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A Successful Business Relationship
5/9/2013 12:55:32 PM

I am posting one of the articles in our current newsletter "A Successful Business Relationship". I think it's important for companies to realize that working with an Occupational Health Medical organization has many more benefits than just providing a service. We strive to create strong relationships with our companies to better understand their needs, as well as, provide guidence and support through all of our departments.

A special thank you to our friends at Atlantic Concrete for taking the time to let us interview them for this article.

A Successful Business Relationship

When an Atlantic Concrete truck hits the road, company officials have much more to consider than just their product. Safety and compliance with state and federal regulations are monitored by human resources manager Connie Sullivan who relies on a strong support network developed with Bayhealth’s Occupational Health Department.

Atlantic Concrete delivers product on about 75 trucks from three sites in addition to its Milford headquarters: Harrington, Lewes and Cheswold.

And while the company has a reputation for quality, the partnership with Bayhealth gives this business peace of mind in terms of on and off-road safety, record keeping and professional neutrality should problems arise. And since they have multiple work sites, it is convenient that Bayhealth also has two offices, one in Dover and one in Milford.

Bayhealth’s occupational health program acts as a "company doctor" to companies in Delmarva area, and is the only organization in Delaware certified through National Association of Occupational Health Professionals.

One example of services provided is that Atlantic Concrete truck drivers are routinely tested for drug use through the Random Consortium Program. These tests are conducted in a timely and professional manner, and gets the drivers back to work fast.

"We have to use outside services. The world is changing, and we have a small staff, so we have created this partnership. It really is a partnership," said Ms. Sullivan.

Federal regulations dictate not only pre-employment drug testing for commercial drivers, but also random testing once a driver is hired. Bayhealth uses a computer program to record all results and provide electronic selection of the participants, so not only is the company itself out of the process, but the Drug Screen Coordinator is not controlling the selection process either making it a random program.

"It’s critical that someone outside is testing them, that it is truly random," said Ms. Sullivan, and while it’s always good news to get a negative result, the partnership with Bayhealth’s Occupational Health also provides a security net if a test result is positive. Since the drivers are in safety-sensitive positions, they must be removed from the road if there is any question about their results, until such time as they are resulted negative.

"If the employee has a problem, we need to find out if it is really a positive test. There’s the question of what do we do now. They (Bayhealth) really follow up very quickly, and I’m not involved in the back tracking," she added.

Bayhealth’s relationship with businesses like Atlantic Concrete extends beyond drug testing, and includes post-accident investigation as soon as an incident occurs, even after normal business hours.

"We are their first point of contact. Federal regulations change every day, and there are pending regulations in the works, we keep our clients updated and in compliance" said Jennifer Sutter, Bayhealth’s Occupational Health consultant, who has been working with Atlantic Concrete for 12 years.

"We’re a resource to help them not worry about that part of the business."

For more information about Bayhealth Occupational Health services, visit www.bayhealth.org/occupationalhealth or contact Jennifer Sutter at 302-744-7012