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Bayhealth Expands MRI Services


Bayhealth is proud to announce the expansion of MRI capabilities and services at Milford Memorial.  Breast MRI, rectal MRI, prostate MRI, MR enterography and non-contrast vascular MRI are now available to patients.  

“Our patients are now able to access top-quality care close to home,” said Amit Newatia, MD, one of Bayhealth’s board-certified radiologists.

Breast MRI is a highly sensitive technique used to detect breast cancer. It offers important information about many breast conditions that cannot be obtained by other types of imaging, such as mammography or ultrasound. 

When evaluating patients with rectal cancer, physicians rely on the MRI.  It allows doctors to visualize the tumor in detail and then develop individualized treatment plans.

MR enterography is a noninvasive procedure that provides your doctor with detailed images of the small bowel, allowing for a more thorough understanding of the abdomen and pelvis regions. This type of imaging can reduce the need for radiation exposure from CT scans.

Another type of MRI scan, non-contrast vascular imaging, is a key component of brain imaging. This technology can now be used to obtain detailed pictures of blood vessels in other parts of the body, without the need for intravenous contrast.  This can be critical in patients who cannot receive contrast due to impaired kidney function. 

To learn more about Imaging Services at Bayhealth Milford Memorial or to schedule an appointment, please call 302-430-5707.

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