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Get to Know Bayhealth’s “Top Nurses”


Bayhealth congratulates Alana King, MSN,RN, PCCN, Inpatient Clinical Nursing; Robert McKennett, CRNA, MA, MSN, NEA-BC, Chief Nurse Anesthetist , Kent General; and Melody Wireman, RNC, MSN, APRN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Labor & Delivery and Women’s Services, all of whom were named “Top Nurses” by Delaware Today Magazine.

Since joining Bayhealth in 2000, Alana King has served in the ICU and Critical Care Units, Care Management Department, and Cardiovascular ICU. Now the Clinical Coordinator for 2N, she believes that nurses must work to improve their patients’ emotional wellbeing as well as their physical health.

“Staying in the hospital can be an overwhelming experience for our patients. Learning patient stories and seeing the connection they have with family members helps me understand more about them so I can give them the best possible care,” King said.

In addition to her work on 2N, King also teaches at Delaware Technical Community College, and serves as secretary of the Executive Board of the Delaware Nurses’ Association and legislative liaison of the Delaware Organization of Nurse Leaders.


When she joined Bayhealth in 1985, Melody Wireman served as a Medical-Surgical nurse before transitioning to Obstetrics, where she has remained since 1986.

Over the years, Wireman has pursued additional certifications and degrees. After completing her Master of Science of Nursing in Community Health and Wellness, she attained a post-master’s certificate in Women’s Health.

Now a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Wireman enjoys participating in committee work and working with colleagues throughout the organization. She is honored to have a voice in hospital affairs.


Bayhealth Kent General’s Chief Nurse Anesthetist, Robert McKennett, believes that communication is crucial to delivering exceptional patient care.

“As an anesthesia provider, you only have a few minutes to communicate with your patient about the procedure and reassure them that you’ll take care of them. It’s essential to make this connection,” he said.

McKennett relishes the opportunities his job provides to support his patients and colleagues.

“I have the extremely enjoyable privilege of helping everyone work together to achieve a common goal,” he said. “The challenges of working on complicated cases, keeping current with new technology, and mentoring students are all part of what makes my job so much fun.”

Bayhealth salutes our “Top Nurses” of 2013 and thanks them for their service.

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