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Concierge Service From Bayhealth

Bayhealth has partnered with Aramark Star Service and Errand Solutions to offer Star Service, a new concierge service.

From arranging pet sitting, to making travel arrangements for visiting friends and family, to researching information via the World Wide Web, Star Service offers the amenities of a four-star hotel and the convenience of a personal assistant.  The concierge team personally provides ancillary services such as purchasing personal care items and gifts from the gift shop, while vendor partners will provide professional services such as coordinating travel arrangements or providing a pet sitter for the patient’s pets.

If you’re a patient, there’s no charge to use Star Services and you’re only responsible for fees to vendor partners.  In all cases, the fees are equal to or, in many cases, lower than what you would have paid had you arranged for the services on your own.

A brief sampling of the new concierge services includes:

  • Travel and meal accommodations.  If you have visiting friends or relatives from out-of-town, the Star Service staff can provide discounted hotel and meal options for your visitors.
  • Pet sitting services.  Star Service staff can arrange for a professional pet sitter to feed and care for your pet at home.
  • Retail Shop orders.  The Star Service staff can pick up any item large or small from the hospital gift shops.
  • Taxi and transportation services.  If you are a discharged patient without transportation, the Star Service staff can make sure you get home safely.
  • Personal errands or purchases.  Whether it’s reading material or personal care items, the Star Service staff can provide these for you.

These are just a small sampling of some of the concierge services now available at Bayhealth.  More services will be added in the future!

Questions?  Please call 302-744-6999.