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Delaware Board of Medical Practice
(302) 744-4500

Delaware State Controlled Substance Office
(302) 744-4500

Federal DEA Office
(215) 597-9536 or (888) 393-8231 or (800) 882-9539
VERY IMPORTANT: If applicant is coming from another state and already has a Federal DEA, they need to call the Federal DEA office at (215) 597-9536 to get a transfer form and get Federal DEA transferred to State of Delaware (new address). Once new certificate is received, send a copy to the Medical Staff Office.

Department of Labor – For Physicians only
(Certification is required for health care providers to provide treatment to an employee, pursuant to Delaware's Workers' Compensation Statute)
(302) 761-8180

City of Dover (Business License Requirements)
Physicians/Surgeons that practice in the City of Dover are required to obtain a City of Dover business license if they qualify under the laws of the state to practice medicine, osteopathy, and surgery. This license is required whether the physician is self-employed or an employee of a firm or private corporation. For further information or to obtain an application please contact: Kristen Jester (302) 736-4457 or via email at kjester@dover.de.us