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Diabetes Center is Now Open


Bayhealth’s Diabetes Wellness Center is now open.

Bayhealth’s Diabetes Wellness Center is staffed by Certified Diabetes Educators, who may also be registered nurses, pharmacists or nutritionists working to support physicians caring for diabetics. Physicians may refer their adult patients to the Diabetes Wellness Center.

“The staff of the Diabetes Wellness Center can see patients on a regular basis to educate them on the importance of monitoring their medications and providing information on how they can better self-manage their diabetes,” said Bayhealth Director of Education Kate Salvato, MSN, RN, NEA-BC.

Bayhealth’s Education Department is certified by the American Diabetes Association for "Diabetes Self Management Education & Training.”

“With Delawareans increasingly becoming more overweight and obese, heart disease and diabetes are increasing as well, making the Diabetes Wellness Center a much-needed resource in the community,” Salvato added.

“The Certified Diabetes Educators review patient medications, diet and lifestyle while also assessing their vital signs including blood pressure and heart rate, as well as their finger and toenails and feet,” added Bayhealth Director of Pharmacy Services Alex Zarow, RPh, MS, MBA. “We want to support patients with diabetes and keep them out of the hospital and reduce their readmission to the hospital as much as possible.”

Bayhealth health educators also assess hospitalized inpatients and make appointments for them with the Diabetes Wellness Center before they are discharged from the hospital, so that education and self-maintenance begin as soon as possible, decreasing the risk for future hospitalizations.

The Diabetes Wellness Center is located in the Outpatient Rehabilitation Building, 560 S. Governors Avenue in Dover. For more information, please call (302) 744-6773.

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