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Bayhealth Receives Donation for Pediatric Patients


A kind donation from Wye River Upper School will make a visit to the hospital much more pleasant for our smallest patients.

Four students in the 21st Century Creative Learning class traveled from Wye Mills, Maryland, to Bayhealth Kent General with bags of stuffed bunnies and fleece blankets they had made.

The class’s purpose is to “craft with a cause,” explained Wye River teacher Brandy Frampton. Students in the class generate craft ideas that will make a difference to organizations whose missions are of personal interest.

Sharon Conley, volunteer coordinator, explained that items such as these bunnies and blankets can make a scary to trip the hospital a bit easier for children. When children must undergo tests or other medical procedures, having something warm and cuddly to hold can make a big difference.

Bayhealth thanks Wye River Upper School for its generosity.

Sharon Conley, Bayhealth volunteer coordinator; Annika K.; Jordan E.; Hadar P.; Meaghan L. (students from Wye River Upper School); Terry Schrenker, senior manager of volunteer services.

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