tied to Irregular Heartbeat Years Later

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Behavior Issues in Kids

Secondhand Smoke May Double Risk of Hospitalization for Kids With Asthma

Smoking Around Toddlers May Raise Their Obesity Risk

Smoking Common in Foreign Films, Study Finds

Smoking Rates Stall Among Young Blacks

Teen Drinking, Smoking on the Decline, U.S. Study Finds

Teen Use of E-Cigarettes, Hookahs Way Up: Survey

Teens Unfamiliar With Harms of Pot, E-Cigs, Study Finds

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Teens, Parents Share E-Cigarette Concerns, Poll Finds