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My Bayhealth


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My Bayhealth gives you free online access to portions of your electronic medical record. Bayhealth has joined RelayHealth so you can access certain personal health information from your most-recent hospital visit. Several Bayhealth Medical Group physicians are also participating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I access on My Bayhealth?
What age groups will have information on My Bayhealth?
What providers share information on My Bayhealth?
How will Bayhealth use my email address?
Can I enroll family members?
Who should I contact if I have questions about the information on my health record?  
Can I update my information?
Will my provider know that I have changed my information?    
How quickly will results be available from Bayhealth?
How far back will my records go?
Can I terminate my account?     
Can I record other vital signs in my health record (example: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature)?
How can I tell if someone has viewed my health record?
I am not able to complete the registration. How can I get more help?
I forgot my RelayHealth UserID or Password. What should I do?
How will you ensure my privacy?