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Stay Safe on Superbowl Weekend!



Weather and parties can present tricky situations.

Here are tips on staying safe.

As Superbowl Weekend approaches, many people will plan to get together at a friend’s house or local sports bar to watch the game.

“When you add the potential for challenging road conditions with heavy social drinking, the risk of injury certainly rises,” said Debbie Eberly, BSN, RN, CEN, Bayhealth Trauma Program Manager. “We want to encourage people to have a safe plan before the night gets under way and prevent a visit to the Emergency Department.”

The Bayhealth Trauma Services staff encourages use of the tips below for a safe Superbowl Weekend.

Choose a designated driver before the game begins.

Write down the numbers of local cab companies.

Eat lots of protein, like meats and cheeses. These foods help the body absorb alcohol more slowly.

Get creative with non-alcoholic drink options like fun punches or “mocktails.”

Model your party after the big stadiums- stop serving alcohol at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Look out for loved ones. Don’t let your friends drink and drive or ride with someone who’s been drinking.

Buckle up. Even if you’re sober, other drivers on the roads may not be.


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