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Bayhealth Improves Care for Respiratory Patients


Bayhealth has improved care for certain respiratory patients by implementing a new point of care blood gas testing device called epoc®.

The epoc device increases turnaround times for blood gas results by approximately 20 minutes, allowing therapists to stay at the patient's bedside and assist with the treatment of the patient much faster.

Blood gas tests are conducted to detect the metabolic and respiratory status of patients. The test documents the pH, carbon dioxide, oxygen and bicarbonate for patients undergoing any type of respiratory difficulty, such as shortness of breath, trauma or injury to the ribcage or lungs, or asthma. Patients may also undergo blood gas tests as part of preadmission testing before surgery.

Pictured after performing the first blood gas test with the epoc device are Noreen Giuttari, RRT; Steve Greenly, RRT; and Brandi Anderson, RRT.

Click here for more information about respiratory care services at Bayhealth Kent General and Milford Memorial.

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