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Chaplaincy Services

The Department of Chaplaincy Services is responsible for the religious and spiritual care of patients and their families during their Bayhealth stay. Our Chaplain coordinates the on-call and volunteer clergy programs at both Kent General and Milford Memorial.

On-call clergy and lay pastoral care volunteers represent over 40 congregations from Smyrna to Bridgeville, Delaware. Bayhealth encourages visitation by the patient's own clergy. At the patient's or family's request, Bayhealth will advise the clergy of the patient's or family's wish for visitation, religious ritual or Sacrament.

Available Services:

  • The sacraments and religious rites upon request
  • Prayers and spiritual reflection
  • A Chapel open 24 hours a day for personal worship, prayer and reflection
  • Advice on ethical and moral decision making
  • Grief Support
  • Advisor on End of Life Decision Making
  • Individual Counseling
  • Faith based literature
  • Spiritual support through crisis and trauma
  • Patient and family visitation
  • 24 hour access to pastoral support
  • Pastoral care referrals
  • Special seasonal religious events

A Chaplain may be called when a patient or family member:

  • Receives a difficult diagnosis
  • Experiences a decline in condition
  • Expresses concern about life's meaning and purpose
  • Asks to see a Chaplain
  • Expresses the need to forgive or be forgiven
  • Requests religious ritual-prayer, scripture, Sacrament
  • Faces decisions regarding treatment
  • Pastoral support may be requested by any member of the patient's care team, the patient or a family member.

A Chaplain may be called when a staff member:

  • Requests support after sudden, difficult or multiple losses
  • Wishes to explore spiritual issues

Contact Information

Kent General Hospital Chaplaincy Services
(302) 744-6511
Fax: (302) 735-3850

Milford Memorial Hospital Chaplaincy Services
(302) 430-5941

Chaplaincy Services Pager (available 24 hours a day)

Kent General: (302) 674-4700
Dial 0 to speak with the operator

Milford Memorial: (302) 422-3311
Dial 0 to speak with the operator