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Bayhealth Announces KGH Employee of the Quarter


Bayhealth Human Resources Receptionist/Secretary Arlene Watson was named Kent General’s 2012 Employee of the Third Quarter. The award honors Watson’s dedication, exceptional customer service, and extraordinary patience.

“Arlene can be in the middle of a call, with customers lined up at the desk, and she will still bend over backwards to help you, with a smile on her face,” said Gabrielle Reeves, Bayhealth Employee Relations Manager, who was one of many to support Watson’s nomination.

Since joining Bayhealth in the 1990s, Watson has worn a number of hats around the Kent General campus. After beginning in the Childcare Center, she transitioned to the mailroom and then to Human Resources, where she started as a file clerk. She moved into the Receptionist/Secretary role in 2006 and feels like it’s her true calling.

“In this job, I have the chance to help new people every day. This is where I’m meant to be. I love seeing new faces come through that door,” Watson commented.

During the nomination process, Watson’s colleagues praised her team spirit and willingness to assist with any task. “Just ask Arlene!” was a phrase many included.

The Employee of the Quarter Award is designed to recognize outstanding service, teamwork, and commitment to patient care. Recipients are given a $100 gift card, a plaque to display in their offices, and use of a special parking space. These honorees automatically become finalists for Bayhealth’s Employee of the Year Award.

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