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Bayhealth CNA Honored by Peers


Med-Surg Employee Wins Peer Award

Aderricka Cobb, CNA, is the most recent winner of the 1A Peer Award.

Praised by colleagues for her compassion and professionalism, Cobb enjoys working with different types of patients.

“I learn from each patient I care for,” Cobb said. “In addition to managing their medical needs, I have come to realize that being kind and listening are the most important things I can do for my patients.”

Other nurses recognized Cobb’s commitment to safety, describing the way she carefully reviews fall precautions and rounding information with her patients.

Several called Cobb “a true team player.”

Cobb began work on 1A, a medical-surgical unit, in 2010. She is pursuing an RN/BSN at Delaware State University.

Given twice a year, the 1A Peer Award recognizes service excellence and exceptional teamwork.

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