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Bayhealth Earns Honors in 10th Annual Summer Blood Challenge


In this year’s 10th Annual Summer Blood Challenge, Bayhealth received 1st in participation in the Extra Large Employer Category with 31%, 2nd in points earned overall, 3rd in highest new members overall, and 3rd in total number of blood donations overall.

More than 200 entities participated in the challenge state wide, all varying in size. Bayhealth held three on-site Blood Drives with outstanding participation, as Bayhealth employees, friends and family joined the effort by registering to give blood.

The Summer Blood Challenge started as an answer to the seasonal blood shortage that occurs each summer. More than 350 blood donors are needed everyday to maintain the local blood supply. This year some big prizes were up for grabs, including a lease on a new Carman Fiat, $2,000 and $1,000 Visa gift cards, and two $50 gas cards. For those participating Bayhealth employees, we raffled off 4 hours of PTO to 40 employees and two grand prize winners received 12 hours of PTO.

The need for blood was highlighted this year by two testimonials, one of which was a little boy named Gage. Last year, four-year-old Gage of Elkton, Md., suddenly became violently ill and lost profuse amounts of blood. He was diagnosed with portal hypertension, a serious, potentially fatal condition caused by impaired blood flow to his liver. Gage and his parents were present at the Awards Banquet and really brought home to those attending how important it is to give blood and what those donations meant to them as a family. You can find the Summer Blood Challenge (SBC) results online, and in the Micro category there is a group called “Friends of Gage.” This group was 1st in participation percentages overall with 660%. The SBC ran from 5/21/12 - 9/15/12

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