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Bayhealth Adopts Computerized Order System


This spring, Bayhealth will launch a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system, joining the growing ranks of progressive hospitals nationwide that use this proven patient safety tool.

Instead of jotting medical orders (for nursing care, labs, medications or radiology exams) on a piece of paper or giving orders verbally, our physicians now enter them directly into a computer system as part of the patient’s electronic medical record. Our computer network immediately transmits those orders to the people who carry them out.

CPOE offers many benefits to patients, including alerting caregivers to medication errors, allergies, or potential drug interactions, eliminating confusion due to handwriting or transcription errors, and improving communication among members of the care team.

Dr. Francis Marro, Bayhealth Medical Director of Informatics, explained that in adopting CPOE, Bayhealth is joining other hospitals in implementing the latest technology.

 “Using evidence-based practice, we can customize this system for our patient population and our workflow, to save time and improve patient care. Getting a patient started on an antibiotic more quickly can result in faster healing, and a quicker return home,” said Dr. Marro.

The electronic orders your care team uses at Bayhealth are the first step in a larger care continuum in the state of Delaware. In 2007, Delaware became the first state in the U.S. to implement an operational statewide health information exchange, the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN).

DHIN creates an efficient system for all acute-care hospitals in Delaware. Your information is available on a need-to-know basis for current medical staff or those who may need to access it in the future. Bayhealth’s CPOE is one important step in facilitating communication between hospital physicians and outpatient medical centers where you may seek care after discharge.

Bayhealth is proud to join the U.S. hospitals who have adopted this new technology. CPOE is a complement to the excellent clinical care delivered by our patient care teams. Nurses and other staff will continue to ask about patient allergies; verify patient identity, medication, and timing; and check patient records.

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