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Congratulations to our ED Fellowship Grads!


Emergency Fellowship Celebrates Graduates

Nurses complete specialized training program

Last week, the second class of nurses completed the Bayhealth Emergency Department Fellowship. This 20-week program prepares nurses for the unique challenges of emergency care.

Peter Zingone, ADN, RN, chair of fellowship program; Stacie Vincent, ADN, RN, fellow; Sarah Wise, BSN, RN, fellow; Renee Mercier, ADN, RN, CEN, preceptor; Lauren Rainey, BSN, RN, CEN, preceptor; Dawn Wheway, ADN, RN, preceptor; Susan Ebaugh, MSN, APN, ACNS-BC, CEN, Emergency Department clinical nurse specialist; Kelly Mentges, BSN, RN, fellow; Vance Dougherty, BSN, RN, preceptor

Patients who visit the emergency department are of all ages. They may come in with any one of a variety of illnesses or injuries.

Emergency nurses must be ready for any patient who walks through the door. This environment is demanding and unpredictable. The emergency department uses specialized equipment to treat different issues.

The Emergency Department Fellowship combines classroom education, hands-on training, and online learning. A major part of the program is providing patient care with an experienced preceptor, who serves as a teacher working with the fellow.

Current experienced Bayhealth nurses serve as preceptors and guide fellows through the training.

In addition to learning about how to care for patients in an emergency situation, fellows interact with other hospital departments. A patient case in the emergency room may require support from Respiratory (breathing or lung), Maternity (pregnancy or newborn), Cardiac (heart), or other departments.

Fellows learn how departments work together to provide care for patients in complicated situations.

“Our fellowship is demanding because we ask our nurse fellows to practice basic skills as well as learn very advanced techniques. They must take responsibility for studying and completing online courses outside their regular shifts at the hospital,” said Peter Zingone, ADN, RN, chair of the fellowship program.

For more information about the Emergency Department Fellowship at Bayhealth, call 302-744-6485.

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