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1 in 3 American Adults Owns a Gun, Survey Finds

1 in 6 Female College Freshmen Raped While Incapacitated: Study

Abuse, Poverty in Childhood Linked to Adult Health Problems

Anti-Rape Program Halved Number of Campus Assaults: Study

Boys Victims of Dating Violence, Too

Bullying Can Turn Victims Into Bullies

Child Abuse Costs Nations Billions of Dollars a Year: Panel

Childhood Abuse Linked to Ulcerative Colitis Later in Life

Combative Patients a Hazard for Paramedics

Could Young Men's Low Heart Rate Predict Violent Crime?

Cyberbullying, Violence Linked to PTSD in Teens

Depression More Common in Kids Who Join Gangs, Study Finds

Do Certain Medicines Raise Murder Risk?

Do Cholesterol Drugs Affect Aggression?

Gene Tied to Adult Depression After Childhood Abuse

Gun Violence Takes Toll on Kids' Mental Health, Study Finds

Hospital Care for Nonfatal Gun Wounds Costs $679 Million a Year

LGBT Immigrants Often Faced Persecution in Homeland: Study

Majority of Americans Supports 'Smart' Guns, Survey Reveals

Making Sense of the Senseless Violence

Mass Killings, School Shootings in U.S. May Be 'Contagious'

Men Who Feel Less Masculine May Be More Violent, Study Finds

Mentally Ill Inmates Prone to Violence After Release: Study

More Police Killed in States With High Gun Ownership: Study

More Women Killed by Someone They Know in States With High Gun Rates

Murder Most Foul, 430,000 Years Ago

Nearly 1 in 5 Female College Freshmen Sexually Assaulted: Study

One-Third of Mass Shootings Worldwide Occur in U.S.

Parents Can Play Big Role in Thwarting Teen Fights: Study

Pregnancy May Ease PTSD for Some Women, Study Finds

Psychosis Rarely Linked to Violent Crime, Study Says

Racial Gaps in Homicide Victim Rates Changing

Research May Help Spot Soldiers at Risk for Workplace Violence

Simple Changes in Bad Neighborhoods Might Lower Teen Murder Rates

Study Debunks Claim That Drug Treatment Centers Are Unsafe

Teen Dating Violence Is Target of New CDC Program

Teen Weapon Use Varies by Race and Gender: Study

Tighter Gun-Control Laws May Lower Chances That Teens Carry Firearms

Tough Handgun Law Linked to Lower Gun-Related Murder Rate in Connecticut

U.S. Ban on Gun Research Continues Despite Deadly Shootings

U.S. Gun-Related Murder Rate 25 Times Higher Than Other Nations

U.S. Kids Suffer High Rates of Assault, Abuse, Study Finds

U.S. Violent Crime Rate Drops Significantly Since 1980s

Video Games Linked to Aggression, Psychologists' Group Says

Violence May Raise a Woman's Risk for Stroke

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan Left Hundreds of Children With Head Trauma

Why Americans Have Shorter Lifespans Than People in Similar Nations