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Bayhealth Offers Full Range of Pediatric Rehab Services


Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language Therapies

Bayhealth is pleased to announce that we now offer full pediatric rehabilitation services for infants, children, or adolescents who may need help with an injury, illness, or developmental challenge.

Our staff, Christine Boddicker, PT, DPT, physical therapist; Michelle Gissy, MS, CCC-SLP, speech pathologist; and Brittany Schwartz, MS, OT, R/L, CKTP, occupational therapist, work as a team to make sure all of a patient’s needs are being met. All three use a variety of techniques, toys, and games specially designed to help children in fun and educational ways.

Physical therapy helps children improve their ability to move their body appropriately. For instance, they may learn how to roll or sit up. They can improve strength and coordination. Patients may need help overcoming orthopedic issues such as back or neck pain. Torticollis (a childhood neck disorder) and scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) are two specialty areas we treat.  

Speech therapy can help children who have problems, swallowing, eating or communicating. A speech pathologist can help children who don’t like the way some foods feel in their mouths learn to eat a variety of foods, or help children who do not produce sounds in words correctly. Other children may need help learning to speak at an age-appropriate level.

Occupational therapy helps children learn to interact independently with their environment. This can take many forms- fine motor skills or sensory integration activities are just two examples. Children may work on handwriting or visual motor skills to promote success in the classroom. Play activities mimic real-life situations to build skills.

Our pediatric therapists work closely with our patients’ pediatricians or family care providers. We involve family members and anyone else who may be able to support the child’s progress.

If you are interested in learning more or making an appointment with one of our pediatric therapists, please call Bayhealth’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Kent General, at 302-744-7095.


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