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September Is Healthy Aging Month


smiling ladyTake charge of your health by being proactive!

September is Healthy Aging Month, and Bayhealth is emphasizing the importance of health screenings and preventive healthcare to help you avert serious illnesses.

You can take charge of our own health by taking a few simple but important proactive steps:

  • See your doctor! Whether you are trying to resolve that ache in your abdomen or just have an important question, maintaining a relationship with your doctor allows your physician to help you manage existing health issues and prevent future health disparities.
  • Get your screenings! Screenings help detect potential health issues in the earliest, most treatable stages. Whether it’s a mammogram for women over age 40, or a prostate screening for a man over age 50, these screenings are literally lifesavers!
  • Educate yourself about your health. In today’s cyber age, an infinite array of health information is available at your computer. Pick up a book from the library or attend one of the myriad of free health seminars available in your community.

One valuable resource is Bayhealth’s Steps To Healthy Aging Program which is a free membership program for any person 50+ years old in the Bayhealth service area. Steps To Healthy Aging provides members with the latest health information, including tips on healthy diet and lifestyles to promote longevity and quality of life. Steps To Healthy Aging provides weekly blood pressure clinics, and monthly education seminars in which members can learn about a variety of health issues and get answers from a physician or health professional.

For more information or to register with the Bayhealth Steps To Healthy Aging Program, please call (302) 744-7135 or (877) 453-7107 or please visit www.bayhealth.org/steps.

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