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Nursing Shared Governance Councils

Decision-Making Council Model

Directors Council
Serves as the Advisory forum to all councils. The Directors Council has the authority and responsibility to review and implement policy decisions that affect Patient Care Services

Nursing Pharmacy Council
Serves as a forum for the development, review and approval of processes that affect medication administration.

Nursing Advisory Council
Provides a forum for staff nurses to identify issues, discuss options, and implement solutions to support a health work environment supporting nursing excellence.

Nursing Research Council
Serves as a forum for staff nurses to support and facilitate nursing research projects.

Performance Improvement Council
Facilitates activities that improve Patient Care Services organizational performances by measuring and evaluating the process and outcome of nursing practice. Reviews and revises the annual PI plan for nursing care.

Professional Practice Council
Serves as a forum for the development, review and implementation of policies, procedures, protocols and standards of patient care. Recommends standardization of nursing practice across BHMC where nursing care is delivered. Supports evidence based nursing practice.

Patient Care Services Council
Reviews processes and outcome that relate to the financial or Human Resources operations of Patient Care Services. Patient Care Services Council provides a forum for reporting opportunities presented by the shared governance councils.

Education Council
Serves as a recommending body for issues relating to the education needs of staff. Plan the most appropriate methods for providing and supporting education to staff.

For more information please contact Heidi Legates, MSN, RN, Director, Patient Care Services, Milford Campus and Magnet Program at heidi_legates@bayhealth.org or call (302) 430-5596.