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Medical Staff Expectations

It is our belief that the medical staff at Bayhealth should be aware of the culture of the hospital and the community. The following is a summary of our expectations of and for our peers.

Members of the Bayhealth Medical Center agree to strive to:

Adhere to the hospitals Mission and Vision statements (attached)

Regarding technical quality of care

  • Assure the appropriate treatment is performed
  • Assure that the treatment is performed in a timely manner and in an appropriate setting
  • Complete the required CME per stated guidelines for licensure

Regarding quality of service

  • Ensure documentation is appropriate, timely and legible
  • Uses data to improve care/outcomes
  • Attends to patients according to accepted standards
  • Appropriate preoperative consultations are requested
  • Maintains professional and ethical relationships with staff, peers and patients even in times of disagreement
  • Accessible by phone, beeper and/or answering service or appropriate coverage
  • Follows proctoring protocols as developed by specific department
  • Completes medical records in a timely manner, avoiding suspension for noncompliance of medical records
  • Signs, dates and times all record entries

Regarding utilization of resources

  • Appropriate length of stay
  • Ancillary testing conforms to standards
  • Blood utilization conforms to standards
  • Participates in care management activities by considering the use of patient specific standing orders

Regarding peer and coworker relationships

  • Maintains positive professional relationships with hospital staff
  • Communicates effectively and professionally with peers
  • Has reviewed the hospital-wide Code of Conduct and harassment policies
  • Resolves conflicts with peers and coworkers in appropriate settings
  • Is accessible by phone and responds in a timely manner

Regarding our contributions to the hospital and community

  • Works within the bounds of ethical directives
  • Willingly accepts committee assignments
  • Accepts ER "on-call" assignments (if applicable), must abide by department response time
  • Attends and participates in department and medical staff meetings (medical staff category specific)