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Bayhealth Marks Respiratory Therapy Week


With Respiratory Therapy Week being observed from October 20 – 26, Bayhealth would like to recognize our respiratory therapists who are a vital part of the health care team.

Respiratory therapists work with physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals to diagnosis and treat patients of every age from premature infants to the elderly. Respiratory therapists provide many services to patients, including:

  • Ventilator management
  • Bipap/Cpap management
  • Obtaining and analyzing blood gas samples
  • Utilizing different oxygen modalities
  • Assessing and educating patients
  • Administering nebulizer treatments and inhalers
  • Implementing pulmonary or airway clearance
  • Pre/post op care to prevent pulmonary complications/ maintain airways
  • Performing pulmonary function testing
  • Transporting critical patients, in and out of the hospital
  • Providing nitric oxide therapy
  • Providing support at C-Sections
  • Performing EKGs

A therapist must be detail-oriented and able to quickly and efficiently solve problems that arise throughout a shift. The Respiratory therapist’s role does not stop at routine care.  Respiratory therapists must attend all Rapid Responses, Codes and Traumas, providing emergency airway care and assisting with resuscitation efforts. The Respiratory Therapist’s main duty is airway management. 

Respiratory therapists clean, maintain, inspect and troubleshoot respiratory therapy equipment to ensure it is functioning properly and safely for patients.

Due to the importance of respiratory therapists’ in providing direct patient care, they are credentialed and licensed practitioners who must maintain continuing education credits to ensure they are current on new technologies and best practices within the industry. They treat many patients for chronic and acute illnesses, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, sleep disorders and congestive heart failure. Respiratory therapists bring awareness to the patients by participating in disease prevention, management of illnesses, development of care plans, utilization of treatment protocols, and health promotion. They explain treatments and procedures thoroughly to gain cooperation and alleviate fears of those we treat. The main goal is to provide compassionate care to all patients while communicating well to facilitate team work with other members of the patient’s healthcare team. Patient care is a collaborative effort and each member of the team is as important as the next.

Click here for more information about Respiratory Care services at Bayhealth Kent General and Milford Memorial.

Kent General Respiratory Therapists (L to R): Jen Diego, Cassandra Beaver, Sandee Hill, Sonja Wasserloos, Tony Bender, Jennifer Foraker, Val McFadden, Rita Graudiniene, Trey Evans, Nicole Jackson, Liz Bailey, Janie Bond, Mike Traster, and Donald Cardona.

Milford Memorial Respiratory Therapists (L to R): Kim Ferguson, Jamie Stout-Marker, Don Barrows, Kenzi Matthews, Gail Semans, Brittney Rosebrock, Steve Greenly, Terry Thompson, Yvonne Rollings, Crystal Cordrey, and John Roberts (Kneeling).

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